Feb 19, 2010

Sky Watch: White and Blue

For this week, I want to share pictures of white clouds that I captured a few days ago. It may just an ordinary view, but I like their various shapes
Visit Sky Watch Friday to see more beautiful sky pictures around the world!

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L. Neusiedler February 19, 2010  

the second photo has a perfect framing!!

Gattina February 19, 2010  

That's true, sometimes I even find an animal in these clouds or a face.

w.i.d.i. February 19, 2010  

aku kadang-kadang suka juga meraba-raba bentuk dari sekelompok awan.. kira-kira menyerupai bentuk apa ya? mengasyikan lho... ;P

eden February 19, 2010  

Love it, Lina! Beautiful picture of the white cloud against the blue sky.

Janet February 19, 2010  

What a bright, blue sky!

Hennyyarica February 19, 2010  

capturenya dari kamera ya mbak?
warnanya jernih banget :)

Magical Mystical Teacher February 19, 2010  

Who notices clouds?
She who lifts her weary head
from her daily chores.

My Sky

Anonymous February 19, 2010  

simple yet effective. i like these. strings are like stairway 2 heaven. dunno whut 2 make of the cottonball gauth in foliage. niice! :)

Deden February 19, 2010  

mantep foto yg ke 2... very nice shot

Hilda February 19, 2010  

I love the towering cloud in the right photo! Awesome.

Happy Friday and happy weekend!

marianne February 19, 2010  

nice photos- i'm enjoying the blue sky!

Vanilla Bean Dream February 20, 2010  

Love the second one... Looks a bit dramatic :)

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MinnieRunner February 20, 2010  

Well, the sky do form various shapes, and I love looking at 'em and imagining what do they form :)

willyo Alsyah February 20, 2010  

maaf sahabat ...aku baru bisa mampir lagi soalnya aku ada sedikit masalah...aku butuh masukan mu sahabat...silahkan baca postingan terbaru ku.

Tarun Mitra February 20, 2010  

I liked the second picture...just like smoke blast

Maria February 21, 2010  

It's actually beautiful to see a big puffy cloud behind some green! It's been a long winter here in the N.E. of the USA!

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