Apr 30, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Our Happy Feet

Sunday, April 17th 2011, we traveled to Mount Pancar hot water baths (Babakan Madang, Sentul Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). We didn’t enjoy the journey as some parts of the road are really bad. He must drive very carefully!

Since we also took my father, we decided to rent a family room there. My father didn’t have to walk down through the steep stairs. To reach the free hot pool, there's no other way, you must walk through those stairs.Though it’s only for one hour, our feet were so happy that day! Our photo was captured by using automatic shoot; it told how I had the tense look on my face, hehehe. I asked my husband to hurry...

Apr 29, 2011

Best Solution for Your Translation Needs

Translia translation service My brother who lives in another town asked me about the best translation software that I know. To prepare a business application that will be proposed to a German company, he needed to comprehend some business contracts that written in German language first. To gain high quality translation result, I more recommended him to hire professional translators who offer online Ubersetzungsdienst.

I suggested my brother to visit Translia, a trustworthy online company that provides translation services with assured high-quality results. If you’re in need of translation service; it’s important to choose the reliable professional translators that will help you with the correct and consistent translations. Poor quality translation will only take you into many mistakes and misinterpretation!

If you’re one of business people, the best translators like Translia will support you not only in building an effective and successful communication with business partners and consumers; but also in building the good reputable of your company name.

Nowadays, document translation services are needed in various fields and reasons. Whatever language and document that you require to be translated, Translia will help you! Soon you browse the website; you’ll find out that Translia offers many benefits in their three service levels, such as a money back guarantee, no minimum charges and timely delivery. To achieve the finest result, you must select the right level service that most suits with your budget and requirements. Don’t hesitate to contact Translia translators every time you need their expertise!

Sky Watch: Behind the Clouds

I captured these moments in the bright afternoon. Though covered by the clouds, the sun’s rays can penetrate it. It looks lovely, right?
Sky Watch Friday

Apr 28, 2011

Nostalgia: Memorable Things

I love seeing things that remind me to my childhood, eighties times. How about you?

I got excited when we had lunch at this unique restaurant two days ago. I love how they decorate the restaurant with lots of simple but memorable things. One wall is full of things that I’ve ever seen in my mother’s kitchen many years ago. I think some items are already hard to find now.


Apr 27, 2011

Shopping Bags- The Secret Weapon for Promotions

The printed shopping bag has been around for a long time, with good reason. It’s a particularly effective promotional tool in its own right. Everyone has had a few good shopping bags which were useful for so many things that they were kept on principle. People actually collect them, simply because they're so handy. These shopping bags can be fashion statements from upmarket shops, good things to carry all those portable things, and above all, valued by consumers.

The really great shopping bags are never thrown out. They may be kept for years, or even decades. That’s their great strength as products, and it also applies to their role in marketing terms. In marketing, the value that consumers put on products is critically important. Consumers literally measure the value of products according to a range of factors:
-Utility and functionality
-Suitability for personal purposes

All very practical considerations, and they’re also the main reasons that the basic shopping bag has taken on a life of its own as a business product. From the shopping bags came the now almost universal promotional bags. These are a different species in some ways, but they work on very much the same principles.

The promotional bags have evolved since their humble beginnings as branded packaging for promotional goods. Now, the new promotional bags are all-purpose, high value things like Tote bags, or even symbols of important concepts like the famous Fair Trade bags promoting global trade. There’s almost nothing a bag can’t do, and markets around the world are developing the bag as a promotional tool par excellence in endless different ways.

For example:
The wine industry is packaging-conscious to an almost obsessive degree. If you’ve seen the little wine bottle shopping bags with the sleeves to hold the bottles inside, you’ll know how useful these bags are. You can also put in French bread, and use the other sleeves to old other useful things. It looks so trendy it’s terrifying, and a slightly larger bag of this sort, with a brand, is a true expression of chic, in anyone’s language.

Sales people are often overloaded with a range of knickknacks, promo items and other things which can take forever to organize. With a branded promotional bag, and you can get a lot of sales materials, special promotional gifts, and other very effective selling materials into a bag, and distribute it to a seminar, workshop, or industry meeting with ease.

People simply do not throw out these useful bags. Ironically, the bag itself is sometimes the most appreciated thing in the promo handout. People lose fridge magnets, break executive toys, drop electronic gadgets and will carefully file everything else where they can’t find it, but not the bag. The bag stays, because it’s functional. It will probably be a fixture in the car, used for anything and everything.

The moral of the shopping bags and promotional bags is “If you want to get a message across, give people something they’ll actually use.” Some of the biggest retailers and corporations on Earth do just that. If you want to give your business a portable sales point, use branded bags.

Red Umbrellas

I captured it a few days ago. While waiting for the car being washed, we were ordering hot drinks at a canteen nearby.
Ruby Tuesday

Getting Benefits of Reverse Mortgage

If you’re a senior citizen in USA, have you already heard about reverse mortgage? A Reverse mortgage is a very useful home loan that draws the equity of your home. This type of financing is offered specially to senior home owners.

For senior citizens, getting reverse mortgage can be the best way to attain extra income. You can apply for this loan if your age is at least 62 years and you have a home on your personal name.

It’s not easy for older people to search for additional income that they need to fund their daily living. Working in old age can become a solution; but I think it can be done by only a few senior citizens. In this situation, if you meet the requirements, you should try getting help from reverse mortgage.

What kind of benefits that you will get from reverse mortgage? It can provide you additional earnings in a monthly payment, lump sum or home equity line of credit. Until you sell the home or move out from the home, your money will not be compensated back. Another huge advantage from reverse mortgage is you still can live at the same house. You don’t need to leave the home!

Before applying a reverse mortgage, it’s better to get reverse mortgage counseling first. Nowadays, you can obtain all related information and news that you need from websites that offer the latest information and news on reverse mortgage.

At these websites, you can also try to use a reverse mortgage calculator. This calculator will aid you to know how much the equity of your home and how much money that you can get from it.

There’s no doubt that a reverse mortgage can offer extra money that you need, but you must search more information before applying it. If your earnings from retirement funds, savings and Social Security benefits can’t finance your expenses anymore; it’s the right time for you to get financial help from reverse mortgage.

Apr 24, 2011

Purple Orchid

I have no time to find more information about this lovely orchid. These flowers belong to my cousin that I captured yesterday. I'm still in Bandung (West Java, Indonesia), at my brother's house. Since today is my father's birthday, we plan to celebrate it by eating out. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!
Today's Flowers

Best Wholesale Packaging for Your Wine Business

If you have your own business, you must be aware of the importance of quality and proper packaging to support your marketing strategy. When it comes to wine industry, wine bottle bags are the most important packaging that needs your special attention.

In the recent situation when prices are soaring, the idea of getting custom and quality wholesale packaging for wine bags will be very interesting. You can have unique packaging that suits your demand and market while saving large amount of money. Isn’t it great? Since you have high requirement in packaging items, buying wholesale packaging is a perfect way for saving lots of expenses as you’ll buy the products at discount rates.

Nowadays, you can see many producers that offer various models, sizes, types and designs of wholesale wine bags in internet. To get your unique packaging, it’s recommended to order custom wine bags. The option for you is unlimited!

Wine is a very special drink that needed in many special occasions. People often use wine to celebrate their great achievement. Since wine is a precious drink, you must consider many things when deciding the proper wine bags for your products. Choose one that can bring and enhance the charm, prestige and excellence to your wine!

Apr 21, 2011

Nostalgia: Old Things

I have no time to write much here. My SIL has already waited for me outside. I must accompany her again today. I missed this meme last week, so I don’t want to miss it again this week!

We visited my grandfather’s house weeks ago. It’s an old house, so you’ll also see old things inside. Here I share old things that I saw in the living room. My favorite is the wall clock. Its loud sound is remembering me to horror movies, hahaha. The chairs are still comfortable!


Apr 20, 2011

Secret Weapons for Mothers– The Little Green Bags

One of the unexpected joys of motherhood is becoming a professional obsessive/compulsive pack mule. While admittedly good training for weightlifting, marathon running, and getting in a lot of good cursing practice, this is very much an optional experience. The fact is that the little bundle of joy doesn’t have to be a little bundle of NASA-like logistics as well. Help is at hand. The humble green shopping bags have thousands of uses.

The shopping bag, humanity’s second best friend
The first thing anyone noticed when the green bags came on the market was that they tended to accumulate around the home. Whole rooms could disappear. It was then noticed that they’re actually even more useful for organizing than they are for shopping.

Everything, eventually, winds up in a little green bag. People may eventually decide to reduce risk in the property market and live in them, but until that happens, they’re the best thing to happen to storage and managing moves since carry handles. The bags provide good insulation, they’re light, and they’re good shock absorbers in cars.

Freezer bags are particularly good for electronics and anything temperature sensitive. Baby food can be kept under control, and the freezer bags zip up for good hygiene, as well. (Spraying some fresh smelling disinfectant in a freezer bag is a good deodorizer. May not suppress everything that needs suppressing, but what does?)

A subspecies of the green bags are the new types of promotional bags, similar in construction to the little green bags, but often bigger. These bags are able to carry those interestingly bulky and entirely uncontrollable monstrosities that babies seem to acquire. They can work as blanket bags, spares bags, and carry some of Mum’s stuff as well.

If you’re at the toddler stage, the extra clothes, shoes, mobile laundry and excavation stuff can also be accommodated in bags. This is a godsend, removing the “unpack everything every time something happens” effect and even allowing space in back seats and car boots. It also counteracts both the need and the desire to clean the entire surrounding area when you unload the car.

Toys can also be stored efficiently, and your own treasure hunts can be cut down by several hours a day. Teddy, the plastic duck and that strange creature which is now the favorite playmate don’t go missing in action, and the related noise levels drop by several hundred decibels.

Organizing the bags
The bags are easy to use as a working system:
Green bags: Anything dry, keeps everything separate and you just tie the handles.
Freezer bags: Great for wet things, and good for quarantining those various events after you’ve cleaned up.
Promotional bags: Very good for bulky things, and good as toy bags, because they look nice and baby doesn’t lose sight of where Teddy went.
Wine bags: These very useful bags are relatives of have little pockets and sleeves, and if you’re good with a needle, you can create a good place to carry smaller items, and keep all those little extras organized.

Another good idea- If your partner starts calling you a “bag lady”, they can be thrown accurately.

Apr 19, 2011

What was He Doing?

Can you guess it? One clue for you: the man with red t-shirt was one of the visitors at a fishing place that we regularly visit on Sunday.

Apr 18, 2011

Hydrangea Flower

The common names are Hydrangea and Hortensia. In most species, the flowers are white. But in some species (particularly H. macrophylla), can be blue, red, pink, light purple or dark purple.

I’ve just known from Wikipedia that in H. macrophylla species, the exact color often mirrors the pH of the soil; acidic soils produce blue flowers, neutral soils produce very pale cream petals and alkaline soils results in pink or purple. This is caused by a color change of the flower pigments in the presence of aluminium. Interesting fact, right?

Inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia), I can only see blue hortensia flowers.

Apr 15, 2011

Quality Replica Watches of Swiss Luxury Brands

All Stainless Steel Gold Dial

Who doesn’t know the finest quality of Swiss branded watches? There’s no doubt anymore, wearing a Swiss luxury watch like Frank Muller or Vacheron Constantin can enhance your self-confidence. Nowadays, watches have become one of the items that can symbolize someone’s richness and triumph.

Have you ever seen a Franck Muller replica? Since the original Frank Muller watches can be very expensive, buying the high quality replica version can be your best alternative. When finding replica watches, it’s important to get it at a reliable online store such as replicawatchesus.com.

At replicawatchesus.com, you’ll see the wide collection of quality replica watches from various luxury brands! What is your dream watch anyway? Whatever brand your dream watch is; you’ll find it there!

Let’s say that you really want to have a Vacheron Constantin watch. Since you can’t afford to buy the original one, then you decide to find the replica edition. It can become your best decision, as getting Vacheron Constantin replica watches mean that you achieve the same quality and endurance with the branded ones; but in this case, you’re able to get it at very low price!

Shopping replica watches at replicawatchesus.com is so fun and easy, as the online store is very user friendly one. Each sold item is described in detail; it will make you easier to search the watch that similar with your dream one. Now it’s your turn to visit the online store to get more information and select your option!

Sky Watch: Chasing the Cloud

This long and thin cloud attracted my attention. I saw it when we’re on the toll road. Here I am, chasing the cloud for Sky Watch Friday !

Apr 13, 2011

Why Women Cheat?

Have you known a surprising result of a recent infidelity study by Coffee and Company, a British marriage bureau? Of the 3000 participants, almost 20 percent of women admitted to cheating. theAskMen.com also held two surveys: “Great Male Survey 2010” and “Great Female Survey 2010”. Both surveys mentioned that 5 percent of women cheated on their partner while less than 3 percent of men admit to it.

All those surveys told us that there’s an increasing of cheating women nowadays. I prefer not to believe the result totally, I prefer to assume it as occasionally thing. We can’t generalize all women only based on the study and the surveys within limited participants.

But I admit that there are unfaithful women out there. Why a woman cheats? Here are some of the reasons:

Seeking Revenge

If the woman is being cheated, she may go cheat for revenge. Women feel cheating is a way to even the score.

Increasing Ego

Cheating often occurs in relationships where a woman feels unloved, underappreciated or even ignored. She becomes very vulnerable and seeks for another love from the other man who can makes her special and desired.

Finding a Love Connection

A woman who doesn’t love her husband anymore will tend to cheat. You can ask yourselves: are you with your spouse are lovers or just roommates? That’s why it’s important to regenerate the romance in your marriage regularly! Remember that a fight-free marriage isn’t always a stronger marriage.

Boring with Their Sex Life

Feeling Lonely

If a woman feels that there’s no longer in common between her and her husband; she may get into an emotional affair with someone who have similar interests.

Want to Get Caught

The affair is a way for her to finish the marriage. It’s also called exit affair. She wants her husband to leave her. A husband who has been cheated is more possible to end his marriage than forgiving the cheating wife.

Reliving the Past

Relapsing to her youth makes a woman feels alive again, younger, sexier and more attractive. This woman chooses to have an affair with the man in her past.

For Adventure

A woman in a boring marriage is easy victim for the ‘bad boy’ type.

A happily married woman who has a good relationship with her husband will not cheat. If you have problems with your spouse, fix it! Don’t think to search for another love from another man. If all husbands are loving, caring, attentive and cooperative; I think there won’t be anymore cheating wives!

rewrite source:ivillage.com

Apr 12, 2011

The Red Car

This red car really attracted my attention. What’s the color of your vehicle? Ours is black. We don’t brave enough to make it red.

Apr 10, 2011

The Actual Flower of Bougainvillea

The actual flower of the plant is small and generally white or light yellow, but each cluster of three flowers is surrounded by three or six bracts with the bright colors associated with the plant, including pink, magenta, purple, red, orange, white, or yellow. Bougainvillea glabra is sometimes referred to as "paper flower" because the bracts are thin and papery (source:Wikipedia).

Apr 8, 2011

Sky Watch: Morning Beauties

These beauties make me awake from my tiredness. Colorful sky and the clouds that look like a white sea are wonderful. I captured these sunrise moments while we’re on the way (around Malangbong city, West Java, Indonesia) to my grandfather’s house.

Apr 6, 2011

Nostalgia: Sibling’s Adventure

I have three elder brothers. With my third brother, Lusman, just two of us, we’ve ever made a trip to Bali and Lombok islands (Indonesia). My parents and the other brothers couldn’t accompany us that time. Since my parents gave us permission, we decided to still leave.

I was in my last year in lower secondary school; he was in second year high school. Lusman is a responsible brother; I can count on him. At that time, our family stayed in Surabaya city (East Java, Indonesia). By riding bus, we could reach Bali Island in about eight hours.

We didn’t face trouble while wandering Bali Island as we stayed in a guest house that belongs to the government institution that my father worked for. Moreover, the staffs there provided us with a car and a driver that ready to take us everywhere. Wow, what a nice privilege!

When we reached Lombok Island two days later; actually we visited a place that totally strange for us. There’s no privilege for us anymore. To visit Senggigi Beach, I remembered that we must ask some people how to get there. It’s not easy at all, as the local people there often gave confusing answers. We faced wrong direction several times!

It was already night when we arrived at Senggigi Beach area. Again, we had problems while looking for a place to spend the night. Many hotels around were already full. When at last we could get a nice place to rest that night, it’s really a big relief! We have walked far enough that day :)

In Lombok Island, we didn’t visit other place, only Senggigi Beach. Next day, on the way to Bus Station, we got lost again. My brother also forgot to bring the bag while he got off from the public vehicle. He must run very fast and screamed loudly to catch the vehicle and brought the bag back. I felt sorry for him; he looked so tired.

We took a deep breath when finally we could sit on the right bus that took us to Denpasar city. We continued the journey back home from Denpasar to Surabaya. It’s really a tired trip but unforgettable one!


Saving Money while Shopping Musical Gears

Due to current economy condition, saving money while buying things is already becoming most people’s concern. Of course, it includes most musicians. Since musical gears and recording equipments can be very expensive; the idea of shopping the musical gears in discount prices becomes very interesting. If you one of the musicians, have you ever used Musician's Friend coupon codes while buying musical items online?

As mentioned above, saving money while shopping is always needed. One of the best ways to save money is using coupons, discount promo codes and taking benefit of special deals. If you’re looking for guitars, drums, keyboards, recording equipment and other musical gear; you should visit the online resources such as BestOnlineCoupons.com to get first the list of various Musician's Friend discount code, online coupons and offering online special deals.

Applying MusiciansFriend.com coupons and Musician's friend discount promo codes every time you’re shopping musical equipments will give you benefits as you’ll get best prices. It means that you can save lots of money! It’s great, right?

In fact, you can save money in shopping many other things. The online resources such as BestOnlineCoupons.com provide you with online coupons for thousand items, in more than twenty categories. Let’s say that you want to buy jewelry. You can save money by searching for discount jewelry coupons and then using it while shopping at the related online store. Let’s be savvier shoppers, guys!

Apr 5, 2011

Fun Things for Kids

Ladies, are you still looking for high quality embroidery service? There’s no need to search anymore. Recently, Posy Lane created and launched a new website, North Dallas Embroidery. Their staffs at Embroidery Dallas offer custom digitizing, embroidery and monogramming service. You can apply their service on various items such as hats, blankets, uniforms, tote bags, towels, t-shirts, and many other more. You can visit the new website for getting more information on how to apply their service.

Right now, I’m looking for school items as birthday gift for my lovely niece. I’m glad that I’ve found Posy Lane. You can find various fun items for kids here. Since my niece is still in the first year of kindergarten, I must choose the school items that match with her age and needs. Posy Lane provides lots of designs of kids backpacks from Mint, Stephen Joseph and other more.

After browsing their backpacks collection, I think Mint toddler backpack will be the best choice for my niece. It’s created of powerful nylon and it has large zippers; she will face no trouble using it. To make it special and unique birthday gift, I want to personalize the backpack. Posy Lane offers you with wide font collection and embroidery thread colors. The backpack will looks very special with my niece’s name is embroidered on it.

Together with the Mint toddler backpack, I can also get the matching nap mat, lunch tote, and snack square. It can become a perfect school set gift, right? I love their cute nap mat collection. I choose Mint personalized nap mats that attached with a soft fleece blanket and a removable pillow. It will give comfortable nap to my niece. Moreover, it’s easy to clean, just wash the nap mat with your washing machine. Ladies, now it’s your turn to visit Posy Lane and get fun items for your kids!

The Historical Hotel

Let me share another historical building in my city. The hotel is named Hotel Salak The Heritage. It’s a four star Hotel, built in 1856 during the Dutch occupation and previously was known as Binenhoff Hotel or Bellevue Hotel.

This hotel is often used for business meetings or conventions. In September 1998, the hotel was restored and reopened with modern colonial style featuring 120 luxurious rooms & 12 exclusive meeting rooms.

I’ve never tried the rooms; I and my husband visit the hotel several times to attend music events and exhibitions that held there.

Best Way to Get Cheap Health Insurance

Why cheap health insurance is very required nowadays? Most people have already realized that having health insurance is very essential. Many unpredictable things like accidents and severe illness can happen to you any time; while recently the medical costs have a tendency to increase rapidly. If you don’t have any health coverage; unanticipated injuries and sickness can lead you to a huge financial trouble.

The current economy situation and the strict budget of most people are becoming the reasons why there’s an increasing demand of cheap health insurances. If you still don’t know much about health insurance; finding affordable health insurance can be a very hard task.

Don’t worry, there’s a best way for you to save money in getting health insurance. First, you should use reliable online resource that provides valuable and comprehensive information relates with medical health insurance; such as Medicalhealthinsurancetoday.com.

At the website, you can obtain the best health insurance quotes for free. It’s so easy; just submit your zip code and complete the short application. The different health insurance rates list will make you easier to choose and compare the quotes to find the best plan and price that still covers your specific need.

By reading articles at Medicalhealthinsurancetoday.com, you will always get the latest information on health care policies; completed with the analysis and explanation. This website really provides you with the required information in deciding the best health insurance rate. It’s a great help indeed!

Apr 4, 2011

Lisianthus Flower

The Common names of Lisianthus are Prairie Gentian, Texas bluebell, Tulip gentian and Bluebells. Lisianthus bloom in summer from the upper leaf axils. Lisianthus are long-lasting flowers with four wide ruffled, delicate petals and oval leaves. Colors of Lisianthus include white, various shades of pink, lavender, deep purple, and bicolors such as blue-violet (source: theflowerexpert.com).

It’s another lovely flower that you can see at the green house inside Nusantara Flower Park (Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia).

Apr 2, 2011

Sweet Saturday: One Day in Nusantara Flower Park

I agree with Jona (the host of this lovely meme); I also believe that a marriage life should be cared for by spending time together. The idea of this meme is sharing togetherness experiences. Hope it can inspire and remind all of us to always keep the closeness in our marriage.

It’s not hard for us to have a date; since we still have no kid at home. One early morning in last January, we left home to visit Nusantara Flower Park in Cipanas (West Java, Indonesia). We did it not for a special occasion; it’s just for refreshing as the place has fresh air and many lovely flowers inside.

We really enjoyed our whole day there. As we wanted to take lots of pictures, we were wandering the park on foot. Our legs were tired but it’s no problem at all. We left the park in the late afternoon. A lovely day indeed!

Apr 1, 2011

For Your Excellent Term Paper

As a college student, you’ll be given many academic writing tasks that you must finish. Term (or research) paper is only one kind of writing assignments that has become an important component to determine your grade. To get a successful academic achievement, you should write excellent quality term papers.

A term paper is mostly a documentation of intellectual comprehension in several sources on a particular subject. Many students assume that
term paper writing is a hard thing to do; since writing a term paper requires lots of efforts and times, deep research, broad related knowledge, critical thinking and adequate writing ability.
If you must develop a term paper, you should consider first the definite procedures that consist of the following writing steps such as: selecting a subject matter, finding material sources, gathering the notes, outlining the paper, writing the first draft and editing the paper. That’s why lots of students face difficulties in finishing their term paper tasks.

Fortunately, there are already available several custom writing services in UK that offer you a big help. You don’t need to search anymore, as you can depend on the best quality paper writing service that offered by MyTermPaper.net. They give you total service that provided by the best and experienced of author, editorial and support team. Visit the website to find out all benefits that you will get if you apply their writing service!

Sky Watch: After Dawn

Last weekend we went to visit my grandfather’s house. I can capture sunrise moment that I saw on the way there (around Malangbong city, West Java, Indonesia).

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