Feb 25, 2022

Why Invest in Hunter Douglas Window Treatments in Toronto?

Summary: Hunter Douglas window treatments are a great option for Toronto-area homes as they provide numerous benefits. From high-quality materials and premium performance to smart home automation and custom colours and details, there are numerous benefits you will enjoy with these window treatments. 

Many Toronto-area homeowners spend a lot of time and money replacing their windows to make their homes more beautiful and energy-efficient

But they don’t often give as much thought to their window treatments. When they realize they need them, they tend to visit big box stores to buy whatever is in stock. This typically results in them not looking nice in the space or failing to fit perfectly. This can be especially problematic when dealing with oddly-sized windows. 


If you are searching for window treatments, consider investing in Hunter Douglas window coverings in Toronto or Markham. They offer a wide range of benefits, some of which are outlined here. 

Let’s dive right in.  

Advantages of Hunter Douglas Window Treatments in Toronto

Take a look at some benefits of Hunter Douglas window treatments. 

  1. High-Quality and Premium Performance

When you purchase Hunter Douglas window coverings in Toronto, you will enjoy their lifetime warranty. That means there is no need to worry about replacing them if they fail to perform or malfunction. Thankfully, the company only uses high quality workmanship and materials to ensure they last longer than conventional window treatments. Plus, the linings of their curtains and draperies in Markham are stitched professionally, which means there will be no fraying of the ends and the seams will be straight. 

  1. Smart Home Automation

In the smart home movement, manufacturers are working to make the lives of homeowners easier by allowing technology to control basic tasks like lights and sprinklers. Homeowners can control virtually every application via a smartphone app or remote. 

With PowerView motorization, homeowners can remotely schedule the positioning of their window coverings. All they need to do is connect their Powerview account with any smart home device account. This allows them to operate on their own based on your temperature, privacy, and natural light requirements. 

  1. Custom Colours and Details

When buying custom Hunter Douglas window treatments in Toronto or Markham, simply pick out a material or fabric. If you love a particular shade of any colour, a professional can show you the available options, so you can make an informed decision. Or they can dye the fabric to ensure you get what you are looking for. You can also choose from custom trims and hardware to match your interiors and window treatments. While you can certainly choose ready-made hardware, there’s a good chance it will look generic by comparison and not match well with your interiors. 

Buying custom Hunter Douglas window treatments in Toronto is a long-term investment. That means you need to consider their benefits before making a final choice. Plus, these window treatments are built to last, so you won’t have to think about switching them out any time soon. 







Feb 24, 2022

How Downsizing Can Make Us Happier

A happy woman packing her moving boxes after learning how downsizing can make us happier

The downsizing idea is quite simple. It's based on the "less is more" principle. This notion can be difficult to grasp, as we live in a world where consumerism is present everywhere you look. However, many people have concluded that living in excess doesn't increase their overall happiness. So, capitalism and its idea of owning the newest devices have found their adversary in a growing conscious consumer and minimalist movement. So, if you want to learn ways to ease the psychological burden of owning too much stuff and potentially buy a smaller home, you've come to the right place. In this article, we explore the psychology behind how downsizing can make us happier and how to get started.

Why does downsizing make us happier?

The fact that we live in times of high uncertainty and are in the middle of a global pandemic will eventually force us to focus on how we make purchases. But, besides becoming a more conscious consumer, multiple benefits derive from a minimalistic lifestyle.

For example, you might've felt a sense of sufficiency during one of your travels. Or, unfortunately, if all of a sudden a family member gets sick, one can realize that they have spent too much time and energy on things that don't really matter.

This is the point where happiness and downsizing interrelate. Firstly, having fewer possessions means putting less effort into their maintenance. Secondly, if you fully downsize and move to a smaller home, it can make your relocation simpler. Finally, owning less stuff will give us more time to focus on things we find relevant. These might be growing our family, spending time with friends and family, traveling, essential home renovations, and so on.

A woman sitting on a car and holding a map.
Downsizing will allow you to invest your time in things that really mean to you

An additional advantage is that minimalism will save you money. Of course, this doesn't mean you should try and save money in every aspect of your life. On the contrary, conscious consumerism is all about investing in fewer high-quality items that will last you a long time. This will, by default, make you appreciate your belongings more. The reason for this is that you will put special consideration into every purchase you make and walk out with more value in the long run. Then, the additional money you save, you can choose to put into your savings account, invest, spend on traveling, or use in whichever way makes you happy.

Downsizing misconception

If what you've just read sounds appealing to you, then it would be good to be aware of the most common misconception that might derail you from your intention to live a simpler, wealthier, and fuller life. The most common wrong idea about leading a minimalist lifestyle is that people can pack their whole lives in a large backpack without getting attached to their belongings.

As some adventurers might live this way, minimalism is a flexible concept that has nothing to do with this understanding. On the contrary, downsizing is a concept that allows you to use it to the extent you feel comfortable. For example, if you decide to downsize your home to upsize your life, it doesn't mean you should live with bare necessities. Instead, you will need to focus on finding a balance between shortage and abundance. Downsizing is about living a mindful life and understanding which things add value. 

Downsizing: How to start?

Congratulations on your decision to seek ways to downsize and live more mindfully. Before we look into ways to get started, you should know that this won't be straightforward and smooth. There will be many emotions involved. However, it might just be one of the most rewarding experiences. 

So, if you are ready for less clutter and more happiness, take a look at the following tips on getting started. 

Disposing of your stuff

Firstly, we need to mention that downsizing doesn't mean you should throw away books or decor you love but haven't touched in months. One way to decide what to keep and what to give away is to ask yourself the following question regarding each item you take into consideration:

Is this piece adding value to my life?

A minimalist room with a minimalist wardrobe.
Downsizing can make us happier by investing less time and effort into maintaining our possessions.

If you struggle to answer this question, try the following technique. You can pack all of your belongings in a box and take out only the things you need in the next month. The items you haven't used should be subject to consideration. 

Another way downsizing can make us happier is that having less stuff will help you focus and maintain a clear mind. Fewer distractions allow you to fill the space with more creativity. 

Also, you shouldn't simply throw your possessions away. You can hold a garage sale, sell them on a flea market, donate to those in need or family and friends. 


For most people, downsizing also means moving to a smaller house. We found out from the moving crew at benhur.com that they have more and more clients following the tiny house trend. They said that previously that was the trend only amongst the elderly, but they are seeing an increase in the younger population nowadays. 

So, if seeking a smaller home is your idea of downsizing, make sure you read our tips on choosing the right moving company and get started!

Smarter shopping

Another aspect you can downsize to upsize your life happiness is in the shopping area. The main principle here is to invest in quality items and put some thought into your purchases. So, for example, you can seek ways of building a high-quality capsule wardrobe rather than buying cheaper items that won't be wearable after a couple of washes. 

A woman trying to shop online consciously
Becoming a conscious consumer is another way to upsize your happiness while downsizing your life

Another way to preserve some money is to visit thrift and second-hand stores. You'll be amazed by how many great clothing pieces or even books in perfect condition you can find at a low price. 

The takeaway 

Downsizing is an opportunity to refresh your life and yourself. It's a chance for a new start and a more mindful life. We hope you understand why downsizing can make us happier and are ready to start your mindful consumer journey! Good luck!

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Feb 22, 2022

Buyer’s Guide to Modern Dining Room Chairs (Select the Best)

From late breakfasts to grand dinners, our dining room is an important part of our home. And a key element of a comfortable dining room is comfortable dining room chairs.

Are you in the market for modern dining room chairs you can flaunt at your next dinner party? If so then use this buyer’s guide to find options that are both fashionable and functional.


Let’s get started

How to Choose Chairs for Your Dining Room Table

People used to only consider one factor when choosing dining room chairs: matching them with their dining room table. That is not a wrong consideration, but taking into account that one factor can make your dining set predictable and expensive. 

But modern trends, including today’s open concept homes, have broken that custom, giving buyers hundreds of options to reflect their personal style. 

Here we outline the factors you need to take into account to pick out a stunning set of dining room chairs.

  1.  Find Chairs that Will Fit Your Space 

Before you decide on the colour or style of your chairs, measure the available space in your dining room. The chairs you choose will need to fit perfectly around your table. Keep a record of both the width and height of the table and the space around it.

On average, dining room chairs are about 18 inches high from floor to seat, and the typical table is about 30 inches tall. The average diner finds a distance of 10 to 12 inches the most comfortable, as it ensures relaxed seating while providing sufficient legroom. This may vary by the thickness of the tabletop, the height of the apron, and the size of the diner.

Next comes the chair widths. The average chair is about 18 to 20 inches across, though dining chairs with arms might be up to 6 inches wider than that. So, it is your call as to whether you want to go narrower or wider. 

Calculate how many chairs you can fit on each side of the table, which will depend on its size. In general, a 72-inch long rectangular or oval table can accommodate six seats, while a 96-inch long table can fit eight. 

If your table has an unusual size or shape, the standard rule is to leave a gap of at least six inches between each chair for elbow room. Calculate accordingly to organize a comfortable dining setup.


  1. Select a Material that Meets Your Needs.

Dining room chairs come in different materials. Some of the common options are wood, metal, and upholstery.

Wood dining chairs are perfect for those looking for a classic look and feel. If your dining space is already populated by wooden furniture, wooden chairs will complement the overall look.

If you prefer a more contemporary look, consider metal dining chairs. They are lightweight so can be easily moved. They are easy to clean; just wipe down the surface to take care of any dust or spills.

Upholstered chairs are best for providing hours of comfortable seating for your guests. You can keep the look casual with simple tailored upholstery. Or, make it look lavish with intricate details like button tufting and padded arms. Either way, you’ll have gorgeous, comfortable chairs.

  1. Add Your Personal Style 

Do you enjoy loud dinner parties or more casual meals? You can reflect your lifestyle in the dining chairs you pick. 

For example, high-back chairs work in a formal setting, while low-back ones are more casual. Open-back chairs with delicate designs reduce visual clutter, which allows a small dining room to look more spacious. On the other hand, well-defined big chairs go well in larger spaces. This rule of thumb is applicable to all kinds of decor themes, including traditional, modern, and minimalist.

If you want to take the middle path, you can go for extravagant chairs and simple side chairs to create a semi-formal dining setup.  

A few common types of modern dining chairs include:

  • Skirted Chairs

  • Parsons Chairs

  • Arm Chairs

  • Wingback Chairs

  • Slipper Chairs

  • Ladder Back Chairs


  1. Don’t Forget to Consider Colours and Patterns

When deciding on a style, you should also consider the colours and patterns that best suit the tone of your home.

For example, if your wall paint and most furnishings are neutrally-coloured and you don’t want to upset that harmony, go for beige, white, or light brown chairs. But if you want to add some colour, go with vibrant colours like orange, teal, or any other bright hue to make it more interesting.

You can add a little more personality to your chairs by simply changing their pattern. From ornamental paisley prints to formal striped or floral patterns, the possibilities are endless.


  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

"Do I always need to match?" The answer is no. If you don’t like monotony and want to experiment, you can. It may sound challenging, but the trick is to find a common element that relates them to the dining table. This could include the shape, colour, style, height, material, or leg style of the chairs. 

For example, you can put mismatched geometric chairs in the same colour or upholstered in the same fabric. Or, if you have affection for a particular colour, buy a set of chairs in that shade with a different backrest design.

  1. Choose Easy Maintenance.

Dining room chairs can set the whole room’s mood. While wood has a warm, organic feel, metals add a sense of lightness, and rattan can add a tropical aura. But each must be cleaned and maintained differently. Non-upholstered chairs, for example, are ideal if you have children or pets, and they are simple to clean. If you want to go for something delicate like velvet, buy slipcovers that can be easily removed and cleaned.

If you want wood chairs, they are easy to clean but their colour can change over time. So, be sure to immediately wipe up spills to prevent stains. If you choose metal, make sure it is rust-resistant and can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.

When deciding on the type of dining room chairs that work best in your home, consider these factors to make a more informed decision. If you are looking for some reference to find the best dining room chairs in Toronto, go through our complete chair collection. 


How to Take Care of Your Sensitive Teeth in Brampton

Summary: Are you looking for ways to get rid of your tooth sensitivity? Discover these vital tips which include changing your toothbrush and toothpaste, avoiding acidic foods, wearing a mouth guard, and treating this dental issue via a gum grafting procedure. 

Do you suffer from painful sensations in your teeth after drinking, eating, or brushing? Then you likely have sensitive teeth, which, in medical terms, is known as dentin hypersensitivity. Dentine is the hard and dense bony tissue that forms the bulk of your tooth, below the enamel.

As per a study published in the Journal of Conservative DentistryJournal of Conservative Dentistry, this is a medical condition that is mostly linked to exposed dentinal areas. While it may affect you at any age, those most affected by this issue are 20 to 50. A slightly higher incidence is seen in female patients. 


Many factors such as gum disease, brushing too hard, and cracked teeth may cause tooth sensitivity. Fortunately, there are several ways to reduce sensitivity, and a few of these solutions can be easily utilized at home.

In this post, we discuss care tips for sensitive teeth.


Let’s get started.

Ways to Care for Sensitive Teeth in Brampton 

In order to get relief for sensitive teeth, you must make use of easily available remedies. Moreover, you may need to change some of your daily habits. Here are a few sensitive teeth care tips for a healthier, pain-free life. 

Change Your Toothbrush

Regular brushing is vital for maintaining good oral health. But a hard-bristled brush or harsh toothpaste may worsen sensitive teeth. Instead, use a softer bush and special toothpaste to treat teeth sensitivity. Make sure you brush teeth softly back and forth as well as across biting surfaces. 

Don’t Consume Acidic Foods

Acidic foods such as coffee, citrus fruits, yogurt, and carbonated beverages may cause teeth sensitivity. This is because they can trigger the wearing of tooth enamel. So be sure to avoid them if you have sensitive teeth. 

Moreover, you should never brush your teeth just after consuming acidic foods or drinks. This is because acid can soften the enamel and make teeth even more sensitive if brushed immediately. 

Wear a Night Mouth Guard

Do you grind your teeth during your sleep? Teeth grinding wears away tooth enamel, leaving teeth feeling sore and sensitive the next day. That’s why your dentistry service provider in Brampton may recommend a dental night guard to prevent tooth damage and protect enamel.

Go for Gum Grafting

Severe recession of your gum line may leave the root of your tooth exposed, resulting in severe tooth sensitivity. In such a case, your dentist in Brampton may suggest a gum grafting procedure. When the gum tissue has formed around the tooth’s root again, it will feel less sensitive. 

Your dentist in Brampton may recommend these or other care options for sensitive teeth. Implementing these tips diligently will reduce or at least arrest your sensitivity. If you still require guidance in handling tooth sensitivity, schedule an appointment with us to get more personalized dental care. 









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