Feb 28, 2014

Sky Watch: Sunset Moment

We, sky watchers, never been bored to capture sky moments like sunset as there’s no the same view. This sunset captured from the terrace of a mall in my city (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). The spot is an open eating place that usually full of visitors every bright afternoon. My husband took the moment with his mobilephone as I forgot to bring the camera. Gave me a lesson : don’t leave home without your camera :)

“Sunset is a wonderful opportunity for us to appreciate all the great things the sun gives us!”   ― Mehmet Murat ildan

Feb 27, 2014

What Influences the Value of Old Currency?

womenandperspectives.com  -Old currency is worth far more than it was on the day that it was printed, due to the fact that it is now collectible. When you visit a shop that buys and sells this currency, it is important to understand what changes the value. This is true if you want to sell the old money to them and make a profit - perhaps you discovered it in an attic or inherited it, so it is pure profit - or if you want to buy it as an investment. Either way, knowing what influences the value helps you to know what you should buy and sell. 

1. Rarity. 
The most important thing to consider is rarity. If not much of the currency was originally printed, it can be worth quite a lot. If a lot of it was printed at the time but it has been so long that most of it was lost - you will find that even major forms of currency from decades ago can have quite a value now - the value can be very high. This is basically the law of supply and demand at work. If you have the last remaining item from a certain type that was printed or minted, the demand for it is going to be high, and the value will correspond with that. 

2. Condition.
Another thing that goes into the equation is condition. A bill that is in mint condition, that was perhaps stored in an airtight box, is going to be worth a lot more than one that is ripped, folded and faded. Most currency was not collected right at first. It was used in society. This means that it can be in very poor condition from this heavy use. If you have a perfect bill that was held out of circulation, it can really stand out, even if there are a lot of battered old bills from the same printing. 

3. The Time Period.
Another thing that goes into the equation is the time period and what was happening when that money was used. Large historical events that are tied to certain currencies often increase their value because people just find them more interesting. For example, a coin that was used during the Civil War could be worth more than one that was used in the years following the war because people find the war itself to be interesting.

Feb 25, 2014

Treat Yourself or Anyone to Luxury

womenandperspectives.com  -Its silky sense, very little weight, and appreciable class make cashmere greatly worth having. Created from the finest fur of the Kashmir goat, Cashmere is luxurious wool that lots of fashionable women have desired to feel such soft luxury against their skin.

Luxuriant cashmere wool is one of the oldest fabrics around. As mentioned before, the origin of cashmere is Kashmir, a northwestern region of India. After thousands of years, India is still one of the world’s largest producers of cashmere fabric.

Cashmere is considered high-end fabric because only the long hairs molted from cashmere goats can be spun into quality wool. Shorter hairs cause pilling which when spun into wool makes inferior fabric. Garments crafted using the superior longer fibers are highly desirable. The lightweight, silky wool cashmere makes great gifts for any occasion and for almost anyone. They are also a great way to treat yourself!

Scarves made from cashmere have been found that are thousands of years old. Today, cashmere is fashioned into all sorts of clothing items including sweaters and cardigans for women or men. Interesting accessories like wristlets and headbands join neck scarves and mittens offering selections to showcase anyone's individuality. You can even find items for your baby or a baby shower, such as hats, booties, mittens and blankets.

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, you will find plenty of affordable quality clothing pieces when you  shop their cashmere sale items for great buys at such sites as www.shop.thecashmereshop.com. Having your own cashmere items is a fashion delight to be really cherished.

Keep Your Sunscreen Handy and Avoid Skin Damage

womenandperspectives.com -Skin cancer has become one of the most dangerous health threats people face these days, and that does not even take into consideration the age spots, dryness and wrinkles that also occur. Unprotected exposure to the sun can cause more damage to skin than anything else, so people should always make sure their skin is protected from over-exposure by clothing or sunscreen. The harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun are the cause of most skin damage, and it is important to remember that sun damage not only ages the skin, but may also cause skin cancer. Melanoma is an extremely dangerous type of skin cancer, and it is often fatal if not treated in time.

The information panel on most sunscreen containers will say the product is waterproof; it will probably need to be reapplied every few hours if the wearer is swimming or perspiring a lot. It is also important to wear a broad spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor that is high enough to protect the wearer. It is very important to purchase the best broad spectrum sunscreen to protect against both UVA and UVB radiation, and people who have fair skin need to wear a sunscreen that has a SPF of at least 30 or more.

While the most dangerous hours to be out in the sun are in the middle of the day, sun protection should be worn every day, all day long and every day of the year. While the weaker winter sun does not feel hot to the skin, damage can still occur to unprotected areas. Considering the busy lives most people live these days, it is easy to leave home without thinking to first apply sunscreen. One way to solve this problem is to keep a small bottle of sunscreen in a convenient location such as a purse, automobile or at work. 

Everyone knows that products are more economical than those packaged in smaller sizes, but having a large bottle of sunscreen handy when it is needed could be very inconvenient. There is now a relatively new concept of refillable sunscreen bottles that solves this dilemma, so the smaller travel size bottle can be easily refilled from the bulk sized bottle. However, it is important to note that any refillable sunscreen bottles be FDA approved to prevent the quality of the contents of being compromised.

Feb 24, 2014

Guide to Baking Delicious Chocolate Cake

womenandperspectives.com -There is nothing like chocolate cake, and this is something that can surely win any heart. Chocolate cake that is light and fluffy to eat and rich enough for being served with crème fraiche dollop for dessert, can be a great thing to be had. Chocolate has always been a crowd puller, and there is no denying the fact. However, the perfect cake is one that is baked with great care and the ingredients well chosen. Cakes have rather become a part and parcel of any occasion. These days, it has become easy for anyone to order their choice of birthday cakes online in UK.

Preparing the perfect chocolate cake

Ingredients required preparing the cake:
·         50 gm. Dark chocolate melted thoroughly, and cooled slightly.
·         250 gm Butter of good quality, at room temperature
·         Light muscovado sugar, 250g
·         Cocoa powder, 100g
·         Plain flour, 250g
·         Baking powder, 2 tsp.
·         Salt, 1/2 tsp.
·         Large eggs, 3
·         Milk, 250ml
·         Chocolate chips, 50g
Ingredients required preparing the buttercream:
·         Softened butter, 150g
·         Cocoa powder, 50g
·         Icing sugar, 200g
·         Salt, a pinch
·         Milk, 2 tbsp
·         Oreo Cookies, 5.

  • Line and grease the bases of the springform cake tins of 2 x 20 cm with greaseproof paper. Then, the oven is to be preheated to 180C (160C fan)350F/ gas 4. Sugar and butter is to be creamed together along with ½ tsp salt until fluffy and light.
  •  Baking powder, flour, and cocoa are to be sifted together. Now, add eggs to butter mixture, one by one. Then beat till all the ingredients combine properly. The dry ingredients are to be folded in half, and then, followed by melted chocolate. The rest is to be folded, followed by milk for providing soft dropping consistency, and added by chocolate chips. It is to be divided between the present two tins for around 25 to 30 minutes till it becomes firm at the centre.
  • It is to be put on a rack, where it should be allowed completely to be cooled. Only then should the butter cream be prepared. The butter is to be beaten till it becomes fluffy. Later add on icing sugar, salt, cocoa, and if required some milk for loosening up the mixture. One cake is to be placed on the serving plate, and then, third of icing is to be spread on the top. While the second is to be placed on the top, the remaining icing to be spread over it.
  • Now the biscuits are to be broken down into fine crumb in the food processor and sprinkled over the cake.

The perfect chocolate cake is ready to be shared and enjoyed by everyone, and is sure to be appreciated by those who taste it. It has been noticed that chocolate cakes are among the best sellers in bakeries, and most parties be it birthday or anniversaries, are known to order chocolate cakes to make the occasion all the more special and entertaining.

Author’s Bio
The author is currently associated with expressgiftservice.co.uk and writes different types of articles on the different ways of preparing cakes for different events.

Feb 23, 2014

Alamanda Flowers

It’s nice to be able to join Today's Flowers again.  All photos of Alamandas taken by my husband. He saw these flowers in a front garden of a villa. The yellow Alamandas are more common ones here. I guess I still see a little yellow on the petals.

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