Feb 21, 2014

Sky Watch: Volcanic Lightning and Smoke

My country has 127 active volcanoes –it makes Indonesia the country with the largest amount of active volcanoes worldwide. Based on the current news, 22 of them are in above normal status condition. Recently, Thursday night last week (Feb 13, 2014) exactly, the Kelud Mountain (Blitar, Kediri, Malang, East Java, Indonesia) erupted. While the Sinabung Mountain (Karo, North Sumatra) has started its long eruption since months ago –after sleeping for 400 years. 

The pics below weren’t mine. I live in Bogor, West Java; my city didn’t affected by the Kelud and the Sinabung explosion. I want to share here two volcanic lightning phenomena that seen during the big explosion of two volcanoes. Scary but also amazing.
image:news.liputan6.com The Kelud eruption (East Java)
The Sinabung eruption (North Sumatra). image:news.liputan6.com
Volcanic lightning occurred on the top of both mountains -between other exploded materials. Not every eruption will create such lighting. 

Allow me to share here again the Slamet Mountain that can be seen from my husband’s hometown (Bumiayu, Brebes, Central Java). I captured this mountain smoke in one morning years ago. It’s spreading smoke; but the condition is still normal active until now. People there said the mountain only coughing. Last eruption occurred at 13 July 1988. Really hope the volcano keeps dormant for long time ahead.
The Slamet -normal active- mountain (Central Java)

16 komentar:

HansHB February 21, 2014  

Great contribution to the sky-theme!
Hope you are doing fine!

DeniseinVA February 21, 2014  

The photo you took and those you shared are truly amazing. Thank you for sharing them and Happy SkyWatch Friday :)

Yogi♪♪♪ February 21, 2014  

Wow, that is interesting. Volcanic lightning. I learned something new from you. Plus I like the concept of a volcano "coughing."

Thanks for sharing.

Indrani February 21, 2014  

Oh! This is scary! Stay safe!

Kusum February 21, 2014  

Oh! wow! Some day I want to visit your country!

Anonymous February 21, 2014  

I hope the volcano stops coughing soon.

Spare Parts and Pics February 21, 2014  

Kind of scary and fascinating at the same time!! Beautiful photos.

Leovi February 21, 2014  

Eruption awesome .... great photos !

carol l mckenna February 21, 2014  

Wow! Fantastic shots for SWF ~ thanks, also for visiting ~

artmusedog and carol

Light and Voices February 21, 2014  

A volcano coughing....I hope it stops soon. You are very brave to capture these pictures in focus yet. Thank you!
JM Illinois

Carver February 21, 2014  

Wow, such dramatic and dynamic shots.

Laura February 21, 2014  

Amazing photos, but really scary.

Obat Sakit February 22, 2014  

letusannya sampai terdengar di tempat adik saya
Alhamdulillah semua keluarga adik saya selamat meskipun atap rumah banyak yang hancur

Mike February 22, 2014  

Wow! Amazing photos!

Sara Chapman in Seattle USA February 23, 2014  

Wow is all I can say. I live near a volcano, Mt. Rainier near Seattle, and I sure hope it doesn't erupt in my lifetime. But it is due to do so.

Irene February 24, 2014  

Wow, amazing shots ... so dramatic!

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