Feb 25, 2014

Treat Yourself or Anyone to Luxury

womenandperspectives.com  -Its silky sense, very little weight, and appreciable class make cashmere greatly worth having. Created from the finest fur of the Kashmir goat, Cashmere is luxurious wool that lots of fashionable women have desired to feel such soft luxury against their skin.

Luxuriant cashmere wool is one of the oldest fabrics around. As mentioned before, the origin of cashmere is Kashmir, a northwestern region of India. After thousands of years, India is still one of the world’s largest producers of cashmere fabric.

Cashmere is considered high-end fabric because only the long hairs molted from cashmere goats can be spun into quality wool. Shorter hairs cause pilling which when spun into wool makes inferior fabric. Garments crafted using the superior longer fibers are highly desirable. The lightweight, silky wool cashmere makes great gifts for any occasion and for almost anyone. They are also a great way to treat yourself!

Scarves made from cashmere have been found that are thousands of years old. Today, cashmere is fashioned into all sorts of clothing items including sweaters and cardigans for women or men. Interesting accessories like wristlets and headbands join neck scarves and mittens offering selections to showcase anyone's individuality. You can even find items for your baby or a baby shower, such as hats, booties, mittens and blankets.

Whether shopping for yourself or someone else, you will find plenty of affordable quality clothing pieces when you  shop their cashmere sale items for great buys at such sites as www.shop.thecashmereshop.com. Having your own cashmere items is a fashion delight to be really cherished.

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