Sep 30, 2011

Sky Watch: Moon, Moon, Moon

Here are some moon shots that captured at different places and times. Not in good qualities, as I only used my camera pocket. Hope you still can see the beauties.

Sep 29, 2011

When You Need to Know How to Burn Fat Fast

How to burn fat fast is a kind of issue that many people think about nowadays. There are lots of people, whether men or women, want to have good shape bodies. But in contrary, there’s a fact that the amount of overweight people is still in increase. How’s about you; are you still struggling to achieve your targeted weight? You need to find the most effective way to lose your weight.

Besides on the purpose to get best look, people crave to know about fat burning fast is for wellness reason. Most people have realized that obesity can be the cause of many serious health problems. It can also take your pride and self confidence. That’s why getting rid of obesity is already becoming one of most people’s concerns.

Losing weight isn’t an easy procedure. Without proper knowledge, you will only endanger your own health; even your precious life. Whatever method that you will apply to lose your weight, you must ensure that the method is a safe method which suits your needs and condition. It’s important that you always prioritize your safety and health!

First, you must learn various tips and methods for fat burning safely and quickly. Choose the reliable source that will give you comprehensive information on easy methods to lose weight, how to increase the metabolic rate of your body, how to eat right and take proper work out.

In fact, there are many methods that you can apply in removing fatness, including medication way such as taking fat burning pills. If you choose this method, make sure that your doctor supervises your pills intake. Since taking drugs may cause side effects, you should consult to your doctor frequently. If you prefer non medication method, you can follow the ways and instructions that recommended by the experts.

When it comes to fat burning system; you should know about the basics of metabolism. Metabolism is the biochemical processes that happen in human body which breakdown nutrients in the blood following absorption and result in development of new tissue, more energy and waste releasing. If you have slow metabolism, lots of excess fat will be accumulated as there’s only a little burned up energy in your body.

Most fat burning ways is to affect your metabolism. There are some foods that you can choose as it burn fat faster than others. Don’t ever miss your breakfast and take lunch before two o’clock. If you neglect it, your metabolism will be slower on the whole day. There are still many other fat burning ways that you should know, so, ladies, make yourselves informed well first!

Sep 28, 2011

Brilliant Birthing Options

So you have the diamond ring, did the wedding, got the white picket fence and now you’re looking down the barrel at birth. How far along are you? Two months? Six months? The later you are, the more real the birth prospect is becoming to you. First of all, if you’re nervous, that is completely normal. While this is a natural process, we often hear horror stories about crazy labours and horrible births that result in pain, damage and injury that will leave the mother never the same again. And while of course every birth is different, rest assured, women have done this for centuries – and there are definitely more normal, every day, run of the mill births than horror stories.

Despite this reassurance, I’m sure you still wake up in the odd cold sweat, having dreamt about what you think it will be like. But think of it this way, most woman have more than one baby – that means despite what people say about it, they still go back for more – and not all of them can be crazy! In addition, in the scheme of things, when you look back on it, birth is going to be a split second in time when compared to the rest of your life and that of the child you will bring into the world. Be anxious – it’s normal when staring at the unknown, but also be incredibly excited.

If you’re heading towards half way, it’s probably time to start thinking about the actual birth process. When it comes to delivery, providing you and your baby are both healthy, and the little one is positioned well, you have a range of options. Consider the below.

1. The traditional hospital birth
Drugged up, or drug-free, a hospital birth is exactly that, one which occurs in a hospital under the guidance of your doctor. A majority of women give birth this way, and the bulk of them have no problems at all. As pros, you have a doctor and range of medical staff, who do this on a daily basis, available to help you through the process. You have access to the best facilities should something go wrong, meaning you and your baby have a great chance. The hospital will also have stringent procedures, and a reputation to protect, so you can ensure everything will be done according to plan.

As a con, doctors and nurses change shift, so if you have a long labour, you will just get comfortable with one set, and a new set will come in. Drugs can have some effects on you and your baby, but in most cases this doesn’t occur – know your allergies and both will be fine.

2. The pool
Water births are becoming increasingly more common as they help women to get into the zone, relax and also help with the pain. A water birth, as it sounds, is when the expecting mother sits in pool of warm water and delivers into the water. You can choose to be naked, or
maternity wear outlets can provide some great lose and comfortable clothing. In terms of pros, the water is said to be very calming, and the warmth relaxes the muscles which can spasm and ache considerably during this period. Birthing centres are also usually a little less commercial than a hospital, so you can dim the lights, have candles and music going and really allow yourself to relax as much as possible and create a tranquil and clam path into the world for your bub.

3. Home birth
Also growing in popularity is home birth – and why not, women have done it at home for centuries. A home birth enables you to give birth to the baby at home, and then care for it there straight away without going to hospital (if everything goes well). You will need to select a midwife, who will be with you the entire time, and will also guide you through the lead up and late stages of pregnancy and help with the baby immediately after it’s born. As a pro, you have the same person assisting the whole time and you’re in the comfort of your own home. A con, drugs are not even an option!


Sep 27, 2011

A Coconut Cooking Oil Producer

It’s another example of a long life profession. Let me introduce Mak Casmah (Mrs. Casmah), 72 years old. My husband said that his late mother had been a loyal buyer of her products since Mak Casmah was still single and young. Don’t know how long exactly she has done this profession, but it’s surely for decades.

I notice that every time we visited my FIL’s home in my husband’s home town, Mak Casmah always comes to FIL’s home to offer her coconut oil. She places the oil in plastic containers. Her made oil smells good. I usually use it for cooking sautéed food.

Since she brought a red basket on her back to bring the containers, I also link this post to Ruby Tuesday

Free and Easy Foreclosures Search

Nobody wants to lose their properties, but since home owners have become incapable to pay the mortgage, the lenders decide to withdraw their properties. To gather the outstanding debt, foreclosure is often took place. It must be bad experiences for these home owners; but have you already known that home buyers and real estate investors may get benefits from these Real Estate Owned Foreclosures? Most foreclosed homes are offered at much reduced prices as the lenders want to sell the property rapidly.

If you’re interested to buy a foreclosed home, the first step that you can do is searching Free REO foreclosures listings in your area. You don’t need to look for anymore, as has provided foreclosures listings in each state. It’s a free service! With these helpful listings, you’ll be easy to find out foreclosed homes in any state that you crave for.

At, you won’t only be trouble-free to do Free Foreclosures search; but you can also get comprehensive information on real estate news, real estate trends, foreclosure auctions, bailouts, and REO websites. Isn’t it great? It’s certainly that to know more about current real estate deals in your state, you can rely on as your great resource.

Unique Anniversary Gifts – For Him

So you’ve been married for a while and yet another anniversary is coming up. Buying a gift for you is easy. As a woman you’re always happy with a delicate piece of jewellery, an evening out or just some beautiful long-stemmed roses. But the anniversary is not just about you – it’s about the man who makes you happy every day, and letting him know you don’t take him for granted, and you are eternally grateful for his presence beside you.

But it’s not that simple. No matter how well you know your partner or your hubby, getting a bloke the perfect gift is always a tall order. While beer or spirits is always great for a guy who isn’t your special someone, an occasion like this really requires something more intimate – something that shows him how much he means to you, or how much you know about him. It’s thinking cap time! Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Be selfless
While you might want a romantic night in or out with your partner for your anniversary gift, one of the best gifts you can give him is a night apart! When you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it is not uncommon for fun nights out with the boys or the girls in your case to become few and far between. As your perfect anniversary gift, give your hubby the night off to enjoy some time with the boys!

2. Get naughty
Give him a gift that will stay in his mind—and distract him, for days, even months to come! Lingerie is a favourite gift from men to women – and why? Because they like to see women in it! If the best way to your partner’s heart is through...the bedroom, think about going a little naughty and risqué in your gift. Spice up your sex life with
sex toys that will take both of your pleasure factors to a whole new level!

3. Pamper
We love a massage. Or a manicure. Or a good hair treatment. The funny thing is – a lot of men, though they hate to admit it, also love the opportunity to be pampered and feel completely relaxed. Instead of sending him out somewhere, get him a pamper
gift basket, and then be his masseuse yourself.

4. Gourmet food
All men love amazing food – and often, they even love, not so amazing food. Get to his heart, through his stomach with food that will blow his mind. Think about your partner and what his favourite food is and treat him. Either cook yourself or take him to a restaurant that serves food so good it will leave his jaw aching in pleasure.

5. Experience
Sometimes the best thing to bond over is an experience that scares the pants off you. For this year’s anniversary, why not jump out of a plane, dive off a bridge or scale down a rock face. An extreme experience will be something that he will never forget, and a gift that the two of you can share.

Sep 24, 2011

Sweet Saturday : Comforting Food

What kind of food that can comfort your husband? My hubby loves hot, highly seasoned and spiced food. It can be vegetables, chicken, fish or anything else. If the food doesn’t have chili on it, he always needs sambal, a chili sauce.

Here are some of my husband’s favorite foods; all are spicy. He made and took pictures of it.

Weeks ago, for the first time, we visited a Middle East themed restaurant. The prices are rather expensive for us, but it’s worth as the food are tasty and the atmosphere are so enjoyable…

Sep 23, 2011

When You Need the Supreme Essay Writing Help

For every student, their school and college days will be hectic with every essay assignment that they must be written. You can’t skip these academic tasks; as it will only make you get low grades or even punishment. So, in order to reach good academic achievement, you should not only finish your essay tasks, but you should write excellent essays. You may have the writing skill, but can you write high quality essays?

To write excellent essays that enjoy to read, the adequate writing skill is really required; but not only that. You should have the ability to unite all data, statement and your arguments in your essay efficiently and effectively. It’s obvious that developing a quality essay isn’t easy at all!

What can you do if you have to finish a number of essays in only limited time? Don’t be frustrated and panic, as nowadays, you can get essay help from many writing service companies that already available in the internet. It can solve your problem as long as you choose the reliable custom essay writing service company such as

With their customer satisfaction guarantee, you can rely on their finest work method and writing service. Every division at, from administration, customer service, quality assurance to the writer team will offer you the best support and result. Isn’t it great?

Placing essay order at won’t make you disappointed, as the result will suit your time limit and demands. The received essay will be original, well written, and in first rate quality. So, if you face any problem in essay writing, why don’t you get custom essay writing help, as it can support you much in achieving your successful academic performance!

Mother's Day Gifts to Spoil Your Mum

There are plenty of gift ideas when it comes to Mother's Day. Rather than buying her the usual box of chocolates or bunch of flowers choose something that will either help her out around the house, like hiring someone to do the carpet cleaning, or give her the day off by having a babysitter look after the kids. If you feel you want to give her a present that she can keep consider giving her a gift basket with a collection of her favourite treats.

Hire a Cleaner

It might seem like a pretty uninteresting gift, and it certainly isn't one that you can gift wrap, but your mum will definitely appreciate time off from cleaning. Hire a cleaner for the day, for the month or give her an ongoing gift of someone who comes in to clean once every fortnight. If she is busy with her children (and if she is working as well) a gift of having a cleaner visit her will make her life so much easier.

Gift Baskets

It is always a little exciting to receive a gift basket because they are filled with all the products that you love. You can buy ready-made gift baskets and can even purchase them online so they are sent directly to your mum. You can also make them up yourself and choose an array of items that you know she will love so that it has a lovely personal touch. Whether you choose skincare products, make up, perfume, theatre tickets, jewellery, books, gardening tools, items to cook with or music, she will be sure to love it.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great gift because it is a gift that keeps on turning up in the mail for the next year. Subscribe to her favourite magazine and each year you can keep updating the subscription for her. She won't mind getting the same gift year after year if it is a magazine she loves.

Day Spa

Pamper your mum with a trip to a day spa. Here she can relax and unwind as she receives facials, a massage, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures and even a makeover.

Weekend Away

Send your mum away for a relaxing weekend to a Bed and Breakfast somewhere in the country where she can read, enjoy the fresh air, go out for meals, visit shops and antique stores and stop off at wineries. Beautiful areas to visit include the Blue Mountains, the Barossa Valley, Margaret River, the Yarra Valley and the Hunter Valley.

Cooking School

If she enjoys cooking then send her away to a cooking school. There are some schools where you can enjoy a whole weekend away and learn all the tips and tricks from a professional while enjoying using fresh produce from the region.


If she enjoys getting out in the garden then give her some things to help her. As well as buying some new plants give her some gardening shoes, new gardening tools, a knee pad to kneel on, a sun hat to keep the sun off her face and some special hand cream to use after getting her hands dirty.

Sky Watch: At a Cemetery

In my husband's home town, visiting and praying for the late relatives at cemetery is already becoming a part of Eid ul-Fitr celebration. During the way out from the cemetery, I had a chance to take pictures. That morning, the weather was so bright. The cemetery is full of Plumeria trees.

Sep 22, 2011

My Father’s Diploma Photos

I’ve missed Nostalgia meme for several times. So glad that I can join again this week. I’m not posting about mine, but about my father.

My father already stays at my brother’s home in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) for more than one month. It’s only for temporarily. If everything’s going well with his pilgrimage next month, he’ll stay with us again in early December.

Weeks ago, when my father wanted me to send some documents, I found some of his diplomas and certificates. I was interested with my father photos and grades on his low secondary school and high school diplomas. He looked cute, hehehe. His grades on every subject were good! A smart student indeed.


5 Perks to Pregnancy

Being pregnant. It’s nine months of feeling bloated, carrying extra weight, back pain and various other ailments. But is it really that bad? Surely, in all that time, and given you are the vessel for human life, there is something advantageous about the situation, other than the bundle of joy that comes along at the end.

There certainly is – and all you have to do is know how to milk it! So what are the perks of your nine months of pregnancy?

1. Time off
Ever been at work and thought, ‘I would really just like to take a break ‘. Well when you’re pregnant and after you have the baby you get that chance. Sure you’re tired, looking after a baby and feeding constantly, but you aren’t dealing with difficult customers, tough equations or execs that just won’t let you to what you do!

2. Comfort
Maternity wear is some of the most comfortable clothing you will ever wear. It’s roomy, the fabrics are soft, and the cuts are comfort plus. The best news is, because you are pregnant, you can wear these comfy clothes without a second thought!

3. The help
Before you were pregnant, all you wanted was a night off from cooking, a morning off from cleaning and someone else to peg the laundry out. Now you do. Your husband will do it for you. Being pregnant means you should no longer undertake labour of any kind, you shouldn’t reach or stretch too far and you shouldn’t carry anything heavy. You also need to stay away from chemicals and harsh cleaning products. This means someone else needs to take care of all your regular household duties. Sit back, relax and enjoy the perks!

4. Gifts
Diamond rings, pamper hampers, massage vouchers – gifts are not uncommon when it comes to being pregnant. Not only will you have a baby shower to equip you with much of what you need, you may also be lucky enough to receive an eternity ring after the birth of your first child.

5. Forced rest
In addition to kicking up your feet and letting hubby do all the work, the beauty is that you don’t even need to feel guilty! Your pregnancy, especially towards the end of your last trimester, is a time of forced rest.

6. More breaks
Ever worked hard all day at the office and reached the end of the day only to realise you haven’t even taken a toilet break? Worse still, ever done back-to-back meetings and been told you can’t break long enough to go to the bathroom? Another perk of pregnancy is this will never happen again. No one ever questions the need of the pregnant lady to visit the loo. While the constant need to go to the bathroom isn’t exactly fun, the fact that you have leave to...leave, whenever you want or need to, is certainly a benefit your less pregnant co-workers don’t have.

7. Food glorious food
Finally, being pregnant means big changes to your body. No matter what you do, you can’t watch your waistline – unless you’re watching it expand! While being pregnant doesn’t mean you can just eat whatever you want, it does mean you don’t have to pass over every great morsel like you do when you’re not pregnant. Indulge, treat yourself to the chocolate you want every now and then, take the time to try that cake!

Women Should Know More about Menopause

Actually, Women in menopause are naturally normal issues. Every woman like me will experience it if they are approaching mid or late forties in age; so for me, it would be about ten years ahead. Menopause indicates the end of the life period of female reproductive; you won’t get menstruations and pregnant anymore.

You’ve got menopause once your ovary is no longer producing the hormones estrogen and progesterone. A woman has really got menopause if she hasn’t had her menstrual periods for one year in a row. The age of menopause may vary for every woman; it can happen between 40 and 55 years old.

Menopause can become a problem as the loss of hormonal balance in women’s bodies may lead to annoying menopause symptoms. There are 34 diverse menopause symptoms that has acknowledged by medicinal science. Some women only face mild symptoms but some other women experience the annoying and persistent symptoms that annoy their quality life.

Every woman should know and find information that relates with menopause. As mentioned above, every woman will experience menopause and they should know how to handle problems that may caused by menopause. The most enjoyable way that you can do is visiting a source website like that specially created for the menopause community. could become the great and reliable resource for you to find various categories on menopause information; from perimenopause, menopause, post menopause, symptoms to treatments. You can read explanations about every menopause symptom that may occur in detail, such as hot flashes, weight gain, night sweats, decreased libido, mood swings, osteoporosis, sleep disorders, and other more symptoms.

Knowing every possible menopause symptom is very important. If you really experience the symptoms later, you won’t get panic and confused as you’re already acknowledged. You’ll also know how to handle it well and get the right treatment. Being a member of a Menopause Community will give you more advantages. You’ll realize that you’re not alone. There are many other women who have similar situations. In the forum at, you can connect each other, share your own experience and learn from other’s experiences. It’s really worth to join!

What to Bring With Children at the Beach

It is hard to find kids that don’t like being around water. The same is also true for grown persons but with children, there is a need to make certain that they are shielded in a number of different ways. This would not only include their personal security when it comes to being around the water but it would also include protecting them from the harmful effects of the sun’s rays while they are outdoors. For that, you would want to, not only make sure that they have the correct sunscreen but that they have the right swimming kit.

As far as sunscreen is concerned, it is significant to make sure that you make the best options for your family. The zinc oxide sunscreen,for example, offers you with more of a natural way to look after your child’s skin and to stay away from many of the harmful chemicals which may be included in other UV protection. Would it surprise you to know that not much research has gone into the harmful effects of sunscreen? Although it surely is essential to make sure that your child is protected, don’t put them in harm’s way in an attempt to protect their skin from damage. A sun hat can also go a long way in helping to protect your child from the sun as well.

For young kids, having a swim diaper is also something that should be considered as well. This protects the safety for everyone that happens to be in the water with them, but make sure that you apply one that is reusable for both the environmental matters and the potential pool pump damage that can happen with throwaway diapers.

Sep 21, 2011

Doing Your Part -- How to Help Mums in Need

Being a new mum is an experience unlike any other -- full of excitement, intrigue and awe. But for some women, the prospect of becoming a mum is not only daunting, but potentially terrifying as they wonder how they will manage to support themselves and their new baby.

While many of us have the opportunity to prepare the way we want to, purchase the items our child will need, and take a little time off with relative comforts and ease, this isn’t the case for everyone. So as a mum, it's sometimes nice to think about the ways you may be able to help other mums-to-be.

Australia has a large rang of charities and community groups that support mothers who will have difficulty supporting their child or are experiencing other hardship during their pregnancy. If you want to donate or even help out, possibly consider some of these options:

1. Charity organisations
Large organisations such as the Salvation Army and St Vincent De Pauls work tirelessly to help people in need, including new parents. As well as donations, they are always looking for new volunteers.

2. Christmas
An important time to help out is Christmas. Mothers can often find it a particularly difficult time as they can't provide the type of Christmas they would like their children to have. Playing your part, one mother to another, can be as simple as placing a children's or mum's gift under the giving tree at your local department store.

3. Shelters
Unfortunately Australia has a significant number of domestic violence occurrences, many against women and children. Shelters and support groups have been put in place in order to help women leave these situations behind and move on. Volunteering at a shelter, while emotional, is an amazing way to reach out to another mother or woman, share your support and contribute to empowering them.

4. Give
Being a mother, it is highly likely you already have, or will have, a number of items that you no longer need -- but someone else does. When you have finished with your baby and pregnancy items, why not pass them on? Items you could donate to needy mums include:
maternity wear
When pregnant, your body grows and changes and often the clothes you own no longer fit, for women having a difficult time, it can be tough to put together a suitable wardrobe. Donate your maternity clothes so you can help a mum-to-be feel more comfortable!

- children’s clothes
Another wardrobe need is baby clothes. New babies grow so quickly it can be difficult, even for those of us with healthy incomes, to keep up the new outfits. Once finished with your baby clothes, keep another more needy baby warm in winter by passing on items of clothing.

3. Toys
Donating new or used toys can make a massive difference to a struggling family, not only making the kids happier, but also helping parents feel like they are providing a happy childhood.

Sep 20, 2011

The Back of the Building

It’s the side of the building that I saw from inside the train. The train stopped a while so I could take pictures. My guess, the building contains rented rooms. It’s not an ‘apartment’ cause the building is very near with the train railway.

I was interested with the hanging laundry on one window; it’s so contrast with the grey wall around. How lucky I am, I have a special space above to dry our laundry. Seeing this kind of things makes me grateful…Ruby Tuesday

Sep 19, 2011


We still have the plants in the back yard. It's growing in hanging pots. The flowers are little but so bright in color.
Today's Flowers

Sep 17, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Not His Taste

My husband can cook well. I can also cook, but not as well as him. By tasting a food, he knows the ingredients and all cooking spices inside. I can’t do that!

So, if he wants to eat a special food that I’ve never made before, he’ll cook it by himself and I’ll become his assistant. But everytime he cooks something in kitchen, he’ll leave the kitchen in a totally mess! Oops, I’m just a cleaner here :)

He seldom criticizes my cooking. If he likes the food, he’ll say it. But when he doesn’t like the food, he says nothing. I observe that if he doesn’t like the food taste or he thinks that the food aren’t match each other, he still eats it; but only a little. Sometimes he goes to the kitchen to fix the taste and one other time he’ll go out of home shortly. I guess he leaves home to eat other food in an eating place, hehehe.

Almost every morning, I ask him what food that he wants me to cook that day. He also often gives me a menu suggestion first. It’s an advantage for having a husband who can cook.

Well, for husbands every where, your wife is cooking food for you with love and affection. Whatever the food taste, do appreciate it. If you don’t like the food, say it nicely or say nothing…

Bad Credit Loans for You

Are you in a quest for bad credit loans? In fact, there are many other people who have similar financial condition with you; they have bad credit scores for different reasons. Of course, you won’t meet the criteria for applying a traditional loan. Is there a type of loan that allows people with bad credit histories?

Fortunately, having bad credit score doesn’t mean that you can’t apply any loan. Nowadays, there are already many payday loan companies on the internet that offer short time loans -payday advance loans- until your next payday. For people with bad credit scores, requesting payday loans could become the right solution as the authorization process doesn’t relate to credit matters. Credit check and collateral are also not required. The collateral of your loan is your job and paycheck.

You’ll only get maximal financial support if you choose a reliable cash advance provider. The right payday loan company will provide safety, comprehension, and credibility. They will also offer the quick, simple and secure loan process.

Once you meet the least criteria, you can take further step to apply for a payday loan. If you are qualified, your loan application will be fast approved by the loan lender. In the next day, you’ll get the needed cash. Requesting bad credit loan is really a big help, if you’re already sure that you can afford to repay the loan.

Great Resources for Military Community

Since 1944, VA Loan is a type of loan that has helped providing housing and assistance for the US Military service members and veterans. With applying this loan, lots of service members and veterans are able to reach their dream to have their own homes.

If you or your partner serves in the US Military, whether you’re still active member or already veteran and now you’re arranging to purchase a home, don’t miss financing your home mortgage with VA Loan. To get further information, you should visit You’ll get much help as offers comprehensive financial information about loan services that specially provide for military personnel. It could become your great resource of related information and knowledge that you require in attaining your financial aims.

There’s another great online source for US Military members and families that you should take a look at it. is the independent and reliable resource for news, issues and information for the military society. To always catch every latest issue and news that can influence your career and personal lives; you can rely on Military Times!

Sep 16, 2011

Reliable and Efficient Ski Transfers Geneva

If you often travel abroad, you surely realize that the transportation cost can be a big problem if you don’t know how to get a reliable transportation service in your destination. So, for your pleasant holiday, you should pay attention to find out how to get the efficient transportation service first!

Have you made any plan for your next holiday? How’s about traveling to beautiful Geneva? For every ski lover, Geneva is a perfect destination as it provides many ski resorts. To get the reliable ski transfers Geneva, you can start from Geneva airport. There are many transportation companies that you’re able to choose to transfer you to various destinations from Geneva airport.

Since you definitely search for a fast, dependable, simple and low cost ski transfer service, it’s much recommended to apply Shuttle Direct service at At the official site, you’ll discover that booking their service is very easy! Just fill in the form with accurate information such as the flight arrival date and time, the amount of passengers and the luggage; as it will help you to obtain the transportation service that most suits your needs.

Wherever your destination is, arranging your transportation earlier is important. Shuttle Direct can help you to save your transportation cost and have an enjoyable holiday!

Sky Watch: A Mosque Tower

It looks like a lighthouse, right? The tower and the main building (Sunan Ampel Mosque in Surabaya, Indonesia) were built in 1421. With proper maintenance and renovations, the mosque and the tower is still in good condition and the place is always full of visitors.

10 Things Your Wife Really Wants For Her Birthday

No matter how many hints your wife might drop it is still hard to know what it really is she wants for her birthday. It is not just the things that you can give her, like gift baskets, jewellery or perfume, but also the services you can organise to surprise her, like hiring a professional cleaner to come and do the carpet cleaning or hiring a chef for a week.

Time Off

The perfect birthday for a lot of busy women is to just have some time off to do her own thing. If she is a busy career woman or a working mum, or even a stay at home mum, she will certainly appreciate some time where she can either just relax or go and spend some time with her girl friends. Offering to babysit the kids or doing the housework, the food shop or the cooking for her is a lovely way to spoil her.

Gift Baskets

Gift baskets make a great gift, particularly for the woman with everything. A gift basket can contain anything you like and you can order some beautiful baskets ready made up online containing all sorts of items like skincare products, candles, bath products, chocolates, wine and gift vouchers.

Day Spa

For a bit of complete luxury spoil your wife with a relaxing day at a day spa. Whether you choose to give her a voucher for a massage or facial or give her an entire day's worth of different treatments it will be something she won't forget in a hurry.

Time with You

Often one of the hardest things to find time for is simply finding time to spend together. Make time for her birthday for a special date, just the two of you, or give her a promise that you will spend an evening every fortnight or a whole day once a month just the two of you.

Dinner Out

When you have to cook the evening meal for a family every evening there is nothing better than dinner out. Take her to a restaurant that she has been longing to go to and spare no expense. Order a three course meal and a special bottle of wine.

Housework Done

Hiring a cleaner is a great gift, particularly for a woman who doesn't need any more trinkets or clutter in her household. Cleaning can be fairly tedious and having someone come in and do if for you is a real luxury.


Why not spoil your wife with that long awaited holiday or go on a second honeymoon. If you need to stick to a bit of a budget book in for a weekend away at a romantic bed and breakfast somewhere like the Blue Mountains, the Hunter Valley or the Barossa Valley.


What woman doesn't enjoy shopping? Give her a handful of cash and drop her off at a shopping centre with her girlfriends.

Make Over

If she has been feeling like a new look or is feeling a bit run down and tired then book her in for a complete makeover. Book her in with her hair dresser for a new cut and colour, send her along for a refreshing facial and have her makeup done professionally.

Time with the Family

Sometimes it is nice to just organise for the whole family to be together for her birthday, especially if you have grown up children and grand kids.

Sep 13, 2011

Long Time Queue

I seldom see hundreds of motor bikes that are queuing at one spot. While we wanted to cross back the Suramadu Bridge from Madura Island to Surabaya city (East Java, Indonesia), we saw those hundreds of people on motor bikes that were queuing behind the bridge gate. Several officers and policemen were busy in organizing all of these people. It must be a long time queue since the bridge can’t be crossed by many motor bikes in one time.Ruby Tuesday

Sep 12, 2011

A Garden inside a Hospital

Here's a garden view that I saw in the front of the hospital room where my father being hospitalized a few days ago. Most of flowers are bougainvilleas.

Sep 9, 2011

Sky Watch: Madura Sunset

This sunset moment captured about a week ago, while we're on the way back to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia) and acrossed the Suramadu Bridge again. The sunset was seen at Bangkalan city, Madura Island.

Sep 6, 2011

Unique Painting

I saw this painting inside one mall in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). It’s very unique one as the painting contains more than 100 faces of famous people around the world.

Sep 1, 2011

The Night Before

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The night before Eid ul-Fitr in my husband’s home town (Bumiayu, Central Java, Indonesia) looks like a New Year celebration. I could see fireworks here and there. Some people were wandering the city –walking or riding vehicles- to state their happiness and welcoming the Feast Day. I'm most interested with a group of people who wandering the city on foot while holding torches.
Sky Watch Friday

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