Sep 28, 2011

Brilliant Birthing Options

So you have the diamond ring, did the wedding, got the white picket fence and now you’re looking down the barrel at birth. How far along are you? Two months? Six months? The later you are, the more real the birth prospect is becoming to you. First of all, if you’re nervous, that is completely normal. While this is a natural process, we often hear horror stories about crazy labours and horrible births that result in pain, damage and injury that will leave the mother never the same again. And while of course every birth is different, rest assured, women have done this for centuries – and there are definitely more normal, every day, run of the mill births than horror stories.

Despite this reassurance, I’m sure you still wake up in the odd cold sweat, having dreamt about what you think it will be like. But think of it this way, most woman have more than one baby – that means despite what people say about it, they still go back for more – and not all of them can be crazy! In addition, in the scheme of things, when you look back on it, birth is going to be a split second in time when compared to the rest of your life and that of the child you will bring into the world. Be anxious – it’s normal when staring at the unknown, but also be incredibly excited.

If you’re heading towards half way, it’s probably time to start thinking about the actual birth process. When it comes to delivery, providing you and your baby are both healthy, and the little one is positioned well, you have a range of options. Consider the below.

1. The traditional hospital birth
Drugged up, or drug-free, a hospital birth is exactly that, one which occurs in a hospital under the guidance of your doctor. A majority of women give birth this way, and the bulk of them have no problems at all. As pros, you have a doctor and range of medical staff, who do this on a daily basis, available to help you through the process. You have access to the best facilities should something go wrong, meaning you and your baby have a great chance. The hospital will also have stringent procedures, and a reputation to protect, so you can ensure everything will be done according to plan.

As a con, doctors and nurses change shift, so if you have a long labour, you will just get comfortable with one set, and a new set will come in. Drugs can have some effects on you and your baby, but in most cases this doesn’t occur – know your allergies and both will be fine.

2. The pool
Water births are becoming increasingly more common as they help women to get into the zone, relax and also help with the pain. A water birth, as it sounds, is when the expecting mother sits in pool of warm water and delivers into the water. You can choose to be naked, or
maternity wear outlets can provide some great lose and comfortable clothing. In terms of pros, the water is said to be very calming, and the warmth relaxes the muscles which can spasm and ache considerably during this period. Birthing centres are also usually a little less commercial than a hospital, so you can dim the lights, have candles and music going and really allow yourself to relax as much as possible and create a tranquil and clam path into the world for your bub.

3. Home birth
Also growing in popularity is home birth – and why not, women have done it at home for centuries. A home birth enables you to give birth to the baby at home, and then care for it there straight away without going to hospital (if everything goes well). You will need to select a midwife, who will be with you the entire time, and will also guide you through the lead up and late stages of pregnancy and help with the baby immediately after it’s born. As a pro, you have the same person assisting the whole time and you’re in the comfort of your own home. A con, drugs are not even an option!


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