Sep 27, 2011

A Coconut Cooking Oil Producer

It’s another example of a long life profession. Let me introduce Mak Casmah (Mrs. Casmah), 72 years old. My husband said that his late mother had been a loyal buyer of her products since Mak Casmah was still single and young. Don’t know how long exactly she has done this profession, but it’s surely for decades.

I notice that every time we visited my FIL’s home in my husband’s home town, Mak Casmah always comes to FIL’s home to offer her coconut oil. She places the oil in plastic containers. Her made oil smells good. I usually use it for cooking sautéed food.

Since she brought a red basket on her back to bring the containers, I also link this post to Ruby Tuesday

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Chubskulit Rose September 27, 2011  

Oh wow, at 72, she still has that gorgeous smile. I miss coconut oil you know that hahaha.

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Jama September 27, 2011  

Interesting way of carrying the basket!

eileeninmd September 27, 2011  

Lovely photos, Lina! She does have a wonderful smile.

eileeninmd September 27, 2011  

Lovely photos, Lina! She does have a wonderful smile.

kalaiselvisblog September 27, 2011  

She is 72, still she works hard... great...

Liz September 28, 2011  

She still looks great!

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Loi September 28, 2011  

Wow! She's 72! She doesn't look like it! Looks much younger than that age.
Maybe her happy disposition made her look that way. A smile erases years and years of age away!!!

Unknown September 28, 2011  
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Unknown September 28, 2011  

grandmother and the profession struggles to live a life that should be motivation for forward toward a better

cardiacku September 28, 2011  

Tidak mudah menjadi seorang nenek yang berjuang untuk mencari nafkah seperti itu...
salaut saya...Follow sini 419

Red Nomad OZ September 28, 2011  

She obviously enjoys her work!! What a shame coconut oil is not easy to get downunder in OZ!

Kim, USA September 28, 2011  

Nice shot on this one Lina.


Magical Mystical Teacher September 29, 2011  

Thank you for giving me a glimpse of your world!


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