Sep 21, 2011

Doing Your Part -- How to Help Mums in Need

Being a new mum is an experience unlike any other -- full of excitement, intrigue and awe. But for some women, the prospect of becoming a mum is not only daunting, but potentially terrifying as they wonder how they will manage to support themselves and their new baby.

While many of us have the opportunity to prepare the way we want to, purchase the items our child will need, and take a little time off with relative comforts and ease, this isn’t the case for everyone. So as a mum, it's sometimes nice to think about the ways you may be able to help other mums-to-be.

Australia has a large rang of charities and community groups that support mothers who will have difficulty supporting their child or are experiencing other hardship during their pregnancy. If you want to donate or even help out, possibly consider some of these options:

1. Charity organisations
Large organisations such as the Salvation Army and St Vincent De Pauls work tirelessly to help people in need, including new parents. As well as donations, they are always looking for new volunteers.

2. Christmas
An important time to help out is Christmas. Mothers can often find it a particularly difficult time as they can't provide the type of Christmas they would like their children to have. Playing your part, one mother to another, can be as simple as placing a children's or mum's gift under the giving tree at your local department store.

3. Shelters
Unfortunately Australia has a significant number of domestic violence occurrences, many against women and children. Shelters and support groups have been put in place in order to help women leave these situations behind and move on. Volunteering at a shelter, while emotional, is an amazing way to reach out to another mother or woman, share your support and contribute to empowering them.

4. Give
Being a mother, it is highly likely you already have, or will have, a number of items that you no longer need -- but someone else does. When you have finished with your baby and pregnancy items, why not pass them on? Items you could donate to needy mums include:
maternity wear
When pregnant, your body grows and changes and often the clothes you own no longer fit, for women having a difficult time, it can be tough to put together a suitable wardrobe. Donate your maternity clothes so you can help a mum-to-be feel more comfortable!

- children’s clothes
Another wardrobe need is baby clothes. New babies grow so quickly it can be difficult, even for those of us with healthy incomes, to keep up the new outfits. Once finished with your baby clothes, keep another more needy baby warm in winter by passing on items of clothing.

3. Toys
Donating new or used toys can make a massive difference to a struggling family, not only making the kids happier, but also helping parents feel like they are providing a happy childhood.

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