Sep 23, 2011

Mother's Day Gifts to Spoil Your Mum

There are plenty of gift ideas when it comes to Mother's Day. Rather than buying her the usual box of chocolates or bunch of flowers choose something that will either help her out around the house, like hiring someone to do the carpet cleaning, or give her the day off by having a babysitter look after the kids. If you feel you want to give her a present that she can keep consider giving her a gift basket with a collection of her favourite treats.

Hire a Cleaner

It might seem like a pretty uninteresting gift, and it certainly isn't one that you can gift wrap, but your mum will definitely appreciate time off from cleaning. Hire a cleaner for the day, for the month or give her an ongoing gift of someone who comes in to clean once every fortnight. If she is busy with her children (and if she is working as well) a gift of having a cleaner visit her will make her life so much easier.

Gift Baskets

It is always a little exciting to receive a gift basket because they are filled with all the products that you love. You can buy ready-made gift baskets and can even purchase them online so they are sent directly to your mum. You can also make them up yourself and choose an array of items that you know she will love so that it has a lovely personal touch. Whether you choose skincare products, make up, perfume, theatre tickets, jewellery, books, gardening tools, items to cook with or music, she will be sure to love it.

Magazine Subscription

A magazine subscription is a great gift because it is a gift that keeps on turning up in the mail for the next year. Subscribe to her favourite magazine and each year you can keep updating the subscription for her. She won't mind getting the same gift year after year if it is a magazine she loves.

Day Spa

Pamper your mum with a trip to a day spa. Here she can relax and unwind as she receives facials, a massage, beauty treatments, manicures, pedicures and even a makeover.

Weekend Away

Send your mum away for a relaxing weekend to a Bed and Breakfast somewhere in the country where she can read, enjoy the fresh air, go out for meals, visit shops and antique stores and stop off at wineries. Beautiful areas to visit include the Blue Mountains, the Barossa Valley, Margaret River, the Yarra Valley and the Hunter Valley.

Cooking School

If she enjoys cooking then send her away to a cooking school. There are some schools where you can enjoy a whole weekend away and learn all the tips and tricks from a professional while enjoying using fresh produce from the region.


If she enjoys getting out in the garden then give her some things to help her. As well as buying some new plants give her some gardening shoes, new gardening tools, a knee pad to kneel on, a sun hat to keep the sun off her face and some special hand cream to use after getting her hands dirty.

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