Oct 31, 2016

How to Deal With Amateur Photographers at Your Wedding

If you can remember the good old days when a bride and groom would hire a professional photographer to handle the entire wedding picture taking responsibility, then you were probably around long before technology made it possible to take pictures with something other than a camera. Today, anyone with a smartphone can lay claim to being an amateur photographer.

Because of the presence of social media and new photography technology, brides and grooms have to consider what kinds of limitations they want to put on picture taking during the wedding event. There should always be a professional photographer left in the mix to assure there will be a least one quality set of pictures for an album. Beyond that, who else the wedding party wants taking pictures of things like a bridesmaid dress is open for discussion.

In most cases, there’s a good chance the bride has been “planning” her wedding since she was a little girl. If she wants a picture of the gold bridesmaid dress, it’s well within her rights to decide who is going to take those pictures. If she doesn’t want any pictures of a bridesmaid dress, that should be okay as well. It’s really the bride and groom who should dictate who is going to be permitted to shoot and post pictures of that gold bridesmaid dress on behalf of the wedding party. To help deal with the issue of pictures, here are three options the bride and groom might want to consider.

Option #1 – All Hands on Deck – With this option, it would be incumbent on the bride and groom to inform guests picture taking and sharing by anyone is more than welcome. There’s a good chance it will create a hectic atmosphere and could interfere a bit with the event, but most guests will use common sense and refrain from taking pictures until it’s appropriate. For the bride and groom, the real benefit will be having an abundance of wedding pictures commemorating the event. It should be stated to all guests that there is a professional photographer on site, who should always be given priority.

Option #2 – Limitations – By letting the guests know ahead of time there will be plenty of opportunities to take pictures at the wedding party’s discretion, they will be more likely to follow the prescribed schedule. The opportunity to take staged pictures should be enough to squelch the picture-taking desire of most guests.  Additionally, the wedding couple could encourage guests to share their pictures through a common #hashtag, thus creating the ability to control the content being placed on social media.

Option #3 – No Pictures – In a highly structured wedding where things need to stay on schedule, prohibiting pictures is the only way to truly control guests. It would require that everyone be forewarned ahead of time via the invitation and perhaps posted signs at the event. There’s also a chance it will offend some guests. However, an intimate wedding with peace of mind makes it worth the risk, and most guests will understand and cooperate.

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Above all, the day belongs you two, the bride and groom.  It’s your responsibility to decide ahead of time how you want to have your nuptials recorded for prosperity. It’s up to the guests to go with the flow and help make the event memorable. For more tips about photographs at wedding have a look at Azazie.

Oct 29, 2016

4 Types of thyroid disease you must be aware of

Thyroid is a disease in which thyroid gland production takes place at more quantity. Some kinds of thyroid diseases are cancerous.

Most of thyroid suffered people are found to be women. Though thyroid diseases are said to have possibilities to be found with ill diagnosis, there is more number of things to be solved with studies. While addressing thyroid dysfunction, it is essential to consider web imbalances, toxicities and nutritional deficiencies. While thyroid gland is functioning effectively, you will feel energetic, healthy and controlled state. When talking about dysfunctions and thyroid diseases, most people only consider hypothyroid.
Non Autoimmune Hyperthyroid:

When thyroid hormones are higher than normal, energy metabolism will increase up. This condition will lead one to release nutrients quickly. It results in mal-nutrition. Toxic multi-nodular goiter is one form of hyperthyroid. It involves growth of independent functioning nodules on thyroid gland. These nodules are able to improve thyroid. Hyperthyroid is caused due to more number of conditions. Nodules are said to improve level without application of TSH. When thyroid enters hyper state, it may cause metabolism to increase which results in nervousness. As thyroid level enters hyper-active, it may result in fatigue. More symptoms of hyperthyroid are anxiety, panic and more.

Grave’s Disease Autoimmune Hyperthyroid:

Grave’s disease is an auto-immune condition at which body will start to release excess amount of thyroid hormone. Thyroiditis is often caused by auto-immune reaction or bacterial or viral infection in the thyroid. While radio-active iodine treatment and anti-thyroid medications are most common treatment used by doctors, it is also important to look at addition of other important nutritional supplements in order to improve immune system functions.

Non Autoimmune:

In a hypothyroid state, thyroid gland will release inadequate amount of thyroid hormones known as T3 and T4 to suit metabolism demand of body. If you experience non autoimmune hypothyroid, in addition to low thyroid activity, there are some more dysfunctions. Symptoms of hypothyroid are low body temperature, weight loss, weight gain or extreme fatigue or loud noise or persistent headaches or brain fog, PMS calloused heels or chronic yeast infections, low libido or infertility and etc.

Hashimoto Autoimmune Hypothyroid:

The hashimoto disease is the most common form of hypothyroid. It is a form of auto immune disease which results in immune system impacting negative status of thyroid. With this condition, the anti-bodies are found to be thyroglobulin and thyroid peroxidase.


It is a thyroid disease in which patient’s thyroid gland will be produced at higher level. The over production of thyroid hormones will lead to symptoms such as increased appetite, tremors, rapid heartbeat and increased sensitivity. More than 70 % of hyperthyroid situation is caused due to Graves’s disease.

Treatments for hyperthyroid include radioactive iodine, surgery, anti thyroid medicine and beta blockers. Thyroid level should be maintained in proper so that one needs to worry about impacts of thyroid in higher level. Hashimoto is also a form of thyroid disease. Based on state of thyroid, effects will vary. It is important to take further look at its level.

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Oct 27, 2016

Being Happy Every Day of Your Life

Gone are the days when the amount of money and possessions you accumulated were the sole indicators of your success. However, nowadays people are seeking deeper meaning, and well-being in their lives.

Renowned authors suggest that you need to hold onto clear, focused thoughts about what you want combined with heightened emotional quotient. This way, you put out a stronger vibration that pulls you in toward the potential reality that you deeply crave.
Our emotions are linked to neural, immunal and endocrinal systems. We have the choice to take control or use mindful awareness to work toward fill your mind with positive thoughts and feelings.

1.   Turn your emotions into friends

Your thoughts and emotions can also be your best friends. They bounce off each other and define the mindset you take into each day. At certain points, during the day, our thoughts inevitably spiral downward. We start to worry about the yoga teacher training session coming up or the squabble we had with our partner last night. These thoughts become our attitude for the day and will follow us around like a deadweight attracting other bad feelings.

2.    Develop a sense of gratitude and thankfulness

On waking up or before sleep, go through a list of things for which you are thankful for. You'll be surprised how easy it can be to slow down, awaken and utilize your senses. It’s usual for us to rush through so much of our lives that we miss out on opportunities to appreciate the little things in life.

Keep a notebook near your bed so that you can straight away proceed to write down thoughts of gratitude. These things don't have to be associated with something that has happened during yoga teacher training. You can even remember some-one that you haven't thought of in ages and experience feelings of deep appreciation and companionship.

Taking it a step further, you can also practice feelings of gratitude for things in your life that have are yet to happen. Feel as if what you are dreaming about has already happened.

3. Connect with nature.

Move outdoors, even if for a few minutes during lunch break. Remove your shoes on finding a patch of grass. Stand straight up and sense, visualize or imagine you are planting roots growing out of the soles of your feet, connecting deeply with the earth. Feel the energy drawing up from the earth, with each breath, spreading through your body until you feel it flowing out of your fingertips.

Now imagine your heart overflowing with gratitude and transmit that love back into the earth down through your feet. Once you are through this, concentrate on your breath, heighten awareness of your senses, experience the warmth of the sun on your face, the fall of cool breeze on your skin, and listen to the songs of the birds. Experience the expansion of your awareness and drink in the energy you are creating through connection between your mind, body, and spirit.

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