Oct 12, 2016

How can you make him want you more?


He is already into you, but you want more? We have some recommendations on how to tie his heart to your and make him want you none the worse.

Tip #1. Be natural
Of course, you want to look your best near Him, but, seriously, guys don’t like crazy makeups and a full head of styling product. Be yourself with the help of the natural look hair salon. He wants to see real you.

Tip #2. Don’t go overboard
Don’t spend several hours getting ready and don’t buy a new dress for every date to impress him. Don’t text him too much, he already knows you are thinking about him. Don’t overload him with yourself.

Tip #3. Waiting game
If it’s an early stage of the relationships, don’t call him first, let him do the step and feel himself a man.

Tip #4. Don’t be too jealous

If he doesn’t answer your phone calls and messages, it doesn’t mean he has another girl. He can’t just be busy. Never check his phone or social networks. Of course, it’s hard; especially, if your ex-boyfriends cheat on you before.

Tip #5. Make him a little jealous

Show him you are desirable. Post a new gorgeous photo and let him see how many guys have liked it or tell him about the guy from the work who flirted with you.

Tip #6. Be mysterious
Don’t reveal all your secrets at the first date. Give him an opportunity to know you little by little!

Tip #7. Try out a new trick
Kiss his neck or ear, cook something special, write a message with some erotic overtones…Just try something new, it can make him go crazy!

Hope your love will be strong with these tips!

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