Apr 29, 2012

Blooming on My Late Father’s Birthday

I’ve promised to myself that I’ll post every blooming time of our Amaryllis; since it’s  seldom blooming. So, it’s the third post of the same Amaryllis plant at Today's Flowers.The first blooming time at June 13, 2010 and the second at July 17, 2011. Actually we already had this plant since my mother was still alive, before 1999; Amaryllis is my late mother’s favorite flower.

Last year, these flowers were welcoming my father home from more than a week hospitalizing. This year, even better, the first flower was seen right on my late father’s birthday –April 24, 2012. The plant has four buds and since yesterday I’ve seen four blooms! Today they are still blooming beautifully.

Apr 28, 2012

Enhance the Beautiful Figure You Have: Choosing the Right Kind of Undergarments

Any women should choose undergarments with utmost care as it is the first thing that touches her body and gives the shape and comfort that is desired. Undergarments are no less than ornaments for women as they make them look attractive. But in most of the cases women give more attention to their outfits and less to the undergarments. Not only looks but choosing the right size and type of lingerie can also contribute to your good health.

Size of the lingerie that you choose wear is the first thong that you should take special care of. Size of bras and panties can actually make or break your day as you will be wearing them for the entire day. The correct size will get you a good fit and a comfortable feel. You will feel comfortable throughout the day while doing all your chores at home or at work. If the undergarments are not fitting you well, they will not only make you feel uncomfortable but will also make you look ugly.

Many women dedicatedly pay more attention in choosing the design of their bras but totally ignore about selecting the right size which is very important. Not only bras but selecting the correct size of panties is equally important. The fabric of panties should be a major consideration while opting for this particular undergarment. Cotton panties are preferred as the stuff is skin friendly and suits every skin type.

One easy way to choose the right size and fabric of the undergarments is to opt for brands that are trusted for years by the users. Good companies have to maintain their goodwill so they always consider the comfort of the user while manufacturing their products. Brands like Berlei have in the market for years and the demand for this particular brand is rising day by day showing its popularity. Berlei undergarments are designed as per the researched requirements of different shapes of women. Some woman are lean and thin while others have a heavy built up, the brand caters to all types of the customers.

A big brand name des not necessarily means a costly product as you can easily find cheap Berlei bra and panty for yourself. With fashion trends changing so frequently you have to keep pace with the modern style of clothing and trends. A change in style of jeans will also affect the change on style of panties for women. For example if low waist jeans are in fashion you will definitely need a low cut panty to compliment it. Therefor you need to change not only your outer cloths according to fashion but the undergarments too. Berlei undergarments will never disappoint you as they always produce all types of inner clothing that are in sync with the latest fashion. 

However openly discussing about women undergarments has never been considered good in any society but with the passage of time and growing trends women are not hesitating to talk on comfort and their basic fashion requirements regarding undergarments. Ladies now do focus on undergarments as they are aware that this can highlight their beauty. With fashionable and cheap Berlei bra and panties you can attain a beautiful figure that you always wanted to show off.

The Most Unique and Useful Massage Oil

 Who doesn’t love and need massage? There’s no doubt that everyone has a natural fondness to be touched softly. Don’t you know that a massage not only feels fine, but also has healing benefits?


My sister in-law like to have massage therapy regularly, at least once a week. She said that it can relieve her from tiredness and stress. In fact, a massage has more other advantages. For premature babies, massage can help them increase weight effectively. It’s really worth to try.


I’ve read some study results about massage from the Touch Research Institute at University of Miami School of Medicine. It turns out that massage may improve your body’s immunity, reduce stress and pain, and help ones with a variety of situations from premenstrual syndrome to high blood pressure.

To get the most benefits of a massage, using high quality massage oil such as Nuru Massage Gel produced by nuru massage gel company is very essential. A bad or poor quality one can give you feeling oily after the massage. It may have horrible smell or worse, give you a skin irritation. Nuru Massage Gel is a unique kind of massage oil that you can use without worries; since it is 100% natural, fragrance-free, flavorless and leaves no stain. High quality massage oil won’t absorb into your skin too rapidly so it lasts longer on your skin while you’re being rubbed away.

Massaging your loved one can be a healthy and sweet option for a couple bonding. You don’t need to be an expert of any technique. To give useful massage, you should only pressure firm enough to create a momentary indentation in the skin. Don’t forget to use good massage oil like Nuru massage oil!

Apr 27, 2012

Sky Watch: Sunrise

Taken last year, this sunrise moment was captured through a hospital room's big window. My late father was hospitalized that time.

Apr 26, 2012

Best Shopping Experiences in Sydney

Sydney is renowned for its shopping, with everything from the latest in fashion and designer labels to quirky collectibles and antiques. The best thing is that much of the shopping is only a short stroll from your Sydney accommodation. City shopping hours are Monday to Friday from 9am-5.30pm with late-night shopping on Thursdays until 9pm. You will also find most shops open Saturdays from 9am-5pm and Sundays 10am-5pm.

Oxford Street
Known as Sydney’s “Style Mile”, Oxford Street in Paddington is packed with hip fashion boutiques and leading designers such as Lisa Ho, Collette Dinnigan and Morrissey. There are also homewares and quirky collectibles to be found, while at the western end of Oxford Street in Darlinghurst there is a thriving street fashion and music scene.

City Centre
Where do you start? There is something for every taste in the heart of Australia’s biggest city, from the elegance of historical arcades such as The Queen Victoria Building or Strand Arcade to major department stores such as David Jones and Myer. Skygarden, Glasshouse and Centrepoint are the perfect places to begin your retail therapy. If it’s chic designer brands you crave then a visit to Castlereagh Street is a must. Sydney CBD accommodation is easy to find as well, meaning you don’t have far to go for that perfect shopping experience.

Retro fashion, quirky collectibles and accessories can all be found in Sydney’s Bohemian capital of Newtown. King Street and Enmore Road are packed with shops selling just about everything from records to buttons. It’s also the place to go to find the hippest designs from Sydney’s rising fashion stars.

Westfield Bondi Junction
How does 455 shops under one roof sound? That’s what you get at Westfield Bondi Junction, where you can shop all day long in comfort and walk away with bags loaded full of goodies.

Double Bay/eastern suburbs
High-fashion street wear and that ideal evening dress are available in Double Bay if you’ve got money to burn. Woollahra Village shopping precinct is also a popular shopping spot for the fashion conscious. It’s a great shopping experience for those of us who don’t mind parting with our dollars!

If it is a bargain you are after then you can’t go past the discount stores of Market City, which can be found in the centre of Chinatown. Outlet shopping can also be found in the old rag-trade district of Surry Hills where even Ralph Lauren has a store. The Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre is another popular place for bargain hunting with Country Road, Oxford and Marcs prominent. Direct Factory Outlets is the latest player in the bargain scene and is the biggest of its kind in Sydney. Located close to Olympic Park, it has a wide range of big brands such as Calvin Klein and Oroton.



Open Saturdays and Sunday, The Rocks Market has 145 stalls boasting an array of goods from homewares to jewellery and everything in between. It is located at the northern end of George Street right near the Harbour Bridge. Paddington Market is something of a Sydney institution with its fashion lines, toys, collectibles and antiques. It is open on Saturdays. The Bondi Beach markets, open every Sunday, are the perfect place to pick up the latest fashion at heavily-reduced prices, along with second-hand clothing, retro items and antiques. Paddy’s Market, the biggest in Australia, is where you will find shoes, clothes, swimwear and even lingerie. It’s also where you can get hold of fresh produce.

Apr 24, 2012

Changeable Jewelry

There’s no doubt, women adore to feel and look good. It’s no wonder that many women love to shop accessories as wearing proper accessories can improve every woman’s appearance. Nowadays, women are bombarded with a huge variety of high quality accessories; from shoes, bags like cinda b bags to jewelry items. You face limitless options here. So, if you don’t shop savvy, you can easily overspend.

I believe that jewelry is always becoming many women’s most favorite accessories, since it’s able to offer great impact to the whole performance of a woman. She may wear a simple outfit, but with the elegant jewelry items, she will surely look stunning!

As mention before, you can find today’s jewelry items in various materials and gemstones; crafted in diverse designs. The fast growing jewelry industry provides very large jewelry choices to meet every of different jewelry styles and preferences. 

Though every woman has her own preference, there’s a general fondness that recently women desire to clothe and wear jewelry in a flexible way; for different events.  Besides, every woman also craves to put on jewelry that suits with her outfit, but most women –like me- don’t have enough money to always buy new jewelry.  Many women stop to add their jewelry collection as it can be so expensive!  Is there a way out?
Ladies, have you already known Kameleon Jewelry? I think Kameleon jewelry can be a great option to solve many women’s jewelry dilemmas. Inspired from the chameleon, Kameleon jewelry is able to change its colors, following your mood and outfits.

Kameleon jewelry is exceptional pop-able sterling silver jewelry with interchangeable inserts that called JewelPops. You can simply create your own unique jewelry items by transferring the JewelPops -made of various same size materials such as semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystal, synthetic opals and cubics- among the whole jewelry designs and items. You have the ability to move a JewelPop from one jewelry item to a different one. 

This jewelry gives you independence and flexibility to convey your character and personal style. It doesn’t need a fortune anymore to have limitless jewelry collection.

April 24, 2012

Today is my father’s birthday. When he’s still here with us, we always celebrate it by eating out at a special place. He has passed away about four months ago. I believe that my father and mother are already peaceful together now.

Our Amaryllis is only blooming once a year. Last year, the blooms were welcoming my father’s home, after more than a week at a hospital. I remember seeing his happy and surprised face.
This year, this plant is also blooming at the perfect date. Yesterday I saw three buds coming out, and this morning I see one flower is blooming fully, right on my father’s birthday. I hope my father can see it. 

Know Your Rights to Get Justice for Your Loved Ones

In modern times earning a living has become a matter of concern. Not many people are able to take out time to provide proper care for their loved ones at home. In such a situation, Nursing homes were considered to be a secure and safe place for treating sick and old people. But, with increased number of abuse and neglect cases many people are not willing to send their loved ones in nursing homes and feel insecure about the whole concept.

In recent past, many tragic cases have been reported of nursing home abuse and neglect which are even hard to imagine and digest. Older and handicapped people are treated miserably in nursing homes. Many cases have been reported so far under the consultation of Chicago Nursing home attorney in which abuse and neglect are a result of willingness of nursing home companies to maximize their profits by compromising on safety and medications. However, many guidelines have been set to prevent these kinds of abuses in nursing homes. One can get aware of these rules and regulations by consulting an experienced and skilled Chicago nursing home attorney.

Types of abuse and neglect handled by Chicago nursing home attorney

Nursing home abuse does not only affect the residents physically, but also mentally. These abuses or neglects can have major impact on a person’s psychology leading to absurd behavioural patterns. Nursing home abuse can be recognized in many ways. Chicago Nursing home attorney have represented many such cases listed below:

   Residents are not provided proper nutrition and hydration on prescribed time.
     Avoidance of personal hygiene
     Carelessness with doses of medication.
     Call lights not being answered on timely fashion
     Increased cases of Pressure sores due to failure of turning the residents on their beds.
     Leaving the residents in soiled garments on beds and ignoring their calls for toilets and bathing.
     Physical abuse of the residents.
     Verbal abuse of the resident leading to emotional trauma.
     Taking revenge for filing a complaint to the head or warden.
     Sexual harassment of the resident
     Stealing resident’s money or private properties.

Symptoms to recognize that your loved ones are the victims of abuses

Abused residents are often not able to express themselves, or if they try to do so they are been threatened or physically assaulted. In this case the family members of the residents must keep a close watch on the resident’s health and behavioural patterns. There are certain symptoms or signs that can tell you whether your loved one is being treated normally or not.

     Skin tears and rashes
     Pressure ulcers caused due to ignorance.
     Bad odour from the urine or private parts of the resident.
     Frequent falls caused due to inadequate precautions.
     Bruises, burning marks or lesions on different parts of the body.
     Frequent complaints of bone fractures.
     Weight loss
     Dehydration and malnutrition
     Extreme anxiety or depression
     Unexplained behavioural patterns

How to tackle with nursing home abuse

Not every victim is able to communicate the abuse or neglect to his/her family members out of a fear. Therefore, the family members must be aware of the surroundings and if they think something is wrong should consult a qualified Chicago nursing home attorney. The attorney will review the matter and consult medical professionals.

Family members of the abused victim should file a lawsuit against the nursing home for their misconduct. Chicago nursing home attorney can make the victim and his family members about their rights as a citizen and help them fulfill their duties. Therefore, family members of the abused residents must not take the health and care of the resident for granted and seek protection by consulting Chicago Nursing home attorney.

Easy Tips for a Good Looking Body

It is believed that a healthy body keeps the mind fresh. This is somewhat true. But, the better thing is to keep your body healthy as well as making it look good. It will not only keep your mind fresh, but will also build your confidence and personality. The foremost thing to do is to start with workouts and training. The important thing here is that this should be done under supervision of a professional trainer or someone who has some knowledge about the workouts. This way, you will be able to avoid any minor or serious injuries.

Working out does not simply mean that you will gain muscles or gain weight. Different types of workouts affect different areas of the body. Many people these days look forward to a muscular body and thus want to know how to get ripped or how to get cut fast. Getting a muscular body is the hardest part of any workout. This involves various different methods like jogging, cardio, sprinting or heavy weight lifting. Once you start with your schedule, you should try to mix all these in a single workout. You will know exactly how to get ripped once you mix all these components in a single workout.

With the lack of time these days, no one wants to devote much time to strenuous and time-consuming workouts. Every person who wants to look good wants to know the secret about how to get cut fast without spending too much time in the gym. The best possible way to do this is to start with basic cardio and move your way up the ladder to heavy weights. You will possibly start noticing the effect in a matter of days and will know how to get ripped in less time.

Some tips on how to get cut fast

1) The first thing to do is to start lifting some weights. Be sure that you workout on one part of the body only once a week.

2) The next thing to do is to eat properly. Many people have no idea about how to get ripped and stop taking their diet seriously. You need a high protein diet if you are working out regularly.

3) The next point to keep in mind is your sleep. You need a good 6-8 hours of sleep everyday in order to have a muscular body.

4) Do not train for too long. If you train too much, your body will adapt to the workout and will not show results.

5) Keep increasing the number of reps for a body part every consecutive week.

6) Changing your workout schedule every couple of months is also a good factor when you think of how to get ripped or how to get cut fast.

7) Stick to a workout schedule strictly. You can never achieve a good body without proper discipline and hard work.

8) If you are really serious about how to get ripped, you should also train on free weights. Free weights let you work on more than one muscle simultaneously. This helps you achieve a good muscular body.

How to Say I’m Sorry to Your Partner

Saying sorry is never easy. Buying a bunch of flowers will help, but it is just the first step on a long road to an apology. The first step, of course, is realising you have done something wrong. Next, it is important to show your remorse and then, finally, find a way to make it up to your partner. All of these steps (and the time they will take) will depend on exactly what you have done wrong. Saying sorry has a lot to do with pride, and it is very easy for couples to fall into the trap of blaming each other. That is not to say you should be apologetic even if you haven’t done anything wrong, but that you should be willing to give ground to your partner.

Recognising When Something Is Wrong
Some of us do not even recognise when something has upset our partners. You really have to learn some empathy and watch for signs that your partner is upset. When they are so angry that they stop talking to you, you are sure to notice something is wrong, but ideally you want to notice signs of how they are feeling long before that. It is possible to work at being a more caring and understanding partner, and this will help you to quickly recognise when your partner is upset. On some occasions you will know that you have done something wrong, and so you can work towards rectifying the situation straightaway. Other times, it may be that you are both at fault to some degree, and this can be the hardest situation to resolve. If you take the first step to an apology, you may find that your partner will apologise, too.

The First Steps to an Apology
The first step to an apology could be as simple as going to the florist or buying a box of chocolate. It doesn’t matter what gift you choose, the important thing is to show that you are ready to say sorry, and that you mean it. Communication with your partner is very important – it is the foundation of every good relationship. Just talking with your significant other will reduce the issues you may have in your relationship.

How to Say Sorry
You may find it really hard to apologise. This is usually because you have trouble admitting when you are wrong, and see being in the wrong as a sign of weakness. In reality, being unable to admit you are wrong is a greater sign of weakness. If you can overcome your own pride, you will start to find saying sorry no problem at all. However, make sure you are not the one apologising for everything all of the time, as this can be just as bad for your relationship as refusing to ever apologise.

Apr 22, 2012

Pachystachys lutea Nees

The common names : Candle Plant, Shrimp Plant, Lollipop Plant, Lollipop Flower. It grows well in some spots inside Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta, Indonesia). I more often see the yellow ones.

Caring for a Disabled Partner

There are few jobs more difficult than caring for a disabled partner. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if it is a very new situation. There are resources out there and help available to support you. You may find that you simply need to make a few adjustments to your lifestyle, for both you and your partner to live with a high quality of life – it all depends on your situation and the particular needs of yourself and your partner. The following article looks at considerations when caring for a disabled partner.


If your partner has had an accident of some sort and is disabled as a result, there are a whole host of insurance policies that may be able to cover some of the expenses. If your partner has accident insurance or income protection insurance, they should be eligible for a payout to help cover the cost of living. Any decent health insurance policy will be able to provide a huge amount of relief during this extremely stressful and challenging time. Depending on the type of policy you have, you may even be able to tap into your life insurance to help pay for health care for your partner.

Contact Relevant Associations

There is likely to be an association or group in your area that specialises in services for people with the disability that you partner has. These groups can be a tremendous source of information and support as you and your partner get your heads around your new reality. Such associations can usually point you in the right direction for further support and services, too, so be sure to pay them a visit and find out what help is available.

Tax Breaks

If you are going to be the primary caregiver for your partner, you may be eligible for a whole range of tax breaks. Make sure you talk to your accountant and look into what you and your partner may be eligible for, as you will likely need all the help that you can get to cover your various expenses.

Home Renovations

Depending on what disability your partner has, it may be necessary to have renovations done around your home to make it easier for them to get around safely and maintain their quality of life. These renovations are sometimes covered by healthcare plans or accident insurance policies, so make sure that you do your homework and do not pay out of your own pocket for expenses that may be covered by insurance.

Get Help

Taking on the care of your partner yourself is a noble move, but it is vital to remember that there is no shame in getting help. Often this can mean that your partner will get a higher level of care than that which you would be able to provide. Having a homecare nurse in your home a couple of times a week can allow you to have a break from providing 24/7 care, and help prevent you from wearing yourself out.

Apr 20, 2012

A Healthy Sweet Treat for Your Kids

Kids always like sweet treats; but it would be great if you can cook healthy sweet treats for them. If you’re still looking for the right snack recipes for your loved ones; you should stop searching and watch the video below. Since cooking with kids can be an enjoyable adventure and a fun way to spend time with your kids, you may watch this cooking video with your kid and then practice the recipe together.

The video will show you how to make Brown Rice Krispie (Crisp-Wee) Treats. The ingredients are organic crispy brown rice cereal, peanut butter, almond butter and rice syrup; it’s a healthy and good treat for your kid as it contains protein and healthy carbohydrate! It tastes yummy as well.

You can’t change the rice syrup, because there’s no other kind that has similar tacky sticky constancy. Once you see the video, you’ll find out that making Brown Rice Krispie is very easy, fun and it won’t take lots of your times. Your kid can help you while mixing and stirring the whole dough. Let your kid having fun with a plastic spatula!

To ensure that you’ll get a good result, just follow every instruction and tip on the video. Watch the cooking video and practice the recipe soon; your kids will surely love it!

Sky Watch: Over the Mountain

It’s my late entry for Sky Watch Friday. On the way to buy our needs, I saw interesting cloud around the Salak Mountain's peak (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia). On every bright day, we can see this mountain clearly.

Apr 19, 2012

Keep It Classy: 4 Style Tips for Your Wedding Day

If you’ve recently become engaged then you no doubt have lists as long as your arm flying around your head about the impending big day. There’s the venue, the party hire company, the caterers, the destination, the vows, the wedding party and of course the dress. There are so many things to think about (and worry about) that a lot of brides-to-be forget to enjoy this special and exciting time, which is a pity, because (hopefully) it’s the only time in your life you’ll ever get to experience it.

One of the most common concerns of women getting married is that they want the wedding to be classy and elegant. Here are 4 ways that you can make sure your wish comes true.

Keep it Simple

While releasing a thousand white butterflies into the sky and arriving at the church in a hot air balloon may have a lot of ‘wow’ factor, often gimmicky things like this can detract from the class of the day. While an extravagant wedding might be exactly what you want, try to focus on the things that guests (and you) will really enjoy, such as high quality food and wine, and a beautiful venue.

Be Yourself

There seems to be a common theme among brides these days that on the day of her wedding a woman will look nothing like she usually looks. Her hair, makeup, style of dress and even her behaviour is not in fitting with her personality. One of the key elements in a classy wedding is not to try to be someone you’re not. Brides who are unrecognizable as themselves, or who choose a dress that doesn’t fit with their style and try to be someone else for the day always look less comfortable. Fake is easy to spot, and it goes against everything that makes a wedding classy. Speaking of fake, if you’re going to go for a fake tan or brightened smile, keep them subtle, ladies!

Pace Yourself!

Often the stress of a wedding is so intense in the lead up that brides are unable to eat anything for days beforehand. They suddenly get to the reception, have a few champagnes and then turn into to stumbling slurring messes. Not a good look for the wedding album, and not a great way to remember (or not remember!) your big day. Remember to get a decent meal before you walk down the aisle, and to pace yourself when it comes to those toasts!

Keep Speeches Tasteful

While it’s great to have a bit of a laugh during speeches and toasts, there is a definite line that shouldn’t be crossed. Overly sexual jokes, cruel or embarrassing jokes or jokes that otherwise offend have no place in a speech at a wedding. Have a quiet word to all the speakers and let them know that while you’re more than happy with a little good-natured fun, you don’t want anything that could offend you or other guests.

If you’re feeling stressed about trying to organise everything, enlist the help of an
event hire company! Not only can they ensure that everything from the food to the décor matches the picture in your head, but on the day they can ensure that everything goes smoothly.

Apr 18, 2012

Creating the Right Bonbonnieres for Your Wedding

Choosing the right bonbonniere for your wedding will provide your guests with a great keepsake from your big day, and show your appreciation to them for joining you in your celebration. While the traditional bonbonnieres of sweet treats in bags, small boxes or tins still remain popular, couples are starting to choose from a larger range of small gifts for their guests. Regardless of what you choose, the bonbonniere should really mean something and make sense at your wedding, so here are a few steps for making yours perfect and unforgettable.

Start Planning

If you want to make your own bonbonnieres, then start planning early by flipping through your favourite wedding magazines, browsing websites and popping into specialty shops to get a few ideas. If you have a store in mind for
decoration hire, check their bonbonniere examples to get an idea of how you can stay true to your chosen theme. Make a list of all the different ideas you like and then begin whittling it down, one by one, until there is one bonbonniere left standing. Just to get you started, here are a few popular ideas:

● Tiny framed photos of you and your partner
● Small bottles of wine with personalised labels
● Gourmet chocolates wrapped in cellophane with a ribbon
● Small candles and candlestick holders wrapped in wedding-themed colours
● Unique bottle stoppers
● Personalised decks of cards

Personalise It

To make your bonbonnieres stand out, personalise them. Generally this means including your names and the wedding date, but more couples are opting to design their own personal monogram or ‘family seal’. Once you decide what your brand will be, find creative ways to get it on your bonbonniere. A few examples include cookies frosted with your brand, stickers to put on candles or small jars of homemade jam, and handwritten calligraphy on the back of photos.


Even the most perfect, well-thought-out bonbonniere can fall short if it’s not wrapped properly. The packaging you choose can, and should, make as much of a statement as what’s inside, whether you are using a simple brown box, clear cellophane bags, tiny tin pails or slim silver canisters. You will want your bonbonniere packaging to coordinate nicely without perfectly matching the rest of the
party equipment and decorations, such as the linens and flowers. Texture is important, too, so use materials creatively – such as pretty handmade paper and colourful raffia for soaps and candles, or colourful ribbons wrapped around tins and jars.


Once you have found the perfect bonbonniere and have packaged and personalised each one with pretty papers and ribbons, you need to make sure every guest receives one in a classy manner. Here are a few ways that you can present them:

● Group the favours together and allow guests to help themselves by using milk crates, baskets or decorated boxes.
● Ask the servers to pass them out on their fancy silver trays.
● Have your bonbonnieres perform double duty as table numbers, name cards or as part of the place setting.
● Personally hand out each one as an opportunity for you to socialise with everyone before the night is through.

Apr 17, 2012

Ragunan Zoo

Welcome to the Zoo!
You can rent and ride this horse-drawn buggy to wander around the zoo

Colorful Gorilla at the Primate Museum

Some red things that I saw inside Ragunan Zoo (Jakarta, Indonesia) last Sunday.
Ruby Tuesday 2

5 Tips for Adult Learners

Some workers need business courses for work or reasons, but adult learners have different needs and lifestyles from school aged students. A Certificate IV in Training and Assessment can prepare teachers for these difference. They are likely to have other responsibilities such as family or work commitments. Studying can be difficult for some adults who do not have technological skills, such as windows 8 proficiency. However, there are several tips which can help adult learners study effectively.

Some tips for effective study as an adult learner are
· Efficient time management
· Technological awareness
· Setting goals
· Realistic expectations
· Networking with fellow students

Efficient Time Management Will Help LearningMany adult learners have other responsibilities such as family and work. It is important to arrange time to fulfill all of these commitments and keep time for study. This requires very efficient time management skills.

At the beginning of a course, be aware of the requirements. Buy a diary and put important dates, for example, dates for assignments, in it. Stick to a study timetable. Put at least an hour a day aside for study. Inform the family of the time and keep to it. Efficient study relies on effective time management.

Technological Adaptability.Many business courses rely on technology for communication. Maintaining or updating technological skills is therefore important when undertaking a new course. Asking for help from trainers or fellow students with computer programmes, such as Windows 8, is acceptable. However, maintaining and improving personal knowledge of technology is useful for a student and for future work opportunities.

A student should not be resistant to new technology. It is important when studying as an adult to be adaptable to technological change. It is also important to be open minded about teaching and learning methods.

Setting GoalsGoal setting will improve study results. Set realistic goals each day. Attempt to reach them. Small successes will lead to larger improvements. A patient step by step approach to study will motivate a student and enhance the learning experience.

Have Realistic Expectations.
Many older students expect outstanding results based upon previous study, and many are disappointed. It is important for adult learners to realise that they may not have the time or capabilities of younger students. Competing or comparing their results with young students may dishearten them.

Younger students do not have as many responsibilities as older students. Older students should have realistic expectations of their own abilities. Comparing results with others in different circumstances is not productive. The most profitable way of learning is to reach personal goals and not waste time in comparisons with other students.

Network With Other Students
Networking within the classroom setting is important for effective study. Having a study companion or contact will enhance the learning experience. If one student is sick or unable to attend class, the companion can provide notes on the class they missed.

Networking also increases support within the classroom setting. Pair work is productive as it can draw upon the skills of each student to provide support. Having a study ‘buddy’ will help with assignments and comprehension of course material.

Adult learners face unique challenges. They can overcome these challenges by good time management and goal setting. Having realistic expectations of performance and networking within the classroom can improve results and make the learning experience enjoyable.

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