Apr 22, 2012

Caring for a Disabled Partner

There are few jobs more difficult than caring for a disabled partner. It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, especially if it is a very new situation. There are resources out there and help available to support you. You may find that you simply need to make a few adjustments to your lifestyle, for both you and your partner to live with a high quality of life – it all depends on your situation and the particular needs of yourself and your partner. The following article looks at considerations when caring for a disabled partner.


If your partner has had an accident of some sort and is disabled as a result, there are a whole host of insurance policies that may be able to cover some of the expenses. If your partner has accident insurance or income protection insurance, they should be eligible for a payout to help cover the cost of living. Any decent health insurance policy will be able to provide a huge amount of relief during this extremely stressful and challenging time. Depending on the type of policy you have, you may even be able to tap into your life insurance to help pay for health care for your partner.

Contact Relevant Associations

There is likely to be an association or group in your area that specialises in services for people with the disability that you partner has. These groups can be a tremendous source of information and support as you and your partner get your heads around your new reality. Such associations can usually point you in the right direction for further support and services, too, so be sure to pay them a visit and find out what help is available.

Tax Breaks

If you are going to be the primary caregiver for your partner, you may be eligible for a whole range of tax breaks. Make sure you talk to your accountant and look into what you and your partner may be eligible for, as you will likely need all the help that you can get to cover your various expenses.

Home Renovations

Depending on what disability your partner has, it may be necessary to have renovations done around your home to make it easier for them to get around safely and maintain their quality of life. These renovations are sometimes covered by healthcare plans or accident insurance policies, so make sure that you do your homework and do not pay out of your own pocket for expenses that may be covered by insurance.

Get Help

Taking on the care of your partner yourself is a noble move, but it is vital to remember that there is no shame in getting help. Often this can mean that your partner will get a higher level of care than that which you would be able to provide. Having a homecare nurse in your home a couple of times a week can allow you to have a break from providing 24/7 care, and help prevent you from wearing yourself out.

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