Apr 7, 2012

To Give Finest Protection for Your Aged Loved One

My father, 76 years old, passed away a few months ago, at January 6th. Since he was diagnosed of the decrease in heart’s function, my husband and I never let him alone. After since, we always accompany my father wherever he goes and we never leave him alone at home anymore. On his last day, he left us everlastingly while he’s sleeping on his favorite sofa in the living room. The process was so peaceful and silent. We didn’t hear anything and when I checked his condition, I couldn’t find his breathing signs although his right hand was still holding the newspapers. Later, the doctor came and confirmed his death. It was really a sad and shocking day!

Now I’m worrying about my father-in-law’s condition. He’s already 84 years old and he prefers to leave alone at his own home, out of town. His wife has died many years ago and he can’t hear well anymore. It’s a pity that he refused to wear the earring aids; we have to talk louder near his ear or write on a paper to communicate with him.

Once in a while, father-in-law visits his sons and daughters to stay for several weeks and then goes back to his home again. We all think that he’s too old to live alone but he always insists with his mind. Up till now, the oldest brother-in-law asks for help to neighbors around to regularly ensure my father-in-law’s condition every day.

My husband and I assure that applying a medical alert system can be a win-win solution. My father-in-law can live independently at his home without fear and we all feel less worry as we know that he’ll keep well protected for 24 hours per day. My husband and his brothers are still trying to choose a most suitable system for my father-in-law. The reliable Medical Alert Reviews provide a useful reference about the features, advantages and disadvantages of the different devices that available in the market. Reading reviews online can help us to find the best medical alert!

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everythinginmymind April 08, 2012  

You are the biggest gift your father and your father-in-law could ever have! Seriously...a daughter-in-law who is so worried about her father-in-law is a blessing and a gift to the latter...May God bless you with a lot of happiness forever!

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 April 10, 2012  

In New Zealand, they have these medic alerts.

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