Apr 11, 2012

How Soon Should You Holiday with a New Partner?

There is nothing more amazing than being in a relationship that is just getting started. But when holiday time comes around, it can be hard to know whether or not it is a good idea to take the plunge and head off on a holiday with your new partner. It can make or break a relationship, so think carefully before you decide either way. The following ideas may help make it an easier decision.

The Sooner the Better
The best time in any relationship is always at the start, and while some relationships manage to maintain this level of fun and passion, few do, so you should make the most of it while it lasts. The perfect way to do this is by going away together, finding
short-term accommodation with some paradise scenery, and enjoying your blossoming romance. Having these memorable times together early on in your relationship will give you bonding experiences to build on as you move forwards together.

Feel Safe First
Before you head off anywhere remote with anyone, make sure you know them relatively well. That doesn’t mean that you should never accept a tempting offer from an attractive person, just that it is wise to be careful. Until you feel sure about a person, keep the dates local. You would hate to get out to one of those romantic
cabins in the woods only to find out that Mr. Nice Guy is actually Mr. Psycho.

A Great Way to Get to Know Each Other

Travelling with a person is a really good way to get to know them. If you think that this could be the right person for you, going on a trip may help you decide whether or not you have much of a future together. It is a good idea not to go on too long a holiday with your new partner, just in case you get halfway into it and it becomes apparent that you aren’t a good match after all.

Not Just Yet
Until you are pretty committed to the idea of being with this person for a while, it might be better to holiday without them, as you may want this time to talk to other friends or family about your new relationship. It can be hard getting time to do this during an average week, so your holidays will be the best time to chat about your new partner without them being there.

Every relationship is different, so before you get swept up in the hype and book 2 tickets to Hawaii, consider whether or not it may be a little too soon for the two of you to be holidaying together. Having said that, don’t keep your partner waiting too long, as they may start to feel left out, and you could be having so much fun together on holidays! Whatever you do, think about it early, as you don’t want to get caught up in an awkward situation.

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