Apr 12, 2012

Making Your Wedding More Casual

Weddings have become more casual over the years, partially as a result of more people getting married for social rather than religious reasons. Weddings have started to stray from the traditional celebrations of generations past, and some look more like fancy-dress parties these days. The main trend in wedding style is casual, and the following are some ideas for helping to achieve it.

Have It Outside

There is no better way for a wedding to feel a little more relaxed than to have it take place outside. Whether you are in the park or at the beach, the fresh air and sunshine will make everyone feel relaxed and ready to celebrate.

A Casual Theme

Make it clear to your invited guests that you don’t want this to be a formal occasion, and ask guests to dress casually – this means the bride and groom too! Taking the stress out of what to wear to the wedding will surely be met with a collective sigh of relief among your guests and your wedding party, as one of the biggest trials of the whole experience – getting your outfits worked out – will have been eliminated. Don’t forget that your wedding cake and wedding cake topper should follow the theme too, so have some fun with your wedding cake figurines.

Have It At Home

Celebrating your wedding at home will make the whole day far more casual, as you will be in a very familiar environment – even your pets will be there! This will obviously not be an ordinary day at your house, though everyone will feel far more able to relax and make themselves at home.

Short and Sweet

The formal part of the wedding can only be made so casual, but the sooner it is over the sooner everyone can relax and start having fun. Keeping the ceremony short and sweet is classy and popular, as drawing out the formal part of the ceremony can be quite inconsiderate to your guests.

Party Somewhere Familiar

Rather than hiring some swanky venue for the reception, hire out somewhere that is familiar, such as your local bar or pub. You will be supporting your community by celebrating locally, and your guests will all find it easy to relax in a place most of them have been to more than once.

One of the best things about more casual weddings is that they are way easier to plan and you can focus on the really important things. The main point of the wedding should be the commitment two awesome people are making to each other, so focus on that instead of making sure that the cutlery is straight. The more casual you are as the organiser, the more relaxing and enjoyable the experience will be for everyone involved, and the more you will remember the actual wedding rather than the planning.

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