Apr 13, 2012

To Protect Yourself from the Sun

Human being on earth can’t live without the sun, but the ultraviolet radiation from the sun can really harm your skin. Have you known that there are almost 3.7 million people in the USA are diagnosed of skin cancers yearly? It’s a shocking fact indeed. There’s no doubt that the main culprit is the solar UV radiation. Moreover, it also causes -equal to 90 percent- the annoying aging signs such as brown spots and wrinkles.

So, it’s obvious that you should protect yourself from the sun exposure while you still can do your daily activities. Since prevention is always the best, perhaps you’re wondering what should be done to reduce the risk of any related skin problem.

Dermatologists advise you to consider three important things. First, you should keep away from the sun during the peak sun exposure hours (usually from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.); though cloudy days. Second, protective clothing can be the first line protection against the sun’s dangerous ultraviolet rays. You shouldn’t forget to wear your wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, pants and long-sleeve tops every time you will be outdoor for long time enough. Third, you should use Broad Spectrum Sunscreen that will guard you from both kinds of UV light –UVA and UVB- that can endanger your skin.

For your information, UVA rays can boost the chance of wrinkling and age spots as it may go through into your skin intensely. UVB rays can give you sunburn. Excessive both UVA and UVB ray exposures will increase your possibility of any form of skin cancer; therefore the American Cancer Society much suggests the daily proper usage of broad spectrum sunscreen!

Nowadays, you can see various sunscreen products in different forms and Sun Protection Factors; even you can get Bulk Sunscreen that will allow you to save more cash and appliance time. Well, whatever sort of sunscreen that you prefer to use, make sure that you choose the water-resistant and broad spectrum one with a suitable SPF (at least 15), verify its expiration date and comply the usage instructions on the label.

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