Apr 24, 2012

How to Say I’m Sorry to Your Partner

Saying sorry is never easy. Buying a bunch of flowers will help, but it is just the first step on a long road to an apology. The first step, of course, is realising you have done something wrong. Next, it is important to show your remorse and then, finally, find a way to make it up to your partner. All of these steps (and the time they will take) will depend on exactly what you have done wrong. Saying sorry has a lot to do with pride, and it is very easy for couples to fall into the trap of blaming each other. That is not to say you should be apologetic even if you haven’t done anything wrong, but that you should be willing to give ground to your partner.

Recognising When Something Is Wrong
Some of us do not even recognise when something has upset our partners. You really have to learn some empathy and watch for signs that your partner is upset. When they are so angry that they stop talking to you, you are sure to notice something is wrong, but ideally you want to notice signs of how they are feeling long before that. It is possible to work at being a more caring and understanding partner, and this will help you to quickly recognise when your partner is upset. On some occasions you will know that you have done something wrong, and so you can work towards rectifying the situation straightaway. Other times, it may be that you are both at fault to some degree, and this can be the hardest situation to resolve. If you take the first step to an apology, you may find that your partner will apologise, too.

The First Steps to an Apology
The first step to an apology could be as simple as going to the florist or buying a box of chocolate. It doesn’t matter what gift you choose, the important thing is to show that you are ready to say sorry, and that you mean it. Communication with your partner is very important – it is the foundation of every good relationship. Just talking with your significant other will reduce the issues you may have in your relationship.

How to Say Sorry
You may find it really hard to apologise. This is usually because you have trouble admitting when you are wrong, and see being in the wrong as a sign of weakness. In reality, being unable to admit you are wrong is a greater sign of weakness. If you can overcome your own pride, you will start to find saying sorry no problem at all. However, make sure you are not the one apologising for everything all of the time, as this can be just as bad for your relationship as refusing to ever apologise.

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