Apr 1, 2012

Most Popular Wedding Flowers

There are thousands of varieties of flowers to choose from when it comes to making your ideal wedding centrepiece or bouquet, and narrowing it down to your favourites can be quite challenging. Here is an overview of the most popular wedding flowers to help you make a decision.


For the longest time, roses have been a strong symbol of beauty, love and passion, which is why they are the ideal wedding flower. Out of the thousands of varieties to choose from, the most popular choices for weddings include hybrid tea roses, spray roses and garden roses.


The tulip makes for a very meaningful wedding choice as the blooms signify “consuming love” and “happy years”. The most popular wedding tulip colours include white and cream; pastels such as pink, yellow and peach; or vibrant hues like magenta, red and purple. The three most popular tulips for use in weddings are Dutch tulips, French tulips and parrot tulips.

Calla Lilies

This perfectly elegant blossom is a common symbol for “magnificent beauty” in the language of flowers. There are two types that are commonly used: a large-headed variety with a long, smooth stem, which is suitable for tall arrangements or presentation-style bouquets, or a miniature version that is ideal for nosegays or boutonnieres. Although creamy ivory is the most popular colour, these lilies also come in yellow, orange, mauve-pink and dark purple.


The fresh, perfumed sent of lily-of-the-valley is unmistakeable, and the flower itself is sometimes called “the ladder to heaven”. Although these tiny, dangling blooms are quite expensive for use on their own, they make great additions to a bouquet or a centrepiece both for their beauty as well as their pleasant fragrance. Most people only know of the white variety, but if you can find it in the more rare pink, then you will have something special.


The bushy bloom and the intense colours of hydrangeas make them excellent for wedding arrangements and bouquets, either as an addition or the main event. Hydrangeas are popular especially if you want scentless flowers, and they come in a variety of shades from green and pink to burgundy and blue.


Peonies have large, full heads, a strong scent and vibrant colours. When used alone, they make beautiful, bushy arrangements, but the blooms can also stand alone in an elegant floating centrepiece. Peonies most often come in white, red, and just about any shade of pink you can dream of.


Are you looking for a cost-effective alternative to roses or peonies? The lush, multi-petalled ranunculus just might be your answer. It is mildly scented and brightly coloured and in the language of flowers, to carry a ranunculus is to tell your partner “I am dazzled by your charms”.


The beautifully subtle Stephanotis flower can make your bouquet look like a classy fireworks display, and can also add a touch of elegance as a boutonniere. These traditional wedding flowers are mildly scented, moderately priced and are often available year-round.

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