Apr 24, 2012

Know Your Rights to Get Justice for Your Loved Ones

In modern times earning a living has become a matter of concern. Not many people are able to take out time to provide proper care for their loved ones at home. In such a situation, Nursing homes were considered to be a secure and safe place for treating sick and old people. But, with increased number of abuse and neglect cases many people are not willing to send their loved ones in nursing homes and feel insecure about the whole concept.

In recent past, many tragic cases have been reported of nursing home abuse and neglect which are even hard to imagine and digest. Older and handicapped people are treated miserably in nursing homes. Many cases have been reported so far under the consultation of Chicago Nursing home attorney in which abuse and neglect are a result of willingness of nursing home companies to maximize their profits by compromising on safety and medications. However, many guidelines have been set to prevent these kinds of abuses in nursing homes. One can get aware of these rules and regulations by consulting an experienced and skilled Chicago nursing home attorney.

Types of abuse and neglect handled by Chicago nursing home attorney

Nursing home abuse does not only affect the residents physically, but also mentally. These abuses or neglects can have major impact on a person’s psychology leading to absurd behavioural patterns. Nursing home abuse can be recognized in many ways. Chicago Nursing home attorney have represented many such cases listed below:

   Residents are not provided proper nutrition and hydration on prescribed time.
     Avoidance of personal hygiene
     Carelessness with doses of medication.
     Call lights not being answered on timely fashion
     Increased cases of Pressure sores due to failure of turning the residents on their beds.
     Leaving the residents in soiled garments on beds and ignoring their calls for toilets and bathing.
     Physical abuse of the residents.
     Verbal abuse of the resident leading to emotional trauma.
     Taking revenge for filing a complaint to the head or warden.
     Sexual harassment of the resident
     Stealing resident’s money or private properties.

Symptoms to recognize that your loved ones are the victims of abuses

Abused residents are often not able to express themselves, or if they try to do so they are been threatened or physically assaulted. In this case the family members of the residents must keep a close watch on the resident’s health and behavioural patterns. There are certain symptoms or signs that can tell you whether your loved one is being treated normally or not.

     Skin tears and rashes
     Pressure ulcers caused due to ignorance.
     Bad odour from the urine or private parts of the resident.
     Frequent falls caused due to inadequate precautions.
     Bruises, burning marks or lesions on different parts of the body.
     Frequent complaints of bone fractures.
     Weight loss
     Dehydration and malnutrition
     Extreme anxiety or depression
     Unexplained behavioural patterns

How to tackle with nursing home abuse

Not every victim is able to communicate the abuse or neglect to his/her family members out of a fear. Therefore, the family members must be aware of the surroundings and if they think something is wrong should consult a qualified Chicago nursing home attorney. The attorney will review the matter and consult medical professionals.

Family members of the abused victim should file a lawsuit against the nursing home for their misconduct. Chicago nursing home attorney can make the victim and his family members about their rights as a citizen and help them fulfill their duties. Therefore, family members of the abused residents must not take the health and care of the resident for granted and seek protection by consulting Chicago Nursing home attorney.

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