Feb 26, 2010

Sky Watch : Sunset Moments

This sunset moments was captured three days ago. I shot it from the balcony at home; at 6.00 - 6.15 pm. Hope you like seeing it…
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Feb 25, 2010

Are women bad drivers?

There is a common opinion: women are bad drivers. If you see the pictures above, you might think the same, even my hubby agrees with it! Before making any conclusion, let’s see the facts here:

  • According to insurance statistics, men are the bad drivers. There are the skeptics who mention that a man and a woman have different hormones, therefore making the man a better driver. A male driver is thought to have better reaction time because his brain works differently. But what these skeptics forget is that men drive faster, are more likely to break driving laws, and are more aggressive on the highway.

  • Even tough statistics pointing to men as the culprits behind fatal car crashes, most people always seem to point the finger at women as being the more unstable drivers. With 77% of male drivers more likely to die behind the wheel then women, I wonder if the sex difference has anything to do with driving ability.

  • MSN Auto offers a study prepared by Quality Planning, an insurance policy holder statistical gathering firm. Not surprisingly women came out on top as better and safer drivers than their male counterparts.

  • The Quality Planning study revealed that men scored fifty percent higher than women in driving violations. ABC News, in a report by John Stossel said seventy-one percent of all accidents are caused by men. That same report also pointed out that men drove more miles than women, sixty-two percent compared to thirty-eight percent. However, even with the miles driven factored in, men still caused more accidents.

  • Talking on cell phones while driving is not a gender-based habit. Teenage drivers often break driving laws whether they’re male or female.
So, whether you’re a woman or a man, you can be a good driver or a bad one; gender has nothing to do with it.
Source : cars.lovetoknow.com
Picture source: www.crashstuff.com

Feb 23, 2010

Motivate Yourself!

I’m a moody person. If I’m in my bad mood one day and then I’m following it, I can end up with doing nothing whole day. I realize that it’s not good for me. I should motivate myself to be more focus and enthusiastic.

The question is, how to motivate your self? Thank God, I found this article; and I want to share it here. We can learn from this! The following self-motivation tips will help you remain on track as you strive to make self-improvement changes or meet goals.
Motivation theory states that motivation is comprised of several converging factors: emotional investment,
expectation, fear, anticipation, regret and hope. The key to remaining motivated is to stimulate these various motivating emotions and to remain focused on the desired goal. Here they are:

Seek AccountabilityOne of the best ways to stay on the wagon through tick and thin is to invest financially and time-wise in an accountability program. If you’re trying to lose weight, join a weight-loss program. If you’re trying to quit smoking, join a support group. If you’re trying to get up earlier, ask your spouse or roommate to do it with you. Find a partner or a group that will hold you accountable and ride the tide along with you.

Be ReasonableSet attainable goals at easy-to-achieve increments. If you’re determined to become a runner, start out alternating walking and running, walking for a minute and a half and running for 30 seconds. Does that sound way too easy? Good! After you’ve done that for a week, challenge yourself to walk for one minute and run for one minute. A week or two later, move it up to walking for 30 seconds and running for 90 seconds. Move slowly, celebrate every victory and inch your way to success.

Reward YourselfSet rewards for small goals and big goals, and celebrate it every time you meet a goal.

Remain FocusedDrop any other self improvement plans and focus on the one goal that matters most. Don’t let anything else compete with your focus and determination. You’ll have to work hard to make this change, so give it your all for at least 30, if not 60 days.

Educate YourselfRead up on your goal, listen to books on audio about it, go to group seminars or meetings discussing the topic and watch shows on television about it. Talk to your friends, asking them if they have had success in this area of life. Absorb yourself in the subject.

Go VisualPost pictures or reminder words that help you stay on track as you pursue your goal.

Whatever goals you want to achieve now, I hope these tips can inspire you…
Rewrite source: google
Picture source: wirituta.com

Feb 21, 2010

Red Ixora

I took this Ixora picture at my neighbor’s front yard. Ixora is a genus from the family Rubiaceae, consisting of tropical evergreens and shrubs. Though native to tropical areas in Asia, especially India, ixora now grows commonly in tropical climates in the USA, such as Florida. Ixora is also commonly known as West Indian Jasmine. In Indonesia, we call it Soka.

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Feb 19, 2010

Sky Watch: White and Blue

For this week, I want to share pictures of white clouds that I captured a few days ago. It may just an ordinary view, but I like their various shapes
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Feb 18, 2010

About Inner Beauty

Beauty is only skin deep. You can have your best outer look; but it will fade away if it doesn’t support with inner charm. Beautiful and handsome people won’t look attractive anymore if they are less smart and have bad personalities. That’s why you should enhance your inner beauty…

What is inner beauty? Inner beauty is a concept used to describe the positive aspects of something that is not physically observable. While most species use physical traits and pheromones to attract mates, some humans claim to rely on the inner beauty of their choices. Qualities including kindness, sensitivity, tenderness or compassion, creativity and intelligence have been said to be desirable since olden times (wikipedia).

It’s easier to have outer beauty than inner beauty. You’ll need times and process to be a charming woman who can catch the attention of other people whom you look at and speak with. Don’t worry, basically, every one has inner beauty potential. As long as you want to sharpen it; you’ll have your inner beauty.

How to make your inner beauty appears? Some psychiatrists have stated the tips. Here are the tips:
  • First, think positively, not only to other people but also to yourself. Positive thinking is assured that can make your face shinier because what you have in heart and mind will be seen in your face and eyes.
  • Increase and broaden your knowledge. Being a smart woman is an important added value.

  • Be always grateful with everything that you’ve already had. A sincere gratefulness will make your heart and mind more comfortable. Do you believe if sincere gratefulness can give more shine to your face?

  • Don’t be lazy to smile often. Like gratefulness, a sincere smile on your face will make your face looks shinier.

  • Keep your self confidence, good personalities and attitudes; it will make your inner beauty appears.
Well, we realize more that having sincere, polite, humble, kind manners and also a clear and positive mind is very important. You might have seen a woman who might not have a pretty face, but she looks very charming. It is because her inner beauty attracts others. Wanna be a charming woman? I tell here again, boost up your inner beauty, girls…
Rewrite source: google
Picture source : odacite.com

Feb 15, 2010

Help Their Jobs!

In my city, Bogor, most of street sweepers are women. For me, they have done noble jobs. But, for them, it might just one way to survive in life.

Every day, they have to sweep for four hours, from 5.am until 10.am. It’s truly not an easy job. We should appreciate their service to keep clean the city by not littering. It makes me angry every time I saw some one litter. When I asked him/her to throw the waste into a trash can; they just said,” What for? There will be someone who cleans it. She was paid to do it, right?” Uuughhh… Why they can be so unconcerned about the cleanness of their own city?

Fortunately, the local government has respected their jobs. Some women street sweepers have ever given gratitude for doing the jobs well. I was sure this appreciation can motivate them more. This city needs them, because there are still many people here who don’t care with environment, yes, we really need them…

How’s in your city? Do you still need street sweepers to keep clean your city?

Picture source: Info Bogor magazine

Feb 13, 2010

Simple and Modest Wild Flowers

For Today's Flowers this week, I want to share some wild flowers that I saw around my neighborhood. There's no one planted them on purpose, they just grows by themself. These flowers are so simple and modest; but for me, they have their own beauty...

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Feb 11, 2010

Do Most Men Really Have Personalities Like These?

This time is men’s turn. In this post, I mention some images which describe common opinion on men’s personalities. Like I said before, I less agree with generalization; because I think every person, either men or women, is a unique person. Thanks to Sobat Edwin for the interesting input.

Well, it’s better to see these images just as humor. Hope no one will be upset here. I delete the Obama image because it turned out to be a hoax one...

Feb 9, 2010

Do Most Women Really Have Personalities Like These?

Below are some images that I’ve found while browsing. Every image describes personality that women have commonly. Do they?
I don’t like to generalize things and I don’t want to be generalized with others. I think every woman is a unique person, right?

Or we just see and assume it just as humor?
Source: sheeponarampage.blogspot.com

Source: www.laughitout.com

Feb 5, 2010

Sky Watch : Two Rainbows

This time was my husband's turn. While driving on the way back home, he saw two rainbows in the sky. Another lucky shot...
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Feb 4, 2010

What Color are You? (1)

Life is full of color. We can find various colors everywhere. Have you ever imagine if there aren’t colors in the world? I think we all will be so depressed and life will be so dull and boring...

Believe it or not, color that you wear often can tell much about you. Your favorite colors will show how your personality is. To know what color are you, answer these questions:
  1. (yellow) I love talking so much.
  2. (orange) I love being center of attention.
  3. (pink) I think I’m a quiet person.
  4. (red) I was born to be a leader.
  5. (blue) I’m a gentle person.
  6. (green) I’m good at planting.
  7. (black) I spend much time for myself.
  8. (yellow) I’m a positive thinking person.
  9. (orange) I always give ideas in meetings.
  10. (red) I participate in many activities in my neighborhood.
  11. (pink) I always feel shy if surrounded by many people.
  12. (blue) I’m a kind of old-fashioned person.
  13. (green) I spend more time outside.
  14. (black) I prefer have one or two friends, not more than that.
  15. (yellow) I like to imagine things.
  16. (orange) I always state a joke and make other laugh.
  17. (red) Every time I talk, other will listen.
  18. (pink) I feel comfortable when I become a center of attention.
  19. (blue) I like getting attention of others.
  20. (green) I love recycle products so much.
  21. (black) Sometimes I feel older than my friends.
  22. (yellow) I like to depend on many friends.
  23. (orange) I’m brave enough to take any risks.
  24. (red) I think I’m an independent person and able to make any decision by myself.
  25. (pink) I like to take care of animals, people or plants.
  26. (blue) I’ll do many thing for my friends.
  27. (green) I like to live in a village or farming land.
  28. (black) I prefer walking than playing tennis.
  29. (yellow) I’m good at reading other’s feelings.
  30. (green) I love to collect things.
  31. (orange) I can talk about many things.
  32. (red) I’m always angry if I don’t get what I want.
  33. (pink) I’m a touched easily person.
  34. (blue) I’ve never let my work unfinished.
  35. (green) I always feel full of passion.
  36. (black) I think I’m a very modern and independent person.
  37. (yellow) I’ve never felt very worried.
  38. (orange) I’m always chosen at office if they need someone to do something.
  39. (red) My colleagues propose me as a byword employee.
  40. (pink) I prefer reading and drawing to exercising.
  41. (green) I like to teach others all things that I know.
  42. (black) I prefer to be a listener than a spokesperson.
How to appraise: Add colors that you get for every ‘yes’ question. See what color you most get (mine is blue). Keep it. In next post, I’ll mention the analysis of your color.
Rewrite source: Nova

What Color are You? (2)

Here are the analysis of your color :

Yellow depicts one who is very bright, glorious and a merrymaker. The yellow personality describes quality. According to an expert of Magic of the Aura, yellow shows openness, joyfulness and likes to be surrounded by many people. Unfortunately, the yellow person sometime becomes lazy and not cares. They avoid problem and conflict. Yellow fans include ones who calm and full of tolerance. They use their times to make it up to others and conduct beautiful matter.
Orange is a full of activity color. If your color is orange, you include ones who full of strength and joyfulness. They are thick with ideas, active; they like to interact with friends and participate in various activities. Sometime orange fans use its money to celebrate with their friend. They also can become a little lazy and too patient. Like yellow fans, orange users are open-minded person.
Red is an enthusiastic color; and at the same time expresses enragement. According to an aura expert, you have been born as a leader. They include the creative people, ambitious and always obtain good job. Red personality is very strong and brave. They also can be very emotional and impatient. Sometimes, for the shake of reaching a leader position, the red don’t hesitate to make others to do something for them. Generally, the red include ones who full of passion to do everything better.

Pink is frequently related to love, feminine, and peacefulness. An aura expert said that pink fans have free and very bright personality. Like the blue, even tend to be shy ones, they can make others feel comfortable. The pink tend to flat in realizing their ideas or doing something; but they conduct it vigorously, with love and feeling to others.
Blue almost opposite of red. Red is hot, blue is cold. An aura expert said that blue fans are loyal at friend, work or family. The blue personality has inner intelligence, especially in natural philosophy and art. The blue are thinkers, observers, not- much-talking persons, shy ones and tend to be receivers. They like to learn and prefer to reconcile with others. Sometimes people assume the blue as ‘cold’ persons.
Green is natural color. The green include ones who are very active, especially when in open nature. The green also very pay attention to others. An aura expert said that, green is harmonious and well-balanced color. The green are stabile persons; they also often become peacemaker when people around find problem.
The green can become enjoyable friends. Sometimes they look over confidence. To some people, the green can also be trusted and fair.

Black depicts solitude and silence; but ones who love black don’t mean that they are lonely and depressed. Generally, the black exactly are very intuitive and wisdom. They prefer limited friends. Because of their shyness, some people think the black are introvert. In fact, the black like to associate and have interest with others.

According to the result, I’m the blue. Well, I really love blue; and I think the color analysis of blue also suits enough with my personality, except about the art intelligence (I think I don’t have this).

To believe or not believe; it’s all up to you. My aim here is inviting you to know your own personality more…

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