Jul 28, 2021

How to handle a last-minute move?

a woman in a white T-shirt lying among cardboard boxes thinking about how to handle a last-minute move

Moving in a hurry is, unfortunately, a realistic scenario that can happen to anybody. Sudden evictions, family issues, job relocations, and other unpredictable situations force people to move to another home. This is often very stressful as there's so much to do, and there's so little time. People are overwhelmed with all the tasks and hardly ever manage to do everything correctly. So, they end up with broken items, increased costs, and damaged health. To avoid all these problems, we’ve come up with a list of essential tips on how to handle a last-minute move and protect your sanity. 

Take a deep breath

When dealing with a sudden relocation, one thing is for sure – panicking will not help. If you start stressing out about this, you will only waste some precious time and be confused and overwhelmed. That's why you should take a deep breath and see how to be as efficient as possible

Let a checklist guide you 

Relocating implies an extensive list of tasks. And when you have to move in a week or so, the list doesn't magically become shorter. That's why you should do everything you can to stay focused and organized so you can have everything set in less than a week.  A moving checklist will help you achieve that. Even though you are in a hurry, make a list of things you need to do or purchase. It will make sure you don't forget to do something important and create an even bigger mess. 

Schedule your moving day 

With such an important and demanding task, professional help is necessary to handle a last-minute move. That's why it is crucial to hire reliable movers to help you out. Even though you don't have a lot of time left, look for moving professionals only at trustworthy internet locations, and try to get some recommendations. Choosing the right moving company is not easy, especially in such a short time, but it is possible if you know where to look and stay cautious at all times.  

a person holding a small clock.
Even though there’s not much time, it’s possible to handle a last-minute move successfully. 

Pack systematically

As you need to be as efficient as possible, make sure your packing process has a system. Here are some main tips on how to pack quickly and safely:

  • declutter your home before you start – you will pack much faster if there’s no clutter in your way. Get rid of everything you don’t need. Depending on the condition of the items, you can either sell, recycle or donate. 

  • start with more oversized items – make sure you deal with bulky items first, as they are the most difficult to transport;

  • order supplies online – online shopping can save you a lot of time. While you wait for the items to be delivered, you can do some other tasks and not waste time waiting in lines in stores.

  • pack room by room – this step will make less mess in your home, as moving supplies will be in one room at a time;

  • pack smart – reduce the number of packing steps to save time. For example, you can save a lot of time when packing clothes. Leave clothes on hangers, and wrap them in plastic bags. Also, use items such as drawers, suitcases, and gym bags instead of moving boxes. That way, you will save time and money on packing supplies. 

a woman packing clothes for moving
Know exactly what you’re moving and what needs to go – declutter your home before the move

Pack the bag of moving day essentials 

One of the tasks people often forget is packing the moving day bag. However, this bag will surely make the moving day a lot easier. Include the clothes you’ll be wearing on that day, essential toiletries – any of the basics you’ll need for your first night at the new house. This will ensure you don’t have to go through multiple boxes and unpack when you’re already too tired.

Label everything 

The last thing you want to do during a last-minute move is get confused with all the boxes. Labeling each box will help you with organizing the transport and unpacking. Quickly write what's in each box and which room the box goes to. Then ask the movers to place the boxes in appropriate rooms, rather than making a mess in one central area of your home. You can use markers in different colors, or some stickers, labels, etc. 

moving boxes
Be sure to label the boxes – especially ones that need special care during transport

Recruit some additional help

Dealing with all the items in your home is not easy. That's why it's best to have some extra helping hands. Ask some friends or relatives to help you with packing, cleaning, or decluttering, but also with unloading and moving into your new home. If more people are involved in the process, it will be faster and more successful. Also, once you have finished packing, call the guys from simplifystorage.com to pick up and take care of your items.

Remember: If you don't need help with packing, your friends can take care of your pets or kids while you do certain tasks. This can be extremely helpful, and you will be sure your loved ones are safe.

Take photos 

Quick moves sometimes result in accidents. That’s why you should use your phone camera and take photos of electronics and other fragile items. This can be very helpful if any of the items get damaged during transport. You have the proof of their condition before you sealed all the boxes and can file a claim with ease. 

Take care of yourself 

In order to handle a last-minute move, you need to protect yourself from all the stress. This period will be very challenging, both physically and mentally, so make sure you have enough energy to manage everything. Make sure you eat regularly and sleep well, and finally – stay hydrated. Nothing is more important than your health, so don’t forget to take care of yourself during these demanding and stressful times. 





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Jul 11, 2021

Recommended Home Oral Care Products

Daily oral care at home is surely required since good oral health is as necessary as our physical health. During the ongoing global pandemic, home oral care becomes more and more important; it is because visiting dentists regularly for getting various dental services like we used to do before could be difficult and risky.  Unfortunately, it is the fact that we face now. What should we do to keep healthy our teeth and oral without dentist visits?

We know that it is a serious issue cause lack of oral hygiene can lead to different health problems -from gum disease, infection to cardiovascular diseases- that affect the rest of the body. Teeth and oral care at home should be functioned as a preventive care to maintain teeth and general oral in good condition. That’s why nowadays, especially during current challenging times, we should carry out the oral care routine at higher level and say good bye to the traditional way. Yep, now is the time to apply professional oral care that can be done at home. Thankfully, Meyarn is here; this oral health care organization offers professional solution to support us doing home oral care for orthodontics, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and oral health in ease and comfort.

Based in Denmark, Meyarn provides a wide range of dental care products in different types to help people reaching beautiful smile, healthy teeth and oral. Allow me to introduce you to this top notch brand and their high-end functional products. Well, here below are some best products that you should have and try:

Dental night guard

Dental night guard

Some people have the bad habit of unconsciously grinding their teeth while sleeping. It should be treated by applying this dental night guard to avoid further teeth and jaw problems. This night guard is soft, comfy, ready to use directly, easy to clean and harmful.

How it works: Placing it on the top or bottom of the mouth once going to bed. Its cushioning functions as a barrier between your teeth to protect the teeth enamel from injury. It also reduces the tension on the jaw muscles to prevent jaw soreness.

Water flosser

Water flosser

This portable tool is easy to use, waterproof and rechargeable. It offers advanced way for effective teeth cleaning. Water flosser can clean hard to reach areas to get rid of caries on the crowns, food pieces in the teeth gaps and sticky dental plaque. Equipped with three types of 360° rotatable nozzles and 6 modes of water pressure to meet different cleaning needs.

How it works: This machine allows you to use the proper water pressure to clean your teeth effectively. Choose the right mode and nozzle to get satisfying result.

Dental wax

Dental wax

Digestible protective wax that can be used to minimize any discomfort while wearing braces during orthodontic treatment. Available in a few interesting flavors and flavorless for your convenience if swallowed.

How it works: These harmful, waterproof orthodontic wax are installed to protect your gums, inner lips and cheeks from the irritating metal edges of the braces. Form the wax into small balls then place it firmly to cover the sharp wire on bracket which causes sore spots. Good quality dental wax stays in place better and longer. The pain will much relieve.

Teeth whitening pen

Teeth whitening pen

Brighter smile can be reached easier, quicker and cheaper with the help of these portable thin pens.

How it works: The whitening gel inside the pen cleans various stains on teeth effectively. Apply it twice a day for about 14 days to boost your teeth whitening by 3-5 VITA levels.

Interdental brush

Interdental brush

Regular toothbrush can’t clean the gaps between your teeth effectively. You need this reusable brush that specially designed for easier interdental cleaning. The handle is ergonomically for comfortable usage and available in different widths to suit the teeth gap.

How it works: Choose the width of brush which best fit the gap. Small soft bristles and flexible stainless steel wire of the brush function as a tool to clean food debris in the narrow spaces between teeth successfully.

Let’s have a visit to Meyarn website to find out more. Each oral care product is fully explained and the video tutorial leads you to the proper usage. Including Meyarn products into your oral care routine is indeed a smart decision, guys.

Jul 5, 2021

Small Business Branding - How To Do It [And Examples]

No matter what type of small business you’re running, it’s vital that you take the time to understand the importance of creating a solid brand.

According to small business experts, people don’t buy products; they buy brands.

Essentially, the more effort you put into your small business branding, the more likely consumers will see your business as a real, authentic, and genuine entity, rather than just another cold, stone-faced business trying to make another sale.

Below, we’re looking at small business branding and how to do it, including examples from leading brands!

Start With Research

No matter what sort of small business you own, the first step is to perform a bit of market research and learn about your competitors and your target audience.

While analyzing your direct and indirect competitors, make sure to note as much as you can about their branding efforts, including what type of content they create, their brand voice, their brand story, their target audience, and anything else that might help you complete your brand.

When it comes to learning about your target audience, creating buyer personas is the best way to do this. A buyer persona is, essentially, a semi-fictional representation of people who are most likely to interact and engage with your brand.

For example, if you owned a company selling sporting goods, your buyer personas would likely include information about younger male consumers who are most likely interested in sports.

However, while younger males would most likely be part of your target audience, that doesn’t mean that older males or even females wouldn’t be interested in your brand.

Regardless, market research will ensure that your branding efforts have the most impact possible on your industry by knowing who your target audience is and what sort of things they’re interested in.

Logos, Graphics, And Marketing

When people think of branding, one of the first things they think of is a logo.

Even though logos usually only consist of basic imagery or writing, they can significantly impact your business.

In other words, the logos and graphics you choose for your small business represent the way people will see and perceive your brand. And despite their small size, they speak volumes for your company.

Take a look at other leading companies and the logos they’ve created to get ideas about what type of logo you can make for your own business.

The FedEx logo is a sterling example of a logo that’s memorable and has a hidden image in it. 

For those who are unaware, the FedEx logo has a hidden arrow you can see in between the

letter E and X, which is perfectly representative of a company that delivers parcels from one location to another!

Regardless of what type of logo you choose for your small business, make sure to include it on your website, business cards, social media pages, and any other relevant marketing materials you create.

Check out Business Cards to create printable business cards for free.

Focus On Creating Award-Winning Products

It might seem obvious, but no brand ever became a success by selling sub-par products or delivering poor-quality customer service!

When you think of brands like Apple, what first comes to mind?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of super-fast computers, iPhones, iPads, and other expertly-created devices that consumers simply love

Because of the excellent, high-quality products they create, Apple doesn’t need to do all that much in terms of advertising. Their products speak for themselves!

So if you want your branding to resonate with consumers, logos and graphics are essential, but creating a super high-quality product is even more important!

Small Business Branding 101

There’s a bit more to branding than market research and knowing what FedEx and Apple are doing.

However, learning about your competitors and taking notes from leading brands is a great place to start when it comes to creating a brand that’s sure to resonate with your target audience!

Tips for Moving Your Business to a New Location

An office with a white and black interior

Moving your business to a new location can indeed be quite a challenge. Whether it’s a small, home-based business without employees or a large business with numerous employees, relocating means chaos, loss of productivity and disruption. When moving your office, you’re not just moving furniture, but a business as well.

Plan your budget

Before you start looking for a new location, you should decide whether leasing or buying would be a better option. This is among the trickiest decisions many entrepreneurs encounter. Here are a couple of tips that might help you make up your mind:

  • Leasing is a much more suitable option if you have a young business with little extra capital. Also, consider leasing if your business grows fast with uncertain and unpredictable future space needs.

  • If you run a more established business or one with specific space needs, consider buying. Moreover, purchasing helps your working capital grow, and you don’t have to worry about restrictions and rent increases. 

Make sure your company is able and ready to pay for all moving expenses – a moving company, moving supplies and storage needs. 

Find a new office location

A great location can be hard to find. If your business isn’t home-based, you will need to find a new office location. This is a task your HR department can help you with. You should make sure to accessibility for clients and suppliers, parking, shipping, public transportation and room to grow into consideration. Remember, the needs of your staff and clients should always be your top priority.

Moreover, don’t forget to consider local taxes and infrastructure. Taxes may vary between municipalities, so this is something you should discuss with your commercial real estate agent. 

Inform clients and employees

Failing to communicate the whereabouts of your new business can cause many issues. Whether you run a restaurant, a retail store or an IT business, you depend on your customers. Moreover, you probably get many deliveries from your distributors and partners. You grasp the idea of how them not knowing where you are may be problematic. This applies both if you’re moving across the street or having your business transferred to another state. Since cross-country moves are usually more complex, people tend to underestimate the local ones and thus forget to inform the people their business operations depend on.

A black wired telephone
Informing everyone about the move timely is essential.

So, avoid surprising your coworkers and employees and let them know about the relocation ahead of time. Give them plenty of notice so they can adjust accordingly. Social media and newsletters can be lifesavers in this situation. Inform them of the benefits of switching your business to a new location, such as extra space or a more convenient area.

Build up your inventory

We advise building up extra inventory. This is just in case – you should always have enough stock on hand. This way, you can prevent unexpected issues and provide uninterrupted supply for your production needs and clients. Also, make a short list of:

-       Things you’re taking

-       Things you’re leaving behind

Update your company’s website and order new business cards

Your company’s marketing material shouldn’t have the old address on it. Be sure to update these as soon as you move. Otherwise, you could both confuse your customers and clients and make your business look frivolous. Don’t forget to keep your online presence and data current and update your company’s website, Google My Business listings and e-mail signatures. 

Notify the IRS

You will need to let the IRS know you’re relocating your business to a new address to ensure you receive all tax refunds or IRS correspondence. Use your new address when filing your tax return, and the IRS will automatically update its records. If you already filed your taxes but failed to include your new address, don’t worry - just fill out Form 8822. 

Tax documents
A quicker way to inform the IRS to file your tax returns using your new address

Prepare your office for the move 

A wise man once said that moving is an excellent opportunity to declutter, so get rid of any old and unnecessary things. Empty the drawers and cabinets and pack the office supplies after acquiring all the necessary packing equipment. More importantly, collect all the vital paperwork and documents and keep them close to you. Prepare the furniture and equipment for packing, disassemble anything if necessary and protect your possessions from getting damaged. Finally, don’t forget to label the boxes. This will make the process of unpacking significantly more manageable. 

Office-moving checklist

  • Notify your employees about moving your business to a new location

  • Inform your customers, clients, partners and affiliates

  • Notify the IRS

  • Let your current landlord know (if you have one)

  • Decide on moving coverage

  • Set a budget

  • Gather a planning team

  • Create a plan for moving

  • Distribute responsibilities to team members

  • Hire an interior designer

  • Order special equipment

  • Stack up your inventory

  • Make a plan for setting up IT systems, phone and internet installations

  • Do thorough research of business insurance options

  • Collect all the moving supplies you’ll need

  • Transfer utilities

  • Update company address listings

  • Back up important documents

  • Review your moving day schedule

After the move – throw a party!

Celebrating your office move is probably the best way to reveal a new image. You can opt for a big party with your clients, a drink reception for your staff, or even an opening party. Creating a good first impression and building your staff morale is essential. You know what they say - work hard, play hard(er).

An orange balloon
After a successful move, make sure to celebrate.

You can do this!

It’s undeniable that moving your business to a new location carries certain risks, but it can be the best thing for your company. According to many relocation experts, the odds are in your favor. However, as with any other change, problems may arise from making some common mistakes. To avoid unpleasant surprises, remember three things: don’t rush the decision, don’t focus too narrowly on a few costs and never ignore quality-of-life factors and environmental concerns. When all the fuss is over, you’ll see that a fresh start with excited customers is indeed worth all the effort.

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Jul 2, 2021

Misconceptions of Vertigo

Every year almost 15 to 20 percent of people do experience dizziness and vertigo effects. As per studies, stats say that the count of vertigo problems in women is two to three times higher than in men. Vertigo problem commonly increases with age. 

MJphysio offers Vestibular rehabilitation in Vancouver, Surrey, and in Fleetwood locations where they provide BPPV diagnosis and treatment.

Vertigo is a symptom where a person experiences an imbalance that varies from mild spinning to intense one. The problem is noticed due to inner ear issues. However, it is not assured that the problem will be only due to inner ear issues.  But sometimes the vertigo symptom might be due to disorders of the brain or other symptoms in the body. If you’re also the one experiencing vertigo issues, you might be well aware of how dreadful the sensation of imbalance is.

Sometimes vertigo could be so dreadful that it affects daily activities too. It also could hamper once psychological and emotional stress. People will often lose their ability of multitasking. People also end up being anxious and depressed.

In today’s internet era, there is ample information available all over the internet. However, they are some misconceptions that are also found among people. Although dizziness is a commonly experienced symptom most of them are still unaware of vertigo. 

Read the infographic below to know more about the facts and misconceptions of Vertigo.

Click to see larger image

Jul 1, 2021

Women in Law: Creating a Culture of Diversity

Businesses are gradually understanding and valuing the importance of diversity in workforce management. The appeal for greater diversity has been heard a lot in politics, business, and the entertainment industry. However, these are not the only industries that are facing societal challenges. The legal profession also has to catch up in the play.


Legal offices have never been considered a place for diversity. White males dominate the profession, especially in management positions. Due to this discrimination, the industry has received a lot of attention among the masses and has been trolled on social media for the unfair process. Various initiatives have been taken to change the infrastructure and provide more and better opportunities to women and minority attorneys.

Is Initiating Gender Diversity at Law Offices Enough?

Although there has been immense progress in the legal industry, gender diversity has always been slower than other industries. In 2016, the legal industry showed a change by accepting more women lawyers. However, the number increased only by 1%. The issue is problematic at the top level, where only 20 percent of partners are females. This clearly shows biases against women in legal firms.

Many women attorneys face challenges during their internships. They have to bear with those to remain in their specialized legal field. Whether it is balancing decent family life and a professional career, competition for equity partnership, or better positions in law firms, women must undergo unique challenges and scrutiny.

Sometimes the hardship is so extreme that females are forced to leave their profession at the attorney level worldwide and later they’re tagged to be weak and incapable of the profession.

Even though female attorneys are more qualified than males, it is difficult to get a decent job at a Law office. Some female attorneys say, “ Even if you’re a woman, if you want to excel in your career, you will have to work hard, keep a sense of humor, not crush the bridge, and take advantage of opportunities. Learn new skills and excel in various areas to increase the chances of advancement.

Bridge the Gap in Legal Field for Women

The legal field has various opportunities for women as well. The domain can give lots of hope and set an example for diversity in society. Here are few tips that can help on bridging the gap-

Reduce Biases

Research shows that the recruitment process is tarnished by sexism, racism, and ageism. If the CEO of a law office is a man, the board members unconsciously hire more men than women. To avoid discrimination, the hiring team should build a strategy to include at least two women and minorities in any field. The job description should use gender-neutral language, and a blind recruitment policy should be taken into account.

Create Inclusive Culture

Creating an inclusive culture along with diversity should be the primary goal of a business. The leaders should develop a system where the employees feel safe while speaking in any environment within the office; they are heard, get opportunities to propose ideas, and open to feedback. The best way is, to begin with, a confidential employee survey where employees can speak their minds without being monitored by others. A no-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior should be applied to all employees at any level.

Transparency with Employees

Building a healthy relationship with employees, male or female, can also help in inclusion and diversity. As a business owner or stakeholder, one can monitor the outcomes of different strategies used to maintain equality in offices. They can encourage conversations and ideas that help in a change in society. The motive should be to bring everyone together to create a healthy environment for every individual, irrespective of age, sex, caste, and gender. They should develop programs and provide opportunities to work together and develop a strong relationship.

Women come out with creative ways of doing things, wouldn’t it be great if men could also innovate and lessen the gender gaps in the legal industry?

Maxim Smith Family Law PLLC has always considered women as our pillar of success. Our founders Allsion Maxim and Tara Smith have resolved the toughest family law disputes till date and are committed to helping you get back on solid ground, rebuild your life, and lay the groundwork for a better and brighter future.

Jun 22, 2021

The Changes Of Lace Wigs In Market Since Covid-19

Last year, the Covid-19 developed quickly and was occurring with a stunning speed and sweep. As people would have no natural immunity, this new influenza virus could cause widespread death, illness, social and economic disruption. Inevitably there are also some changes in lace wigs in the market since Covid-19.

Lace wigs

1.The Changes Of Lace Wigs In Market Since Covid-19

The largest producer of Swiss lace - North Korea has slapped a ban on the export of lace products because of the Covid-19. Many hair wigs factories have to begin to produce lace products in the domestic. So there are also some changes in the manufacture technic of human hair lace wigs.

1). The Increased Prices.

Producing lace products in the domestic takes more time and costly. 

2). Lace Area Become Smaller Than Before

Because production becomes more costly and slow, many factories stop producing large areas of lace products, like full lace wigs, 360 lace wigs, 370 wigs. These lace wigs will stop being produced after being out of stock. That is why some customers said that they found 13x6 lace frontal wigs are not the same as before. Because there are also some changes of 13x6 lace frontal wigs: the areas of 13x6 lace frontals become smaller, the sides of 13x6 lace frontals also become narrow. This article will give you a better understanding of new 13x6 lace frontal wigs.

3). Some Hair Length Of Lace Wigs Are Out Of Stocks

Besides, some hair lengths of lace wigs are out of stock now. Like the short length of lace closures and lace frontals. Fewer people buy them, they are no longer produced in the domestic. There are no lace wigs in 8 inches anymore. In the wig market, the shortest hair length of lace wigs is 14 inches or 16 inches now.

4). Knots Are Bigger Than Before

Due to different lace production, the hair knots made in China are bigger than the hair knots made in South Korea. The hair knots are big because they are all double knots. Hairs are tight with the lace to avoid falling out easily. Some people who don’t like big knots can find some professional stylists to help bleach the knots. Or use some powders or foundations to make up when installing.

5). The Stocks Of 613 Blonde Hair Products Are Getting Low

Compared to natural black hair products, 613 blonde lace hair products are more difficult to make. After bleaching several times, 613 blonde hair will be too thin and too soft to tie to the lace. The working time is longer and the working intensity is higher in 613 blonde hair production. Some factories even don’t want to produce them anymore. 613 hair products are understocked now, the prices are also expensive than common natural black hair products.

6). HD Lace Is Not As High-Definition As Before

For the same reason, high-definition laces are ultra-thin, ultra-soft. Hairs are not easy to tie to the HD laces. HD lace wigs are hard to process and a long production term. Many factories choose to use other HD laces to produce HD lace wigs. These HD laces are not the same as before, they are more like transparent laces, but more transparent, better than transparent laces.

7). The Versatility Of Lace Colors

There were different lace colors before, like medium brown lace, light brown lace, transparent lace, etc. But these lace colors can not be available to each size of lace wigs now. Lace colors are versatile, they may vary from lot to lot. If a customer wants a certain lace color, he needs to communicate with the sellers in advance.

2. What Can People Do During Covid-19?

Based upon the conditions described above, believe most people note why the hair wigs they received this year are not the same as before. Covid-19 brings a great influence on the hair wigs market. Everyone needs to try to embrace changes in lace wigs during Covid-19. Together people should cooperate to cope with the Covid-19 tidal wave sweeping the world. Everything will be fine, and the prices of lace wigs will be affordable again until the Covid-19 ends.

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Website: https://m.yolissahair.com/

Jun 11, 2021

How to live green on a budget

A painted hand holding a green plant – promotion of eco-friendly life

Many people think going green means spending a load of money. Unfortunately, this misconception made a lot of people give up on their dream of eco-friendly life. Sure, using solar panels, driving a hybrid, and having an energy-efficient house are all great for the environment, but not everybody can afford all these. Luckily, you can change a bunch of little things in your daily life that can make your life greener. As a plus, you'll probably end up saving some money instead of spending more of it. So, read the following article to find out how to live green on a budget and save our friend - the Planet Earth!

There is no Planet B' written on a sign
Living an eco-friendly life doesn't have to be expensive - all those little things we do to save our Planet count as well!

Start visiting a local farmers' market instead of supermarkets  

If you decided to go green, the first thing you can do is start shopping at the local farmers' market. More often than not, organic products we can find at grocery stores are pretty expensive. That's why we opt for a cheaper version of the same products. However, you can find even fresher fruit and vegetables at the local farmers' market for a lower price. As a plus, you get to support small local businesses that use more eco-friendly ways of production. So, if you want to live green on a budget, this is a great start! 

Turn your backyard into a garden 

If you have a backyard, you can start your own garden. This is one more way to get fresh produce every day. In addition, growing your own produce means you're in control of everything, so you can avoid using pesticides and chemicals. You can go green all the way! If you're a beginner, start with planting simple things such as lettuce or peppers. You can even ask around at farmers' markets for some expert advice from local farmers. All things considered, gardening is an excellent idea for green and healthy living and possibly a new fun hobby. 

Bonus tip: if you don't have a backyard, you can always make a little herb garden for your balcony. All you need is a few pots and a lot of natural light. Easy, right? 

Shopping at farmers' market - a great way to live green on a budget
Shopping at a local farmers' market is a great idea for a green and healthy life

Use green storage solutions for your house

Leading an environmentally responsible life also means organizing your home in an eco-friendly manner. And when it comes to home (re)organization, finding storage space is usually the biggest problem. Well, we have a green solution for you that won't cost you a thing - leftover moving boxes! These boxes can be reused or repurposed in many ways, and they make a great storage space. You can put literally anything in them - books, seasonal clothes, additional bed sheets, toys, etc. So, if you asked yourself what to do with leftover moving boxes after relocation, this is your answer. Pick as many as you need and put away everything you don't use at the moment.  

If you want a nicer-looking storage solution for your green home, you can go with seagrass baskets. These baskets are created in a sustainable fashion since seagrass is a natural and biodegradable material. Therefore, this is another great storage solution you can choose. What is more, seagrass baskets are gorgeous and very decorative! 

Think green even during your move

Nowadays, people move a lot for work. If you think about it, relocation is not the greenest thing in the world. However, you can do a few things to make it a little bit more environmentally friendly. Here are a few things you can change while staying within the budget:

  • Use bins made of recycled plastic
  • Choose green bubble wrap
  • De-clutter in an eco-friendly manner - recycle
  • Donate the stuff that you don't need but can't recycle 
  • Hire an eco-friendly moving company 

As you can see, these are very simple steps you can take to move green and stay within your budget. Additionally, you can ask the moving team from strongassmovers.com for some extra tips&tricks about eco-friendly relocation.

Drive less, walk, and cycle more!

Everybody knows fuel is one of the most harmful things for our environment. That's why you have to consider driving less. It would be best if you walked or cycled more. Not only will you be doing our Planet a favor, but you will also be more active. This can even become a healthy hobby for the new you healthy hobby for the new you - the greener you! If you live in a big city, you should consider selling your car and using public transportation for longer commutes. Even though they both produce harmful emissions, it's better to choose just one than to use both.

People cycling
Cycling and walking are both eco-friendly and good for your he

Save energy and water

One of the easiest things you can do to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to save water and energy at your home. Turn off the lights in the room you're not using, don't take a long time in the shower, try to wash the dishes faster. You can even plug out the appliances you don't use all the time. Your bills will be lower, so you'll save your money on top of everything! 

Are you ready to live green on a budget?

Deciding to live a green life to save our Planet is one of the noblest things anyone can do. As you can see, you don't have to spend a lot of money to do so. Instead, you can live green on a budget and even save some cash along the way. All these things we listed in this article may seem simple, but they are highly effective. After all, significant changes start with individuals and the little things we do. So, go green or go home!

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Jun 1, 2021

How To Growth Hack As A Mompreneur

As a mompreneur, there’s no doubt that you’ve already got a lot on your plate.
From spending quality time with your kids and loved ones to managing and growing your business, there’s not all that much time left in the day.

Fortunately, growth hacking is an innovative approach to marketing, which can help you grow your business fast without needing to spend countless hours in the office.

Growth hacking is a relatively new concept, which is where a business uses inexpensive marketing tactics to achieve quick and steady company growth.

Mompreneurs should take advantage of growth hacks whenever possible since it’s a straightforward way to reach crucial business goals. And in turn, you’ll have more time to focus on the things that matter most in life.

Want to learn more? Keep reading, and we’ll go over how to growth hack as a mompreneur.
Plan Everything

To stay on top of growing your business and maintaining your life at home, it’s critical to plan everything ahead of time.

From school drop-offs and extracurricular activities to managing your social media accounts and onboarding new clients, good organization and planning are excellent growth hacks.

When you’re prepared for everything, it allows you to focus on growing your business and reaching professional and personal goals. Be sure to ask yourself:

●    Where do you see your business tomorrow, next month, in 5 years, or ten years from now?
●    What goals do you want to achieve?
●    Who are your ideal customers?
●    Will you need help completing your goals?

When you plan everything, you’ll have a better idea of getting everything done efficiently and on time, setting yourself up for success in the future.  

Use the Right Tools

Using the right tools is one of the best growth hacks out there.
To help you plan, take advantage of the wide range of free business tools available to mompreneurs like you.

For example, project management software allows you to build out tasks for your goals. You can create a social media marketing calendar and matching deadlines. You can also add home projects to stay on top of parenting duties and other obligations.

In addition, you’ll want to use free tools like social media as an additional growth hacking method.

Using social media to develop a community around your brand is a great way to gain potential consumers and reach your mompreneur goals fast.


A good mompreneur knows when to ask for help. Asking for help and sharing responsibilities is a sure-fire way to growth hack.

Whether you need more help at home or with your business, outsourcing will allow you to focus on what matters most.

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, or Freelancer, are perfect for allowing you to screen talented freelancers to help you with anything from logo design and branding to content creation and employee management.

Measure Your Analytics

Growing a business as a mompreneur isn’t easy, even with a good plan in place.
Therefore, one of the best growth hacks you can use is to measure your analytics.
If you’re using the right growth hack tools, such as social platforms like Facebook or Instagram, they’ll provide you with analytics insights about your brand performance.
Reviewing data and analytics will show you what works and what doesn’t work for your business.

That said, when things aren’t going your way, don’t let this set you back!
All you need to do is tweak your approach, which will often set you on the right course.

Let it Grow!

Running a business as a mompreneur comes with its own set of challenges, such as dealing with children all day long while trying to get your work done from home.

But when you plan everything, use the right tools, outsource, and measure your success, you’re practically guaranteed to notice an uptick in your business growth!

Written by: Leslie Sullivan

7 ways to grow your business

Empowerment quotes for women-owned businesses

Since the beginning of time, women's role as caregivers and irreplaceable factors in raising a family made it harder to embrace career and business development possibilities. Of course, that's not always the case, especially not in the modern age. Some of the most successful world-renewed companies like General Motors, CVS Health, Oracle, Bet365, Sun Media Group have women as founders and CEOs. Thus, women's enterprise is nothing new in the business world. However, only slightly over 35% of small companies on the planet are owned by the prettier sex. Knowing the significance revolutionary enterpeneuresses brought to our lives, we should find ways to empower female-owned companies. Women can do as much as men, hence rolling up the sleeves and making the right choices can help grow your business.

Develop the right strategy

Developing a long-term growth strategy with short-term plans and objectives is the key in every starting business. Many entrepreneurs offer unique ideas and products, but it's all in vain without plans to define and present the service. To have a quality business strategy, you need to be in coordination with your team of partners and stakeholders while defining:

•    your vision,
•    realistic and aspiring goals and objectives,
•    types of services your company offers,
•    plans to identify and target customer markets,
•    ideas and tactical plans of departments and functions in your organization.

While striving toward your goals, you constantly need to review your objectives and track the action plan's progress. To oversee everything and make the tough decisions is never easy, but all is possible with the right team.

Woman presenting growth strategies
Coming up with the right strategy is the main ingredient for the success of any business.

Professional appeal is the first rule of business

The seriousness of your work and dedication is seen in the ways you present your firm. This is important to remember since it influences not only your current and potential clients but your employees as well. Well-organized workspaces and offices have an impact on company productivity and give more professional appeal. If your current firm has an inadequate working environment, the first step would be investing in better space. Nowadays it is easy to rent affordable floors that can provide a lot of room for all offices and supplies. And even though you might pay more when hiring commercial moving services, the best option is to call the pros when moving office. Your time is precious - by hiring a reliable moving company, you will have more time to develop strategies to grow your business. After all, professionalism is the best choice when it comes to any entrepreneurship.

Teamwork is what makes companies thrive

Owning a small business has its perks because you get to know the full potential of your employees. To grow your business, you need a great team that shares the same goals and dedication. Everything starts small, but surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help your company thrive.

Naturally, as a team leader, you tend to overwhelm yourself with work, even though sharing some would benefit you more than you know it. When it comes to teamwork, the main thing is to learn to share the burden with your coworkers and employees. That way, you make it easier on yourself, the job is done faster, plus you never know when someone might surprise you with initiative and show their full potential and value.

Satisfied coworkers in a healthy workspace
Creating a healthy, professional workspace for your employees will also help grow your business.
Understand your customers’ needs

Even though not everyone agrees with the saying The customer is always right, understanding your customers' needs is imperative for growing your business. Therefore, researching the market will help you thrive if you adapt to satisfy its demands. Whether it comes to startups or expansions, moving or branching your company in cities where entrepreneurship is booming might be a good idea.

The best ways to promote your work

Learning how to make your company stand out in the right way is crucial for its sustainability. With the Internet and media, business promotion is easier than ever. Still, no matter how extensive media outreach your company has, serious business people go with referral instead of trying new things blindly. It's all about the connections. By finding support in other companies, you can get a lot of reliable customers. This is important, especially when starting a new business. Such connections can serve as a startup for your job and might even attract new investments. However, getting a good referral is one thing, while maintaining and expanding the client list is harder. To do so, you need to set high standards and provide quality service to show them why being in business with you is the right choice.

Colleagues making business plans
In life and business, surrounding yourself with the right team and partners is imperative.
Evolve with the changes

Adaptation and resilience are the essential factors for sustaining in the business world. Our companies will occasionally have difficulties, and sometimes we might find them hard to overcome. In such cases, persistence is key. When things get tough, try to focus on localizing the problem and finding a solution for it. But remember, most problems start small. Eradicating the more minor issues might prevent bigger ones in the future.

A growing company is often challenged by competition, time management, absence of planning, and lack of finance. Money makes the world go round, and there is never enough of it. Therefore, when starting a new company, knowing how to distribute the finances is a game-changer. Thus, you will need to wisely prioritize one investment over another. For example, if you can't afford to invest in better offices, maximize the potential of your current space. There are plenty of budget-friendly options on how to do it, and if you're struggling with a lack of space, renting storage is something worth considering. By renting commercial storage, your company will benefit from a clean and decluttered environment.

Find your own pace

Can you name a company that made a significant impact overnight and managed to continue to thrive? No? Neither can we because that is a myth. Every business idea and strategy needs time to develop. Before achieving success, we need to figure out a lot of things. Rushing never brought anything good to any organization. Finding your own pace is vital if you want to grow your business without risking failure.


May 13, 2021

Positive effects of single parenting


A mother carrying her daughter

In the past, single parents were seen as star-crossed individuals. They were seen as unfortunate, depressed, and unlucky people, even though that isn't true in most cases. However, nowadays, the single parenting perspective has drastically changed. When you see a mother or father raising their children solo, you see them as strong, brave, and determined. Of course, all kinds of parenting are hard. The only difference is that single parenting requires more work. And, when this kind of parenting is observed, many positive effects can be seen as well. Both the parent and the child can benefit from this situation, which is what matters at the end of the day. So, if you want to know more about the positive effects of single parenting, keep on reading.

1. Strong Relationships

Maybe one of the most significant benefits of being a single parent is having a solid relationship with your child. The bond between a parent and a child is more powerful when not shared with anybody else. As a single parent, you are the only one in charge of fulfilling your child's wishes, needs, and demands. You are the provider, role model, best friend, mother, and father. Naturally, this is not a simple task, but hey - raising children is not easy. Moreover, you will develop a strong relationship with your child and the entire family. Single parents usually have much bigger support from family members, so this will be your chance to bond and reconnect with everybody again.

A mother and daughter baking.
Single parenting is hard, but it is twice as much rewarding as well!

2. Sense of Responsibility

Among many positive effects of single parenting, an increased sense of responsibility seems to be the most significant one. Children observe everything we do. So, when they see their mother or their father working hard to make ends meet, struggling to keep everything in order, juggling chores and activities, etc., they understand them better. And, it is that understanding that makes them better people later on in life. If they learn about responsibilities from an early age, it won't be troublesome for them to help around the house and ease their parent's struggles.

Imagine having to move away from your home. Your job would be to either organize a DIY kind of relocation or hire professional movers such as those at Evolution Moving. However, as a parent, your job will also be to explain why this relocation is necessary and to deal with all possible outbreaks your child might experience. But, with the sense of responsibility that they have gained by observing everything you do, chances are that your child will not need any explaining. Instead, they will likely offer help with moving instantly.

3. Sense of Maturity

Speaking of all the senses your child will gain by observing everything you as a single parent do, a sense of maturity is undoubtedly one of the most important ones. Children raised by one parent grow up a lot faster than their peers. As previously mentioned, they will understand their parent's struggles and want to help them out any way they can.

Keep in mind that this is not the same as helicopter parenting - you do not need to hover over your child constantly for them to grow up quickly. Things take their course, and children learn how to accept their situation and live life accordingly by themselves. And, even though most parents want their child to remain a child for as long as possible, having a kid mature and full of understanding is something all single parents desire.
A mother and daughter drinking tea in bed
Teaching your child how to become mature is not wrong!

4. Healthy and Happy Home Atmosphere

Most parents avoid separation and divorce for the sake of their children. However, that usually creates an unhealthy and unhappy home atmosphere. If the home you live in is filled with struggles, arguments, and constant battles, nobody will be happy - not you and certainly not your children. Do not stay in a bad marriage just because you think your children will benefit from it. Separating and moving to a new home is often the best thing you can do for your child in this situation. The sooner you realize that, the better.

If the process of moving worries you, you can relax. As a single parent, you can have a smooth process of relocating to a new home with your child whenever you decide to. Many moving companies out there can help you relocate in no time and in a stress-free manner.
A mother and daughter packing boxes.
Sometimes, moving out can be the best thing you can do for your family.
5. Learning New Skills

Single parents learn new skills constantly. And, no, we are not talking about sewing skills! But, we are talking about life skills like prioritizing, for example. When everything is in your hands, you must differentiate between important and essential. And over time, you will learn to do it with great success and completely unconsciously. This is because, deep down, you know that everything depends on you. Moreover, besides prioritizing, you will also learn how to immediately face all difficulties that come your way. Tough times are inevitable but acquiring these new skills makes them easy as time goes by.

The same thing applies to children. They are also the ones acquiring new skills constantly by observing and mimicking their parent. Of course, this does make them grow up faster, but at least it makes them grow up into independent and capable people. Thus, when times are hard, remember – there are many positive effects of single parenting!

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