Oct 12, 2021

First Things to Do After Moving into Your New Home

An illustration of things to do after moving into your new home

Congratulations on your new home! Moving to a new house is a significant and exciting event, for sure. However, you shouldn't take it lightly. There are many things to consider and tasks to finish when starting a life in a new home. The most important thing is to stay organized. Our checklist of things to do after moving into your new home is here to help you.

The checklist

Even though it might seem like you're finished with the hard part once you close the deal on your house, the reality doesn't always work that way. Moving into a new home and settling in is a different process that requires proper organization. Luckily, this is the final stretch on your new home checklist, so try not to lose steam now. 

Remember, as a new homeowner, it is essential to take care of your safety first and tackle necessary tasks and repairs. After that comes the fun part - decorating and settling in. So, to help you get to this step, here's a to-do list of things that need to be done once you move into a new home.

Take a good look around the house

The best time to do a thorough walkthrough is when the house is still empty. Therefore, before unpacking and setting up your furniture, make sure you take a look around. Here are a few things you should pay attention to:

  • Has the previous owner completed all the repairs you agreed on?

  • Is everything that was included in the sale present in the house?

  • Is everything in working order (switches, fixtures, outlets)?

If you find any issues that don't agree with your contract, be sure to contact your realtor immediately. On the other hand, if you encounter problems not included in your contract, make them your priority.

Change the locks

Changing your locks when moving into a new home is good practice. You never know who else might have the keys to your humble abode. 

By doing so, you will have peace of mind for a small price. Remember to re-key the locks on all doors in and out the house and on windows too.

A key in a door lock
Better safe than sorry counts in this


Make an unpacking plan

If you plan what will go where in your empty house, you will minimize potential issues, such as a piece of furniture not fitting a place you wanted it in. Even though you might have a general idea, take a moment, write it down, and think about the final setup.

Ask for help with unpacking

The first few days of unpacking and settling in can be tiresome if you do it all by yourself. However, if you call a couple of friends to help you, you will have your house ready sooner than expected. Order some drinks and food, and make unpacking a pleasant and unrushed experience.

Make sure your utilities are all set up

This is a task you hopefully arranged beforehand. First, however, it is important to double-check whether the gas, heating, cooling, water, phone, and internet are set up.

One of the things to do after moving into your new home is to contact the local waste management facility to set up your home for garbage pick-up.

Locate the shut-off valves and circuit breaker

These are the things you want to know the location of in case of an emergency. So, if you need to turn off the water or if the power goes out, you will locate them immediately. 

Common locations for circuit breakers are in basements, garages, hallways, or outdoors. As for the water valves, you can usually find them somewhere around the perimeter of your house.

Deep clean

If you don't have the time or energy to do a thorough clean, you can always contact professional services. This way, you will start your life in a thoroughly sanitized house, which is vital considering we are in the midst of a global pandemic.

A woman cleaning her windows
Deep cleaning is one of the first things to do after moving into your new home.

Set up a home security system

According to relocation specialists from Van Express Movers, most of their customers consider moving the best time to set up home security. This is especially important if you will be living alone. The good thing is that you can shop for and set up a system on your own. 

If, on the other hand, your new place already has a system placed or is tied to a contract, make sure you get in touch with the provider and update them on the information. 

Prioritize repairs

Repairs are an inevitable part of moving into a new home that previously had owners. However, some require more attention than others, such as windows that won't lock properly or leaky plumbing. If these haven't been taken care of beforehand, make them a priority on your moving-in list.

A repair kit
If possible, it would be good to schedule the repairs right at the beginning, so you can relax once everything's done.

Remember to change your address

If you hadn't changed your address at the post office before moving, now is the time to do so. Additionally, there are numerous people you should notify of your address change, such as your bank, subscription services, loan providers, or anyone that sends you regular bills or correspondence.

Create a maintenance checklist

Your house is a complex thing that requires proper care in lots of different ways. We recommend creating a maintenance checklist so you don't forget the necessary tasks. 

It would be good to divide your checklist into monthly, bi-annual, and annual tasks. For example, you want to clean your garbage disposal, drains, and plumbing fixtures once a month. Other duties, like deep cleaning your entire home or inspect water filtration systems, can be done once every six months, while termite inspection, chimney, and gutter cleaning, cooling, and heating services can be done once a year.

Walk around the neighborhood and meet your neighbors

Finally, meeting your neighbors is way less awkward just after you move in. This will not only get you off on the right foot in your neighborhood, but it will help you learn about the community and get recommendations you need.

Final words

Even though moving is a bit of an overwhelming process, following our checklist of things to do after moving into your new home will make the transition a bit more seamless. Happy moving!

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Oct 5, 2021

Why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea

The Golden Gate bridge.

Wondering whether or not expanding your business to San Francisco will turn out to be profitable? You can find the answer in the title of this text. But, you ask, why is it so? A single sentence won't do you any justice here. That's why, in the article below, we'll give some examples of why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea. If you're a business-oriented woman, there's no reason not to see where women-owned businesses are flourishing at this very moment. Also, did you know the number of women-owned businesses on the national scale almost doubled in the past fifteen years? Stay tuned for some helpful information since moving a business is not an easy topic.

An homage to the history

We'll start this one out with a bit of history. Don't worry; it won't be anything long or tedious. As you probably know, San Francisco was the most progressive city in the USA for the last more than half a century. Since the '50s, it has been the Mecca of liberal thought, and every free thinker eventually had to stop and pay tribute to this beautiful city. It has been a place of experimentation, subversion, and almost limitless personal freedom. It should come as no surprise that women play a significant role in the city's economy nowadays. Young female entrepreneurs from all around the country find this gem of a city a fantastic opportunity to enlarge their profits. Are you ready to hop on that train and expand your business to San Fran? If so, feel free to check out zaptmovers.com and see if they can help you with the ordeal. You know what? They most certainly can.

A hippie van cruising San Francisco streets
Since the '50s, San Fran has been the Mecca of progressive liberal thought. Nowadays, it's no wonder that women play an important role in this city's economy, not as workers but as owners.

An economic hotspot

Even the birds in the trees know that the Bay Area is an economic giant. The Information Revolution paved the way for generations to come. As a business owner, you'll enjoy the beautiful consequences of opening an office in the very epicenter of things. You'll have a large talent pool to pick out from, to name one of them. Professionals from all over the country are flocking to Bay Area in search of a good job opportunity, and maybe the position you'll offer them is a vision of a career they've been dreaming of. Being able to choose from a great number of motivated candidates can be a portion of the answer to why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea.

How to successfully manage to open a new office in San Fran

You might be wondering: alright, San Fran has potential for economic growth, but wouldn't opening up an office there be quite a hassle? This shouldn't be much of a problem for you since Bay Area commercial movers are among the best in the country. They'll gladly handle the transfer of your business, and the relocation itself won't cause you any stress. Bay Area is among the wealthiest regions of the USA, if not the richest, so you can imagine the professional commercial moving services are top-notch. Dealing with an office relocation is something business owners, regardless of how successful they are, leave to the professionals. And so should you.

A minimalist office space.

Don't worry about having to endure stress when setting up your San Fran office. Experienced professional movers are there to help with everything.

The perks of being a woman business owner in San Fran

As we've already mentioned, San Francisco is home to an egalitarian culture. City residents love to support any project that has something to do with wiping out the remnants of cultural boundaries that have kept women out of the economic game for far too long. Also, many programs help women entrepreneurs in San Fran, such as the San Francisco Women’s Entrepreneurship Fund or Established Women. As a young businesswoman, you're entitled to free consultations or even financial help. Being backed by your community in doing something you love is a blessing. It seems like everyone in San Francisco shares the same vision of equality, which is something most cities cannot mention in the About Me info.

Grants for women entrepreneurs the city has to offer

Aside from the city’s positive and encouraging cultural climate, some grants help women-owned businesses be more competitive on the market. Here we’ll list some of them: 

  • Women-owned small business mini-grant – helps female entrepreneurs with a donation of up to $2000. Before applying, check the requirements.

  • Amber Small Business Grant for Women – gather up as much as $11k for your venture.

  • La Cocina Incubator Program – designed for small-income food entrepreneurs (women of color and immigrants have an advantage here).

The national capital of women entrepreneurship

Once upon a time, it was NYC, but San Fran has taken the lead recently. According to most research results and statistics, this Bay Area gem is at the best place in the US for a woman to achieve success in the business game. It's good news to hear that other places around the US are booming also. San Fran's still number one, though. That being said, there's a slight chance that by expanding your business to San Fran, you will make a mistake. Also, have in mind that the city has a lot to offer to your employees too. As we've mentioned earlier, this city has the status of a cultural artifact. Now, that's just one thing that makes this place a fantastic spot to start fresh. 

A row of houses in San Francisco.
Did you know that San Francisco is the US capital of women entrepreneurship? Now that you do, what are you waiting for?

Why expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea? - a conclusion

If you had any dilemmas about whether or not expanding your business to San Francisco is a good idea, now you, hopefully, don't have any. If you have the opportunity to open up an office in San Fran, make sure you don't miss it. Anyway, let's do a quick walkthrough. Is San Fran the national women entrepreneurship capital? It is. Does it have a large talent pool for you to pick out experienced job candidates? It does. Are there any programs designed to help women doing business? Of course, there are. Hmm, how about commercial moving services, are they good? Let's just say you won't have a single problem finding quality relocation service providers. Also, does the city have a unique reputation as the most liberal city in the US? There's no need to answer that one. As you can see, nothing is stopping you from opening an office in this beautiful city. 






Sep 19, 2021

Facts about women in business you didn't know


Girl boss scrabble

For many women, owning a small business is the first step toward financial security for themselves and their families. Some fifty-year-ago, the thought of a female entrepreneur running her own business would have been considered daring and risky at best. But now, female entrepreneurs are launching and leading companies in significant numbers.

Female entrepreneurs are developing disease cures, reshaping the media sector, inventing the next big thing, and reinventing the ever-changing world of technology. They're aiming for the symbolic glass ceiling, and they're breaking it. Here are some surprising facts about women in business that you may not have known.

In the United States, female entrepreneurs are growing at a high rate

It's not only that the number of female entrepreneurs has risen; their overall contribution to the US economy has been essential in propelling the country's economic progress. In 2017, businesses started and led by women contributed a total of $3 trillion+ to the economy, and these businesses created and sustained a total of 23 million jobs across the country.

It is worth noting that this was the most recent data available at the time of writing, so given that we're approaching 2022, it's reasonable to assume that those figures have become even more outstanding. To get the bigger picture about how successful women in the US are, check out the ultimate list of the best US cities for female entrepreneurs.

Women make superior business executives

While gender bias is commonplace, it appears to have had little impact on the abilities of female entrepreneurs in the United States and around the world. Rolling up your sleeves and making the proper decisions may help you expand your business just as efficiently as men can.

A woman holding a worlds-best-boss coffee mug, representing women in business
Women in business make better bosses and company CEO’s

There appears to be a clear correlation between how well organizations do and whether or not they have a female entrepreneur or appointed CEO at the command. This conclusion was reached after Nordea, a financial services group, disclosed the findings of an investigation of 11,000 enterprises from various industries worldwide.

The increased presence of female leaders increases the number of women-led startups

There is a definite gap in giving business loans and other funding choices that might be classified as gender prejudice. This is why figures show a significant increase in the number of female business leaders, demonstrating such a positive development for women-led businesses. When young businesswomen in any industry can receive fair treatment from other leaders who have already made it to the top, it makes things a bit easier.

Texas is the state with the highest number of female entrepreneurs

According to the National Association of Women Business Owners and other surveys, Texas has become the top US state for female company owners. Texas has acquired this classification by the end of 2017, but it had slid to seventh place the previous year. Although the season hasn't ended yet, all indications are that Texas will reclaim the top spot.

This is why every female entrepreneur in Texas, or those living nearby, should consider forming a Texas LLC. Even if you are not a native Texan and have relocated there, you may be able to establish an internet business with the state. Or you may opt for moving to the Lone Star State. In this case, the experts in the cross-border move - centennialmoving.ca advise that professional help is necessary. It will ensure this endeavor goes efficiently smoothly. The abundance of female entrepreneurs in Texas generates a positive cycle that draws more women into the fold and keeps them there when times are rough. Texas's woman-friendly infrastructure contributes to the state's ranking as the best place for women to start enterprises. Here, women entrepreneurs can rely on supporting infrastructure.

Women in business are thriving in a variety of fields

Most women-owned businesses fall into one of three categories when it comes to industry representation. These are other services (that further includes hair and nail salons and pet care), healthcare and social assistance (that also includes childcare and home healthcare services), and professional/scientific/ technical services (lawyers, architects, bookkeepers, consultants, and personal relations firms). 


A girl working on her laptop
Female entrepreneurs are making their businesses flourish

Women are making progress in a variety of fields. A growing number of women are starting businesses either full-time or part-time.

Moving for business

It's not uncommon for people to pack their bags, hire a moving company, and relocate from Canada to the US, searching for better job opportunities. Are you ready to leave Canada and start a career in the US? It's the perfect timing. Besides hiring experienced cross-border movers, here's something else you ought to keep in mind: Canadian citizens can obtain an investor business visa or a green card by investing in a new or existing U.S.-based business. The business investor visa or green card allows you to live and work in the United States full-time while establishing and operating your U.S.-based company.  


Being a female entrepreneur gives you a better quality of life

Female entrepreneurs in the United States score their well-being nearly three times higher than women who are not entrepreneurs or established company owners. That is indeed a remarkable fact! Who thought that running your business might guarantee happiness? It's also a fantastic approach to create financial stability, one of the country's leading sources of stress. According to research by Inc.Com, business owners are happier than the regular working women in the United States. This, in turn, is clear evidence that women, in general, prosper under pressure, which is most likely why female entrepreneurs see twice as much output from their businesses than their male colleagues.

Famous female entrepreneurs throughout history

Madam C.J. Walker was an African-American philanthropist and businesswoman. She was also a well-known sociopolitical activist. The Guinness Book of World Records acknowledges her as America's first female self-made millionaire. Madam C.J. Walker amassed her fortune by developing a line of beauty and hair products aimed at African-American women. Talking about good hair products, read more about some excellent good-hair-day products you should definitely try.

Mary Kay was the founder of Mary Kay Cosmetics and an American businesswoman. She started the company after leaving a sales job where she was passed over for promotions and raises offered to her less successful male colleagues.

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel was a French fashion designer and entrepreneur. Chanel is the originator of the world's most well-known clothing brand today.

Who runs the world?

It is challenging, rewarding, and exhilarating to start your own business. Fortunately, many incredible, extremely talented women entrepreneurs have been where you are — starting from the ground up.

The Future is Female sign
Women are capable and strong enough to start their own business and make it thrive


Today's women have more alternatives than ever before, ranging from stay-at-home moms to Fortune 500 CEOs to small-business owners and everything in between. And if starting your own business is something you've always wanted to do, now is the time! Be inspired by all the other women in business. Nothing and no one can stop you as long as you are a strong, educated, and astute businesswoman.






Sep 11, 2021

Why some parents pick city living over the suburbs?

A mother and daughter hugging

People opt to raise their children in a big metropolis versus the suburbs for a variety of reasons: An appreciation for cultural offerings, the camaraderie and creative cross-pollination of networks of colleagues, friends, and family, and the convenience of not having to drive to school, work, or child care. These are only a few reasons why some parents pick city living over the suburbs. It is no secret that suburban living has resulted in the degradation of natural ecosystems, social isolation, health issues, excessive consumption, and dependence on vehicles. Here are some benefits of raising kids in a city.

More Family Time and Stronger Family Bonds

Living in a city increases your chances of being close to your child's school, community center, stores, and other amenities. Because your home is likely smaller and you may eliminate driving, you'll have more time to spend with the people you care about.

Short Commutes

One of the most significant impediments to human happiness is long commutes. The ease of walking or biking, whether to school, work, or anywhere else, appeals to many people. Furthermore, eliminating the need for a second family vehicle, gas, and parking costs can save a family a lot of money. 

Metro underground station
Less time spent commuting means more family time.

Moreover, children learn to be self-sufficient much sooner in an urban setting because they don't require their parents to transport them around. In cities, this independence is frequently unavoidable: schools and friends are spread out across town, and children learn to go where they need alone at a young age. In the suburbs, there are opportunities for independence, but driving limits have a significant impact.

Activities in the City

People who live in cities often have to give up their backyard ambition, so the city serves as their outdoor playground. Families may visit museums, pools, skate parks, beaches, and movie theaters without having to get in a car. They are more likely to use these public spaces because they are nearby and do not have the option of hibernating in a large home. 

Children on a playground
Playgrounds are a great form of entertainment for urban kids.

City kids can play on playgrounds at parks and urban green spaces throughout the city. Also, there are plenty of ways to keep your children entertained and active - cities feature paved walking routes, bike rental kiosks, and even riverfront locations where your kids can spend hours outside. 

The Value of Experiential Learning

Many urban families emphasize the value of experiences over material possessions. Cities provide youngsters with more exposure to beautiful public areas and opportunities to connect with a diverse spectrum of individuals. That is probably the best answer to why some parents pick city living over the suburbs. If you grew up in the suburbs, you can provide a child with an experience that you did not have: not being confined to a car; the freedom to move around using multiple modes of transportation; the excitement of new experiences and people – as opposed to the often sedate and homogeneous environment of car-centric suburbs.

Less Energy Consumption

Smaller homes cost less to heat and cool. But it's not simply about conserving energy and water in a smaller space. When you have a large house, your initial instinct is to stuff it. You also spend extra energy keeping it clean, watering your lawn, and driving your vehicle. Moving from suburbs to a busy city is not an easy transition, so make sure to hire a professional moving company to make the whole process stress-free. Experts from teddymoving.com are experienced in their field and will surely do their best to make the transition painless. 

Reduced Consumption of Goods

Many families believe that living in the city has diminished their desire to possess things. Having things is not only costly, but it also necessitates a great deal of upkeep. Families frequently express the idea that there is never enough time or money. They prefer not to spend their money on things and instead choose to spend it on experiences.

Awesome Self-Storage Facilities

People opt to reside in big cities for two reasons: employment prospects and a better quality of life. Owning self-storage and having a clean place for your possessions can make living in a city easier (and even cheaper!) for everyone. Even though self-storage rental prices are higher in metropolitan locations, they are still less expensive than paying additional rent each month for a larger apartment or home.

While moving to the suburbs may be an option for some, it's difficult to deny that city life has many advantages, including walkable neighborhoods, accessible public transportation, and an abundance of shopping and dining alternatives.

More time spent outside and the development of relationships

You walk, cycle, and take public transportation more if you live in a walkable community. This entails increased physical activity and time spent outside. Children get more autonomy and self-confidence when they can walk to locations. Those who grow up in cities are exposed to more people, which allows them to improve their social skills and gain a greater knowledge of variety. They are more likely to be exposed to ethnic and religious groupings. Exposure to these groups in the public sphere and at school helps alleviate unjustified fears about different people. It can enhance tolerance or, at the very least, the willingness to listen to a different point of view. One thing is for sure - when you move from the suburbs, your kids might have a hard time fitting in. If that's the case, read more about helping your kids adjust to a new city.


Growing up in a big city entails more than just being close to fun. It also means easier (and sometimes better) healthcare access. Rural locations have fewer than 10% of physicians, making visits to the doctor more difficult than in urban ones. Furthermore, children in rural areas are less likely than their urban counterparts to receive advice on the benefits of exercise and healthy food. According to research, the health benefits of living in cities are genuine: people in cities have greater access to health care and live longer lives than people in rural areas.

A black and white photo of a stethoscope
People living in cities have access to much better healthcare.

Furthermore, those who live in cities are less likely to be strong drinkers, less likely to be hungry, and more likely to be physically active than those who live in rural areas. These factors help to explain why urban areas have a lower overall mortality rate than rural ones.

Big City Living

Growing up in a metropolis means that families are more likely to live in cramped quarters. Apartments, condos, rowhouses, and townhouses may not have as much space as a suburban home, but they can be ideal for families with children. Instead of stuffing a house, parents can encourage their children to live with less and focus on city experiences rather than possessions. Trading an attached garage for a city-wide transportation system, yard labor for vibrant public areas, and restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, and grocery shops within a 5-minute walk seems to be the reason why some parents pick city living over the suburbs. Made up your mind yet? If you have, check out these helpful tips on how to pack a child's room when moving.

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Sep 3, 2021

5 Simple (But Important) Rules for Hanging Window Curtains


Summary: Curtains not only bring decorative elements to your room but also functionality. The right material, the right mounting, and the right length all play vital roles in the kind of look you want to achieve. 

Curtains are more than just accessories for your home decor. They help define the look of your home.


But they also offer a number of practicalities. The right length and proper mounting technique can deliver a perfect view, privacy, insulation, protection against UV rays, and other benefits.

When it comes to window curtains, customization is the key. Here are a few basic tips to consider when selecting curtains for your home. 

Tips for Selecting Curtains for Your Home

1. Consider the Lighting

Unless you are buying curtains for your bedroom, pick something that will let in light to create a natural breezy look. Sheer fabrics like Belgian linen are a good option. For bedrooms and other places where you want more privacy, go with heavy or blackout curtains. In such cases, a fabric like velvet is a good choice. Heavy window curtain materials also offer good insulation in colder climates.

2. Use Multiple Panels for Huge Windows

A window that reaches across the length of a wall is beautiful and makes the room look spacious. But putting up curtains can get difficult. 

Try to extend an ultra-wide curtain rod and hang multiple panels to create a soft repetitive effect. Make sure the panels cover the entire window so that when you pull the curtains, they cover the whole length.

3. Match Curtains to the Wall Colour

Matching the colour of the curtains to the wall will make them blend with your interiors. This creates a minimalistic look and your room will not appear crowded. You can mount the rod outside the window frame and higher than the window to make it appear bigger and let in more light.

4. Hide the Hardware

Unless you have bought curtain hardware specifically for showing it off, you should conceal your rods, tie-backs, and rings in your windows for a sleek, minimalistic, and modern look.

However, if you want a luxurious look and fuller coverage, you can use outside mounds for your hardware.

5. Use Curtains as Separators

You can use curtains to separate two spaces or two rooms or define an area like in a studio apartment. If you want to hide the view outside, you can also use the window curtain as a wall. Sheer curtains, meanwhile, hide the view but let light in.

There is much you can do with curtains – if you know how. They can easily manipulate the look of your room, making it appear bigger, higher, and more spacious. To get the best look with curtains within your budget, consult local curtain designers. They can also create customized curtains to get the effect you are looking for. 

Aug 25, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Custom Blinds


Many of us take pride in selecting our home decor. Be it the colour of our walls, or a tiny vase sitting in a corner, we love to handpick everything. Why should windows be any different?

There is nothing better than custom blinds for your windows if you want them to match your interiors. They offer great looks and amazing benefits. Here are a few reasons why custom blinds are the best window treatment choice.

Why Custom Blinds Are Better Than Standard Ones

There are many reasons why you might need custom blinds and not standard ones.

1. If You Are Short of Time

Getting blinds requires many decisions. There are measurements to take and the selection of styles, patterns, and colours. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to that, consult a blinds store. Their experts will visit your home and figure out the look you want; that includes picking the right material and design. They will also take measurements faster and more perfectly than you could and help pick suitable hardware. And when your custom blinds are ready, they will install them as well.

2. To Pick the Right Look

Not all blinds are the same. For example, roman blinds offer a more formal look; Venetian blinds look sleek; and vertical blinds are best suited to tall windows. 

But you may not be able to find the right look in prefabricated blinds. With custom ones, you don’t have to compromise, and can get the functionality you want in the material, colour, or texture you desire

3. For the Best Fit

Standard blinds may be smaller or bigger than your window. This can leave gaps between your blinds and window edges, rendering them less beneficial than they should be. Custom blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly. That means you get the perfect amount of light, privacy, and insulation, which can reduce your electricity bills.

4. For More Options

Standard blinds come in limited options. You will only get a handful of material, colour, and pattern choices, so you’ll have to compromise on your desired windows. Custom blinds come with a wider array of options, so no compromise is necessary.

5. For Better Quality and Workmanship

There is no telling about the quality of standard blinds, but with custom blinds, you get what you pay for, as you pick the quality and type of material. That means you can get UV-resistant material for blinds directly exposed to sun and waterproof material for areas with high moisture.

Custom blinds come with many benefits so are the best choice for your home window treatments. Contact a reliable blinds store near you to get custom blinds installed perfectly in no time.

Aug 21, 2021

5 Things to Know About Tooth Extraction

Summary: Even a simple dental procedure like tooth extraction can be scary if you are not mentally prepared for it. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it will help you stay calm throughout the process and keep you alert if any issues arise.

Tooth extractions in Brampton are very common procedures. In fact, they are extremely common all over the world. And thanks to skilled dentists and modern technology, they hurt much less than the used to and your recovery is much faster. People telling you dos and don’ts about getting a tooth out and recounting painful stories can stress you out. Don’t let them. 

Here are some facts that will help you prepare for your tooth extraction and keep your mind at ease.

Facts About Tooth Extraction That Will Ease Your Mind

Being prepared for these types of dentistry services will help you mentally prepare and stay calm before, during, and after the extraction process. 

1. Blood Clots Are Okay

Blood clots are common after the extraction of a tooth. Indeed, they are part of the healing process. But don’t mess with the clots or it can complicate the wound. If necessary, your dentist will give you self-dissolving stitches that will disappear with healing

2. There Should Be No Pain During the Process

Before extracting the tooth, your dentist will numb the area so you will not feel any pain when your tooth is being extracted. You will be prescribed painkillers after the procedure, but once they start to wear off, you will feel a little discomfort that you can combat with over-the-counter pain pills. The pain and discomfort should pass. If they don’t, call your dentist. 

3. Healing Should Take About Two Weeks 

Initially, it will take a few days for the pain and discomfort to disappear. But complete healing will take two weeks. You might need to book a follow-up to make sure it is healing properly and that there are no complications. 

4. Brush Carefully and Eat Soft Food

You will be able to brush your teeth after the extraction but you should do so carefully. Avoid the extraction site because you could dislodge the blood clot which can result in a dry socket. This will expose the bones and nerves underneath, resulting in severe pain and increased chances of infection. 

Instead, clean the area by swishing a saltwater solution around your mouth twice daily. Also, stick to soft and liquid food after the extraction. Make sure the food is not too hot and choose mashed potatoes, juices, soups, et cetera. Try not to chew from the side of the tooth extraction until it is healed completely.

5. Take Precautions

While your gums are healing, there are certain things you must avoid absolutely. Don’t smoke, use a straw, drink alcohol, spit, or rinse forcefully. Don’t drive by yourself to or from your appointment.

If you have any concerns, talk to your dentist about them. Having them addressed will keep you calm throughout the process.

Tooth extraction is not a process you should be afraid of. Stay in touch with your dentist in case the pain persists even after several days or if you notice signs of infection like pus in the incision, fever, or pain.

Aug 13, 2021

Useful tips for setting up a family fitness plan

A kid exercising with a fitness ball

Keeping kids healthy is one of the essential tasks you get in life when you become a parent. Every parent tries hard to introduce healthy nutrition habits and keep their kids moderately active. However, it is a known fact that small children learn by example, so the best way to introduce healthy habits is to practice them yourself. If you want your kids and your partner to stay active and make the right food choices, make a pact to do it together. Here are some useful tips for setting up a family fitness plan that the whole family can benefit from. Do not wait any longer, and grab the opportunity to make your family’s health a priority.

Have a family meeting and discuss your idea of introducing a fitness plan

One of the first things you have to do is schedule a family meeting to get your ideas across. Talk to your kids about the importance of good nutrition and physical activity and make it fun. If you have small children, it is a good idea to transform your exercises into a game. Schedule some fun activities ahead and talk about your menu for the week. Let everyone share their thought on activities you should do together and offer their opinions on the menu items. If you are feeling reluctant about starting this little project with your family, stay positive. Do not let your busy agenda affect the plan you made with your family members. Look up some fitness tips for busy moms and prepare yourself for what’s ahead.

A woman exercising with her kid
The best way to engage your youngest family members is to lead by example

Find the right time for your daily family fitness routine

When kids are involved, you don’t want your activities to last too long. Small children have shorter attention spans and less physical endurance. Make time before or after work and on weekends. Be active together for at least 30 minutes a day. Instead of the typical fitness routines, plan at least one fun activity for the whole family. It can be a fun jumping game, a race around the block, or a bike ride in the park. Switch up activities and introduce new ones, keeping your kids interested. Make sure to rest while exercising, drink plenty of water and wear something comfortable. Make your daily exercises a routine your whole family will commit to with excitement.

A man helping a kid ride a bike
Plan fun activities like riding bikes or jogging in the park

Get ideas on your fitness plan online and try out new activities

Perhaps you are wondering what type of menu to create for your family or what kind of exercise is suitable for your kids. Luckily, there are a lot of great resources online where you can find inspiration. With a little help from technology, you can make your daily exercises a lot more engaging and fun. Browse through different workout apps and find those that will help your family get healthy and stay fit. There are apps specially created for exercising with kids, so you will find something helpful to work with. However, do not rely on online resources to help you pique interest in your family members. After all, you are the one who knows them best and can make this project a worthwhile experience.

Make a weekly meal plan and promote healthy nutrition

An essential aspect of your family fitness plan is nutrition. You want to ensure your kids have healthy choices for their meals at home or school. Making a meal plan every week will help you stay on track and let all your family members contribute with their ideas on what to make for dinner. It can prove challenging to get your kids to eat more vegetables but do not despair right away. Lead by example and make sure to stick to the meal plan yourself. Get your partner to contribute and actively participate in making all the meals. If you are a single parent, use all the positive effects of single parenting and stay determined to make this work. Even without help, your family can transition into a healthier nutrition plan.

A man following useful tips for setting up a family fitness plan
The best way to benefit from useful tips for setting up a family fitness plan is to stick to it.

Setting achievable goals is possibly one of the most useful tips for setting up a family fitness plan

Before you start your preparations for a family workout and nutrition plan, you should have some goals in mind. Whether you want to increase your family's physical activity or start eating healthier, setting clear goals is vital. Discuss with other family members what they would like to gain from this experience. And no matter your individual objectives, your goal as a family should be to stick to your plan. That may seem a little bit difficult when kids are involved, but be diligent and committed, especially during your workouts.

If you are worried about keeping your kids interested in the long run - don't be. There are many ways to keep them entertained during workout. For starters, if you want to make exercise fun for kids, you can create a competition. Remember to give your kid a chance to win, as winning will boost their self-esteem and make them want to compete more. If you make up a game and let everyone choose how to participate, you can help your kids get involved the way they feel comfortable. Look for new and exciting places where you can exercise – change parks or go to the beach. You can even invite some friends if you have a fun activity planned out. With these useful tips for setting up a family fitness plan, your project will surely be a complete success

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Aug 5, 2021

Adding Pet Friendly Green Spaces

The ongoing global pandemic has forced majority of us to spend most of time inside home. Stay home longer, restricted activities and social distancing can lead to boredom, anxiety and stress –sooner or later. That’s why you need to make your home cozier and more enjoyable to live in. Adding best house plants to create green spaces is one of the best solutions to make comfy and pleasant homes for healthier and happier family members.

Living indoor plants will actually improve home’s air quality by performing as natural air filters, add a touch of soothing green hint and enhance person’s mood. Some people opt for fake plants and flowers that don’t require any maintenance. If you are one of those, Aoin is the right place to shop artificial decorative pot plants and flowers for beautifying your home (an example featured below). Meanwhile growing and taking care of house plants offers more values; those nature’s beauties become part of your home and you can see them with proud.  Anyway, I have a green thumb friend who always talks with plants every morning. She believes that good words help plants grow well.  

Artificial Mini Succulent & Cactus Plants

Modern Yellow Ceramic Hanging Planters with Twine Rope

Whatever the size of the house, you will never run out of ideas to add green space to your home. You can place some plants in terrace or balcony, install plants to fill empty corners, create a hanging garden from the ceiling using hanging planters such as featured above, add pot plants on your windowsills, display plants in a wooden shelf or make a vertical garden using wall mounted pots/wall planter bags.

For pet owners, adding green spaces needs more caution. Healthy and happy pets are also your concern since they are already considered as a part of family, right? Our furry friends can be a source of joy in life and great companions during current challenging times. Plants and pets are surely beneficial for improved mental health.  Sadly, lots of common decorative plants are poisonous for cats and dogs.  When swallowed, certain toxic plants such as aloe vera, lilies, philodendron and caladium might cause stomach ache, nauseous, dizzy, tremors, seizures or worse.

Best Insulated Energy Efficient Dog Door

Cat Scratching Post with Cat Interactive Toys

Let’s say that you love white lily flower and want to grow it indoor. Since most lilies are toxic for pets, you must place or hang the plant at high spots. Make sure your pets can’t reach it.  In fact, there are many other non poisonous house plants that you can choose. For your information, 11 non toxic plants stated by Animal Poison Control Center can be seen below. 

non toxic plants

Your four-legged friends will be happy if you give them proper pet toys that attract them to play with. Interactive toys like balls and Frisbee are fun for dogs as it allows both of you play together. Your cats will love if you provide a sturdy cat scratch post. They are given freedom to do the scratching habit whenever they want. It is good for cat’s health and for your furniture as well. Speaking of your pet’s independence, installing pet doors is a win-win solution. It permits dogs or cats to move in and out of home thus your life will be easier. Pets which are free to move around the house on their own are happy pets for sure.  

Pet friendly green spaces in homes lead to happier and healthier the whole family members while pets still safe and sound. We are sure to survive the pandemic. Stay positive, happy, safe and healthy!

Jul 28, 2021

How to handle a last-minute move?

a woman in a white T-shirt lying among cardboard boxes thinking about how to handle a last-minute move

Moving in a hurry is, unfortunately, a realistic scenario that can happen to anybody. Sudden evictions, family issues, job relocations, and other unpredictable situations force people to move to another home. This is often very stressful as there's so much to do, and there's so little time. People are overwhelmed with all the tasks and hardly ever manage to do everything correctly. So, they end up with broken items, increased costs, and damaged health. To avoid all these problems, we’ve come up with a list of essential tips on how to handle a last-minute move and protect your sanity. 

Take a deep breath

When dealing with a sudden relocation, one thing is for sure – panicking will not help. If you start stressing out about this, you will only waste some precious time and be confused and overwhelmed. That's why you should take a deep breath and see how to be as efficient as possible

Let a checklist guide you 

Relocating implies an extensive list of tasks. And when you have to move in a week or so, the list doesn't magically become shorter. That's why you should do everything you can to stay focused and organized so you can have everything set in less than a week.  A moving checklist will help you achieve that. Even though you are in a hurry, make a list of things you need to do or purchase. It will make sure you don't forget to do something important and create an even bigger mess. 

Schedule your moving day 

With such an important and demanding task, professional help is necessary to handle a last-minute move. That's why it is crucial to hire reliable movers to help you out. Even though you don't have a lot of time left, look for moving professionals only at trustworthy internet locations, and try to get some recommendations. Choosing the right moving company is not easy, especially in such a short time, but it is possible if you know where to look and stay cautious at all times.  

a person holding a small clock.
Even though there’s not much time, it’s possible to handle a last-minute move successfully. 

Pack systematically

As you need to be as efficient as possible, make sure your packing process has a system. Here are some main tips on how to pack quickly and safely:

  • declutter your home before you start – you will pack much faster if there’s no clutter in your way. Get rid of everything you don’t need. Depending on the condition of the items, you can either sell, recycle or donate. 

  • start with more oversized items – make sure you deal with bulky items first, as they are the most difficult to transport;

  • order supplies online – online shopping can save you a lot of time. While you wait for the items to be delivered, you can do some other tasks and not waste time waiting in lines in stores.

  • pack room by room – this step will make less mess in your home, as moving supplies will be in one room at a time;

  • pack smart – reduce the number of packing steps to save time. For example, you can save a lot of time when packing clothes. Leave clothes on hangers, and wrap them in plastic bags. Also, use items such as drawers, suitcases, and gym bags instead of moving boxes. That way, you will save time and money on packing supplies. 

a woman packing clothes for moving
Know exactly what you’re moving and what needs to go – declutter your home before the move

Pack the bag of moving day essentials 

One of the tasks people often forget is packing the moving day bag. However, this bag will surely make the moving day a lot easier. Include the clothes you’ll be wearing on that day, essential toiletries – any of the basics you’ll need for your first night at the new house. This will ensure you don’t have to go through multiple boxes and unpack when you’re already too tired.

Label everything 

The last thing you want to do during a last-minute move is get confused with all the boxes. Labeling each box will help you with organizing the transport and unpacking. Quickly write what's in each box and which room the box goes to. Then ask the movers to place the boxes in appropriate rooms, rather than making a mess in one central area of your home. You can use markers in different colors, or some stickers, labels, etc. 

moving boxes
Be sure to label the boxes – especially ones that need special care during transport

Recruit some additional help

Dealing with all the items in your home is not easy. That's why it's best to have some extra helping hands. Ask some friends or relatives to help you with packing, cleaning, or decluttering, but also with unloading and moving into your new home. If more people are involved in the process, it will be faster and more successful. Also, once you have finished packing, call the guys from simplifystorage.com to pick up and take care of your items.

Remember: If you don't need help with packing, your friends can take care of your pets or kids while you do certain tasks. This can be extremely helpful, and you will be sure your loved ones are safe.

Take photos 

Quick moves sometimes result in accidents. That’s why you should use your phone camera and take photos of electronics and other fragile items. This can be very helpful if any of the items get damaged during transport. You have the proof of their condition before you sealed all the boxes and can file a claim with ease. 

Take care of yourself 

In order to handle a last-minute move, you need to protect yourself from all the stress. This period will be very challenging, both physically and mentally, so make sure you have enough energy to manage everything. Make sure you eat regularly and sleep well, and finally – stay hydrated. Nothing is more important than your health, so don’t forget to take care of yourself during these demanding and stressful times. 





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Jul 11, 2021

Recommended Home Oral Care Products

Daily oral care at home is surely required since good oral health is as necessary as our physical health. During the ongoing global pandemic, home oral care becomes more and more important; it is because visiting dentists regularly for getting various dental services like we used to do before could be difficult and risky.  Unfortunately, it is the fact that we face now. What should we do to keep healthy our teeth and oral without dentist visits?

We know that it is a serious issue cause lack of oral hygiene can lead to different health problems -from gum disease, infection to cardiovascular diseases- that affect the rest of the body. Teeth and oral care at home should be functioned as a preventive care to maintain teeth and general oral in good condition. That’s why nowadays, especially during current challenging times, we should carry out the oral care routine at higher level and say good bye to the traditional way. Yep, now is the time to apply professional oral care that can be done at home. Thankfully, Meyarn is here; this oral health care organization offers professional solution to support us doing home oral care for orthodontics, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening and oral health in ease and comfort.

Based in Denmark, Meyarn provides a wide range of dental care products in different types to help people reaching beautiful smile, healthy teeth and oral. Allow me to introduce you to this top notch brand and their high-end functional products. Well, here below are some best products that you should have and try:

Dental night guard

Dental night guard

Some people have the bad habit of unconsciously grinding their teeth while sleeping. It should be treated by applying this dental night guard to avoid further teeth and jaw problems. This night guard is soft, comfy, ready to use directly, easy to clean and harmful.

How it works: Placing it on the top or bottom of the mouth once going to bed. Its cushioning functions as a barrier between your teeth to protect the teeth enamel from injury. It also reduces the tension on the jaw muscles to prevent jaw soreness.

Water flosser

Water flosser

This portable tool is easy to use, waterproof and rechargeable. It offers advanced way for effective teeth cleaning. Water flosser can clean hard to reach areas to get rid of caries on the crowns, food pieces in the teeth gaps and sticky dental plaque. Equipped with three types of 360° rotatable nozzles and 6 modes of water pressure to meet different cleaning needs.

How it works: This machine allows you to use the proper water pressure to clean your teeth effectively. Choose the right mode and nozzle to get satisfying result.

Dental wax

Dental wax

Digestible protective wax that can be used to minimize any discomfort while wearing braces during orthodontic treatment. Available in a few interesting flavors and flavorless for your convenience if swallowed.

How it works: These harmful, waterproof orthodontic wax are installed to protect your gums, inner lips and cheeks from the irritating metal edges of the braces. Form the wax into small balls then place it firmly to cover the sharp wire on bracket which causes sore spots. Good quality dental wax stays in place better and longer. The pain will much relieve.

Teeth whitening pen

Teeth whitening pen

Brighter smile can be reached easier, quicker and cheaper with the help of these portable thin pens.

How it works: The whitening gel inside the pen cleans various stains on teeth effectively. Apply it twice a day for about 14 days to boost your teeth whitening by 3-5 VITA levels.

Interdental brush

Interdental brush

Regular toothbrush can’t clean the gaps between your teeth effectively. You need this reusable brush that specially designed for easier interdental cleaning. The handle is ergonomically for comfortable usage and available in different widths to suit the teeth gap.

How it works: Choose the width of brush which best fit the gap. Small soft bristles and flexible stainless steel wire of the brush function as a tool to clean food debris in the narrow spaces between teeth successfully.

Let’s have a visit to Meyarn website to find out more. Each oral care product is fully explained and the video tutorial leads you to the proper usage. Including Meyarn products into your oral care routine is indeed a smart decision, guys.

Jul 5, 2021

Small Business Branding - How To Do It [And Examples]

No matter what type of small business you’re running, it’s vital that you take the time to understand the importance of creating a solid brand.

According to small business experts, people don’t buy products; they buy brands.

Essentially, the more effort you put into your small business branding, the more likely consumers will see your business as a real, authentic, and genuine entity, rather than just another cold, stone-faced business trying to make another sale.

Below, we’re looking at small business branding and how to do it, including examples from leading brands!

Start With Research

No matter what sort of small business you own, the first step is to perform a bit of market research and learn about your competitors and your target audience.

While analyzing your direct and indirect competitors, make sure to note as much as you can about their branding efforts, including what type of content they create, their brand voice, their brand story, their target audience, and anything else that might help you complete your brand.

When it comes to learning about your target audience, creating buyer personas is the best way to do this. A buyer persona is, essentially, a semi-fictional representation of people who are most likely to interact and engage with your brand.

For example, if you owned a company selling sporting goods, your buyer personas would likely include information about younger male consumers who are most likely interested in sports.

However, while younger males would most likely be part of your target audience, that doesn’t mean that older males or even females wouldn’t be interested in your brand.

Regardless, market research will ensure that your branding efforts have the most impact possible on your industry by knowing who your target audience is and what sort of things they’re interested in.

Logos, Graphics, And Marketing

When people think of branding, one of the first things they think of is a logo.

Even though logos usually only consist of basic imagery or writing, they can significantly impact your business.

In other words, the logos and graphics you choose for your small business represent the way people will see and perceive your brand. And despite their small size, they speak volumes for your company.

Take a look at other leading companies and the logos they’ve created to get ideas about what type of logo you can make for your own business.

The FedEx logo is a sterling example of a logo that’s memorable and has a hidden image in it. 

For those who are unaware, the FedEx logo has a hidden arrow you can see in between the

letter E and X, which is perfectly representative of a company that delivers parcels from one location to another!

Regardless of what type of logo you choose for your small business, make sure to include it on your website, business cards, social media pages, and any other relevant marketing materials you create.

Check out Business Cards to create printable business cards for free.

Focus On Creating Award-Winning Products

It might seem obvious, but no brand ever became a success by selling sub-par products or delivering poor-quality customer service!

When you think of brands like Apple, what first comes to mind?

If you’re like most people, you probably think of super-fast computers, iPhones, iPads, and other expertly-created devices that consumers simply love

Because of the excellent, high-quality products they create, Apple doesn’t need to do all that much in terms of advertising. Their products speak for themselves!

So if you want your branding to resonate with consumers, logos and graphics are essential, but creating a super high-quality product is even more important!

Small Business Branding 101

There’s a bit more to branding than market research and knowing what FedEx and Apple are doing.

However, learning about your competitors and taking notes from leading brands is a great place to start when it comes to creating a brand that’s sure to resonate with your target audience!

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