Sep 11, 2013

New Trends to Follow to Decorate Your House

Decoration is something we all do to our houses, and even though we try being as much creative as possible, we end up doing the same kind of decoration we see at the house of a friend. A decoration just like someone else’s decoration in your home will not render your house a new look, in fact it’ll end up looking like a clone. The following article talks about new trends for decorating your house.

Nobody wants their house to be one of those same old ruts. If you are having a same feeling about your house then maybe it is time you started giving your house a unique look with all the new trends in decoration even if the house in old. Following are some brand new home decorating tips for you to follow and see which one matches with your taste:

Modern Organic: Yes, organic refers to the natural looking decoration. It doesn’t mean decorating your house with just some hard edges and straight lines as now there is more to the organic decoration than ever before. There are numerous curves in the design and none of them are too feminine for anyone’s choice. Achieving such a decoration style is not really a hard task as you can get it done with many different types of building materials such as metal, leather, plastic, and wood. There is also a choice to make in matter of the accent color and you can choose one among chocolate brown, dark chocolate color, tan, sand color, leaf greenish, and almond.
Shabby Chic: It is true that a very typical shabby chic look is as feminine as it gets and it is also likely that it may not appeal to the men. So if you are a women who is living alone or your partner is not very interested in tasks like these, you can always chose the shabby chic decoration for your house. If you are willing to go for this kind of decoration then get started by making sure that all the furniture and other decorative items in your room are colored white. After that you can distress the paint and make it hard on edges. This whole look will give your room a feel of a cottage.

If you are feeling a little less comfortable in the all white themed room decoration or like you have had enough of your time living in an all-white room then you can start experimenting with shades by introducing hues like pink, green and even rose red. There is only one thing you need to make sure while doing all this and that is to ensure that you don’t disturb the setting of the distress color. 

American Country: The traditional country decoration is much more versatile and stylish now. The style originated from the style of English styled furniture and creates a romantic feel in the room. In present times, this traditional style is all mixed with the new and modern type of accessories and design paradigm that is contemporary and modern decoration items. However, the basic objects and their design still preserve the traditional feel of an American Country house. 

The Lodge decoration: The Lodge styling for the interior of your house works in bringing the feel of outside world into your room.  It involves furniture that is big in size and is made of real wood. The trend is getting popular among people at great speed and it brings the feel of traditional west in that room of yours.

Using the above ideas you can decorate your house in a complete themed house in a unique way.

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