Sep 25, 2013

Things That Are Better in the Countryside

The city is all great and good but boy am I glad that we also have the countryside at hand. I can’t ever really picture myself settling down in the country for good because the pace of life is just a bit too relaxed and slow. I have grown up among the hustle and bustle of city streets and find myself a bit unnerved after extended periods of absence from urban life. However, the countryside most definitely has numerous advantages over the city and there are some things that are simply a lot better done within beautiful, tranquil nature.

A wedding is considered to be one of the most special and memorable events in a person’s life. Therefore it requires a venue that conveys these unique qualities. Some people choose to get married in a city location which is fine but I believe that the finest wedding venues are located in the country. Personally, the weddings I have enjoyed the most have involved travelling a certain distance away from everyday surroundings. I think it’s something to do with the fact that it makes the event seem more like a holiday than just another case of two friends going through through the motions of marriage. By organising your wedding in the country you can choose to make a whole weekend out of it, and what’s better than spending a few days with your spouse as well as your nearest friends in idyllic surroundings? Nothing, that’s what. The UK has a number of magnificent yet affordable country wedding venues, such as Sandon Hall in Staffordshire.

Everyone knows that the best markets are to be found in the countryside. Granted, you can encounter country produce shops and markets in cities like London but just think of the amount of time the produce they sell took to arrive at its destination. Country markets are great because you are safe in the knowledge that the goods on sale are both locally sourced and fresh. Sometimes you don’t even have to wait for a market to occur - many farms will have their own shops set up from where they can sell their produce directly. If you’re looking for the freshest food that money can buy this is probably your best option.

Having a Party
Remember that scene in Human Traffic where after their night out they all head to an afterparty in a country manor? Those kinds of shenanigans would simply not be allowed in a city environment - the police would have shut it down before it had even begun. What the country affords is vast, open space where, provided you are remote enough, you can pretty much do what you want. If you choose to have a party in a country cottage, or are fortunate to attend one, then you will be free to play your music as loud as you like and for as long as you like, free from neighbours’ noise complaints and police intervention. Just remember to stock up on food and alcohol since shops in the countryside are few and far between.

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geeks2las September 26, 2013  

Nice picture, is this taken from Indonesia country side? great article!

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