Sep 13, 2013

Time for Fall Cleaning? You Betcha!

Two times of the year that we all dread are pretty much the same in every household around the country. Yep, you guessed it. Spring cleaning and Fall cleaning. Since the leaves will be turning colors soon and the temperatures will be dropping, it is about that time to start with the tedious tasks of cleaning up the house.

The only problem is – who has the time to clean the entire house in one fell swoop? Well, you don’t necessarily need to. I’m not saying to put off the entire project by any stretch of the imagination. But you can prioritize on which parts to clean first.

So where do you start? How about the first place to begin organizing is in the kitchen. It is used most often and I’m sure you get a ton of traffic through it on a daily basis, whether it be your own family or your neighbors.

We have all had our summer parties, picnics and get-togethers. You have a ton of plastic plates, plastic ware, paper cups and napkins stashed in the cabinets and pantry. I’m sure half of them are opened and falling out all over the place. Get a packing box and toss those along with the extra condiments – mustard, ketchup, hot sauce, seasoned salt – all the things you use primarily for picnics – and store them in the basement. It will instantly help clean up the clutter and get your kitchen looking cleaner than ever.

Another way to help clean up the kitchen is to use a little elbow grease and finally get rid of the dirt and scum that has been building up in your oven and on the stove. These are such tedious jobs that you never want to actually accomplish, but once it is all said and done, you will think you refurbished the entire kitchen!

Another spot that most people tend to let go is the master bedroom, especially if you have kids and are worried about their rooms instead of your own. Don’t let this happen, but if it does, take the time this Fall to clean up so that you actually know what your entire carpeting looks like!

Take the tons of shoes you have thrown on the ground and put them in a shoe rack. Take the summer clothes that you won’t be wearing anymore this year – including tank tops, bathing suits and sundresses – and put them a storage case until the weather breaks again. You will be amazed at how much clutter is removed by just taking the time to do it!

Clean the baseboards of the master bedroom too. Dust off the dressers and throw any and all of the bed sheets and comforters in the washer and dryer.

Mark my word – after spending a weekend of cleaning up these two rooms, you will feel like a whole new person! But don’t get too comfortable, you have a lot more rooms to clean before you can take it easy til the Spring.

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