Sep 12, 2013

Top Activities for Kids to Enjoy While Getting Fit

In a time where being entertained with technology and video games is commonplace for most kids, it can be easy for there to be a lack of motivation for outdoor activities or playing without handheld game systems. This has resulted in a lack of mobility and even obesity, making it crucial to reinforce having fun with physical activity.

Indoor Trampoline Park

Known as one of the most popular places to have fun in recent years, indoor trampoline parks are praised for their spacious centers that allow kids to bounce off the floors and walls with safety. These indoor play centres make it easy to do flips, play dodgeball, and even fall into soft cubes for a fun way to exercise and stay active.


With record-breaking temperatures during the warm summer months, there's nothing quite as refreshing as visiting an indoor or outdoor pool at a local community center. Not only will the kids be able to enjoy jumping off of the diving board and swimming laps, but they'll gain an ample amount of exercise without even realizing it.

Many pools even host certain games for kids, promoting exercise while still staying cool in the water. Between Marco Polo to finding pennies underwater, they'll be able to get fit while beating the heat.


Geocaching is one of the latest ways to have an adventure in the local community, often organized by several people and requiring a handheld GPS on a phone to find certain caches or containers that have further instructions. In many cases, it requires hiking or walking to a certain location, providing a great way to have mobility during the day while still feeling like you're on a treasure hunt.

For kids, it's a fun way to spend the day reading notes left behind by other geocachers while leaving their own and searching for the next cache they want to find.


Rollerskating is a great way to gain a bit of speed while also exercising for kids, making it easy to visit indoor rollerskating rinks that play music while skating laps. Games are often hosted at the indoor play centres for a great way to have fun while getting a bit of cardio.

Similarly, visiting an ice skating rink provides the same type of workout and can even become a hobby for children.

Dance Games

Although it's important for kids to explore the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air, they can still exercise indoors with their video games. Several games are available that promote dance competitions and even allow playing sports right in the comfort of the living room for a great way to increase the heart rate and enjoy a round of tennis or soccer.

Low-intensity workout games include "Sean White Snowboarding: Road Trip" for the Wii, as well as "Walk it Out." For those who want more speed, "Punch Out!!" and "EA Sports Active 2" will provide a great challenge physically.

This post comes from Chipmunks, who have locations in Sydney and Perth. If you're looking for an indoor play centre, where your kids can get physically active, while having fun at the same time.

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