Sep 22, 2013

Getting Benefits of Adjustable Height Desks

When it comes to today’s business issue, one of the most significant things that every employer always considers is about finding the right office furniture to increase the opportunity of their staffs to be more productive. Generally, work force will need supporting work place to be able to perform their jobs well; therefore the chosen office furniture are supposed to be ergonomic ones as this kind of furniture can offer the best comfort and productivity to the user.

Adjustable height desks

Not only office chairs that should be ergonomic, the right office desks should also facilitate every employee to be healthier, happier and able to work harder. To reach these goals, business owners can’t depend on fixed position desks anymore. Cornell University has accomplished a related study about the advantages of an electrical height adjustable desk -compared to unadjustable desks. This research has successfully approved that the usage of electric height-adjustable work surfaces can really decrease the severeness of musculoskeletal pain for the most part of upper body areas -such as back, neck and shoulder aches- and led to the improvement of working productivity ratings.


An adjustable height desk is an ideal ergonomic desk for you and your employees as it will support everyone to work comfortably and also improve their general health. Changing office furniture from sitting desks to adjustable height desks would be a valuable investment and business solution.  But if you are still wondering whether it’s beneficial or not to change existing fixed position desks, you may Read more about adjustable height desks online to obtain comprehensive information on the potential benefits that you may have.


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