Mar 30, 2013

Pumpkin Flower

 We have this plant in the back yard.

Advertising Laws that Businesses Should Know to Stay Away from Lawsuits

Advertising is one of the most common ways businesses use to attract their customers to make a purchase. However, many times, businesses can go overboard with their advertising in order to get more and more customers to buy their product. While this may get you customers in the short term, it can lead to severe legal complications that can ruin your business. In order to protect consumers, the advertising laws have been made strict and are required to be followed accurately. If you want your business to stay away from unnecessary lawsuits, here are some advertising laws that you should remember:


Indulging in the practice of offering deceptive pricing to customers is one of the major advertising laws that can land companies in trouble. Claiming the usual stock price of a product as a special offer is considered to be deceptive. If your product is sold at $5 usually, you cannot make a claim saying ‘$5 for today only’.

Another common pricing misconception that can lead to legal complications is overvaluing bulk purchases. If your product sells at $10, you cannot make an advertising claim stating ‘2 for only $20’, since it makes the customers believe that the product is being offered at a lower price if more of it is purchased. In both cases, customers can file a lawsuit against the company if they find out that they were cheated.

If the company claims that incorrect prices were advertised in a campaign and wants to charge higher than those prices, they are not allowed to do so. If a certain price was advertised for a product, even as a result of a mistake, the company is held responsible for it and is eligible to sell the product at the advertised price to all their customers.


When making claims regarding the information of your product; including its features, functions and pricing, no misleading information should be provided. Any claim that is made by the company in an advertisement should be backed up by proof and facts. If the company is unable to provide the proof to back up its claims, they can get into legal complications. If there is a chance that the information can be taken negatively in any way, it is necessary for the company to issue a disclaimer along with it so that they can protect themselves from unnecessary legal complications.

Description / Representation

If descriptions or visual representations are used in an advertising campaign, they should not be misleading in any way. The pictures or the description used in the advertising campaign should be accurate representations of the actual product. This includes the size of the product as shown in the image, the right product features depicted in the description, and all other product aspects that are illicitly mentioned or can be perceived by the customers.


Using any advertising tactics that attract customers under false pretences is also wrong. One of the most commonly used practices is the bait and switch strategy, where companies advertise limited stocks of products at very low prices. When the customer comes to make a purchase, they are told that the product is out of stock and instead they are sold another product that is lesser in value. If the customers find out that they were cheated in that way, they have a right to file a lawsuit against the company for fraud.

Fraud lawyers specializing in business crimes can help you understand how you can save your business from using any illegal practice unknowingly. Before you design any form of communication material to interact with your customers, it is always better to get it reviewed by a lawyer to ensure that it will not result in any unnecessary legal consequences. 

Author’s Bio: Diyana Wilson is a practicing criminal lawyer, specializing in business crimes. Diyana frequently writes about various legal issues that people can face as a result of any unfortunate event, such as falling victim to fraudulent activity. Before you sign any business or personal documents, make sure to get them reviewed by a trusted attorney. For more information on fraudulent and other legal cases, visit this page.

How Promotional Items Can Help Businesses

It is a known fact that companies, large or small, give promotional products as giveaways to people, to promote their brand or new products that they introduce to the market. This is a marketing strategy recognized by marketers and a good way to introduce their products or brand to their potential customers. Promotional items as giveaways are good as ways to make people aware that these companies have these products and these are already available. The market is already available for consumers needing the products after these are launched by the companies concerned. These are promotional products that can really help businesses because of the creation of awareness to potential clients after these are given as giveaways. Usually, the company name, product, or brand is printed in the products given as giveaways. This will have an impact on customers, in terms of recall, especially if the products given as giveaways are useful to the receivers.

For the promotional items to be effective as giveaways, these should be readily available to companies because they need these items in their events planned. They may have promotional events sponsored in some places, or trade shows to attend, and they will need these items immediately. The availability of these promotional products is important because they will loose on the opportunities if the event, product launching, or trade shows are already happening and they don’t have the promotional items with them. If you are sponsoring a promotional event and the promotional products you want as giveaways are still to be ordered from another place, the time may be against your favor, and you will not receive the products on time. In this situation, you will loose on the opportunity and your marketing efforts may just be to no avail. Thus, you need to make sure that these promotional products are available in your place.

When you are on a trade show, you need to remember that you are not the only company in this show. There is a high probability that there are also other companies offering the same products, or at least similar to what you have. Thus, the importance of promotional items will be emphasized here, especially if what you have are those that will create an impact on your potential customers. If you have promotional products that are very much usable to potential clients, this will create a big impact, and you will feel this in the days to come. This will be of big help to your business, so you need to make sure that you have the promotional products always ready, and availability of these products is very important. Suppliers of these promotional products should always have there stocks on hand, in case that you make your orders, and you need delivery of these items fast.

Electronic gadgets, gadget accessories, and other high tech electronic items are cool products that are good as giveaways. These can be the cool promotional items you give as giveaways to your potential customers, especially if you are targeting the youth. There are many items you can choose from, although the usability of these promotional products you intend to give to your potential customers has to be identified. The importance of wide availability of potential products you want to give as giveaways have to be there also. It is important that you will have a wide choice because you can also vary the promotional products you want to give. You may want to give different product kinds for the different age groups of your intended recipients. It can be obvious that your choice of gift promotional products for males can be different from your female potential customers, so you may want the wider choice.

The promotional items you want to order as giveaways should be appealing to your intended recipients. It may not be a problem because you have promotional product suppliers that have wide availability of these products. However, it is important that you know these suppliers well, and they can supply your needs because you may want immediate deliveries. If you have an unplanned trade show to join and you need these promotional products fast, it is important that these suppliers can supply your needs fast. This is one main reason that you need to have suppliers in your place so that your needs will be answered immediately. Suppliers that can supply your needs directly are those to be preferred. If you have suppliers that will refer you to distributors, you will lose on the opportunity, and you will have that big probability that you will not have the promotional items on time.

Acquiring these promotional items directly from your suppliers can also save you not only on time but also on the amount of money you have to invest in these promotional products. If you will be directed to a distributor or you will pass to different stages in the purchase process, the prices of these promotional product giveaways may already be higher. With suppliers who will sell you directly, you will incur savings because prices will surely be lower. You will have plenty of savings, in the amount of waiting for deliveries made and also on the pricing of your product giveaways. You don’t have to rely on promotional product suppliers who will offer you lower prices, especially if their supply is coming from other places because there is a big tendency that deliveries will not be on time. If you have these emergency events to attend and you need the promotional items, there will be a big possibility that you will not have these available.

Suppliers that have the promotional items you need always available in their inventories will be the suppliers you need. This is because you will have the promotional products when you need it. If you are launching a new product and you will say to your potential customers that you will just send the giveaways to them, you may have lost on the opportunities you already have acquired. What is important is that your intended users will have the promotional giveaways with them, when they leave.

Author bio:
This will have a very big impact on your intended customers, and a big help to your business. It helps Customers choose the most suitable Promotional Items [] for their advertising campaigns and take a pride in developing a close working relationship with his Promotional Products Supplier clients.

Mar 29, 2013

Sky Watch: Chasing Clouds

 Chasing unique clouds is interesting. I captured and chased these clouds from moving car. Don’t worry; it’s my husband who’s driving :) 

Mar 28, 2013

The Ways to Have Professional Look

Congrats on your first job! Like everyone who entering a new world; you’ll feel not only enthusiastic but also rather nervous. If your workplace and profession need you to look professional, are you still often confused when choosing the right outfits to work?


Getting professional look shouldn’t cause you in fashion trouble. Wearing a few business suits such as Bogosse women’s shirt, formal blouse, skirt, pants and jacket is never wrong. You can create different appearance every day by mix and match! When I still work, my usual work clothing was pencil skirts, blouses, long-sleeve shirts and neutral-colored blazers.


You may also have other specific classic workwear pieces that would make you professional and classy. Try to collect some pantsuits in your wardrobe. Pantsuit is a pair of pants and a matching jacket worn by women. You can easily get various looks by combining the pantsuit with different formal tops. Accessories like scarves and simple jewelry items will enrich your appearance.


If you want to put on a dress to work; the perfect type to choose is a wrap dress. This dress will flatter your figure and look elegant on you. Perhaps you already have several straight skirts, but have you ever tried a flippy skirt? Flippy skirts give you feminine touch yet they are still office skirts.      


You can always rely on plaid pants; they are always suitable in the office environment. To look special, you may mix it up with a vest, belted sweater or jacket over your top piece. Don’t forget to collect long-sleeve shirts in neutral colors; they are must-have work attire in your wardrobe. You may visit and contact to see and shop their shirts collection!


In short words, formal business apparel for women in most workplaces includes business suits (a matched skirt and jacket) and pantsuits (a matched pants and blazer). Closed-toe shoes, neat hair, proper jewelry and elegant makeup are much suggested to complete your appearance.

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