Aug 31, 2011

Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes Have Many Rewards When Comparing Regular Cigarette

We’ve all heard plenty about electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as the e cig, and the benefits they have for your health. So let’s ignore that aspect as read and concentrate on some other good stuff.

1: The electronic cigarette doesn’t give off any ash because it is not lit by fire and it does not burn. Any smoker will tell you that ash is a major problem in the home, in the car, everywhere you go. It looks bad. It smells. It gets on your clothes and into your skin. You turn up for a job interview having smoked that nervous cigarette and there is ash all over your nice suite. Result? No job. You don’t get that with electronic cigarettes. The e cig is clean and free of ash.

2: There’s no risk of fire with something you do not ignite, and which is neither hot nor burning. Remember those horrendous fire videos they used to show you at school? You know, the ones with the guy that went to sleep with a lit cigarette in his hands and ended up burning his whole street down? The electronic cigarettes carry no risk of this whatsoever. Your e cig is pretty much harmless in the accidental firebug stakes. Yes there is a battery to consider but the likelihood of a battery causing a house fire is less by millions of magnitudes than the chances of a lit cigarette doing the same thing.

3: Electronic cigarettes do not smell. They have flavour but no odour. You can smoke an e cig anywhere you like, right next to people who hate smoking, and unless they are looking straight at you they won’t even know you are doing it. There is no lingering smell clinging to skin, hair and fabrics. You no longer have to leave the room to smoke. You can turn up anywhere smelling as clean and fresh as you did when you left the house. You can kiss people in clubs without tasting like an ashtray or the inside of a volcano.

4: Electronic cigarettes are flavoured. You can pick any flavour you like. Fruity, minty, tobacco – whatever floats your boat, you can have. That means there’s more choice in teh e cig world than there ever was with tobacco. All the tobacco brands used to vie with each other to claim that their taste was smoother or lighter or more vanilla filled – but we all knew it was basically a choice of strong, mild or weak. The electronic version gives real choice in terms of look and taste.

5: The electronic cigarette is about style as well as nicotine. Real style. You can choose electronic cigarettes in all kinds of formats – mini; maxi; torpedo; even ones that look like pens. Choose the look, weight and feel that fits your lifestyle best. Your E cigarette is a statement not just of the intent not to smoke – but of the intent to enjoy life as you wish to enjoy it. If you are a nicotine addict and don’t want to come off the stuff, at least you can take it in style, right out in the open where everyone can see.

6: electronic cigarettes are way cheaper in the long run. Your e cig will cost you so much less than smoking tobacco that you will probably be able to see your way clear to a major expense at the end of the first year.

About the Author:
Britney Danila is associated with various health institutes as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best electronic cigarette companies and is been offering various ways to stop smoking and switch to electric cigarettes.

Aug 30, 2011

Longlife Profession

There are some people around us who have undergone their professions for many years.

Yesterday, when my husband wanted to have his hair cut, he preferred to choose an old barber who has ever cut his hair since he was a little boy. My husband said that the barber shop still looks the same; but now there’s a small store in the shop that also belongs to him.

Pak Dilla (Mr. Dilla), that’s how my husband calls him, was also his teacher in elementary school many years ago. Pak Dilla undergoes two professions for years; and after he didn’t teach anymore, he still helps people to cut their hair.

The barber profession has been run since 1969. Pak Dilla said that it’s done only for supporting his family’s life. But I can see that he really enjoys the job!

Aug 29, 2011

Toston (Cosmos Sulfureus)

It's my late entry. I've been at my FIL's house for four days; together with other BILs and SILs. Since it's time to gather with all families, I have no much time to sit in the front of laptop, but I don't want to miss this meme.

I can see that the wild species growing well here (Bogor, Indonesia). It is a tall (4-6 feet) short-day plant that flowering with orange flowers, rarely yellow.Today's Flowers

Aug 26, 2011

Sky Watch: Green Paddy Fields

I'm at my FIL's house now. It takes about ten hours to reach my husband's home town. There were traffic jams on some spots, but it isn't the severe one. I share here a few of beauties that I saw during the car ride.

The weather was so hot and bright. I saw more dry fields and rivers. It seemed that the rain hasn't yet been falling for months there.

Aug 24, 2011

The Story behind the Wedding Makeup

Every bride wants to look beautiful in her wedding day, same with me. I felt happy in my wedding day as all friends; families and relatives praised me as a beautiful bride. They said I was ‘manglingi’. Manglingi is a local term that you say to the bride if you feel amazed with her look.

Only closest people knew that six months ahead I’ve got severe acnes on my two cheeks. It’s a kind of suppurated acnes. My face skin can’t bear the makeup. I must have some expensive facial treatments; but the result weren’t satisfied at all. I still can see acnes -in the rows- on my cheeks.

At that time, my husband joined a sport club. I sometimes accompanied him there. One of his friends offered me Chinese medicine skin-care cream to treat my acnes. It has no brand and the price was cheap; but I didn’t know why, I just wanted to try it.

The cream really worked. The acnes had gone and they left no trace on my cheeks. So happy with the amazing result, we tried to meet him whom offered me the medicine- to say thanks. It’s a pity that we didn’t have his phone number and people in the sport club said that he very seldom came to the club anymore.

It happened nine years ago; my face is just fine until now, I hope this 'secret' cream was really a safe product.

Traveling to Odessa, Ukraine

Ladies, have you ever known a wonderful place called Odessa? For you who prefer to visit culturally-rich places to world shopping places, why don’t you travel to Odessa Ukraine? Odessa is a town in Ukraine, a nation in Eastern Europe. Located in southern Ukraine, Odessa is a main seaport on the Black Sea shore. Once I saw pictures of some scenic spots in Odessa, this city is already becoming one of my dream destinations. The old town part of Odessa will amaze you!

If you have decided to really explore Odessa, you wouldn’t have problem with accommodation, since
hotels in Odessa are already available to offer best service to you. When it comes to choose a right hotel, it would be better for you to choose a hotel which not only give good service, but also has a good location.
Located on Derebasovskaya Street, the most historic center of Odessa, 4star Continental Hotel could be your best option. Every room of this hotel is provided with climate control system, TV, phone, internet access, mini bar, and safe. If you like historical thing, you can discover the beauty of the hotel’s structure itself since it’s a good sample of architecture in XIX century. Staying in Continental Hotel makes you easy to reach famous places around Odessa. If you crave to stay longer, you can rent Odessa apartments there.

Ladies, to know any special discount offer on hotel rooms and new apartments for rent, you must visit At this official website, you can make your online reservations from your home. Happy traveling to Odessa!

Aug 23, 2011

A Week After

Almost a week after Indonesia Independence day (August 17th), our national flags are still flying, waving and displayed. Here are some of them. First pic was captured at the entrance of the housing that we live, and the second pic was a walking two-wheeled buggy with the flag banners as the background.

Aug 22, 2011

Purple Lantana

The common names are Trailing lantana, trailing shrubverbena, weeping lantana
This shrub plants have simple, opposite, and smaller leaves with a finer texture than Lantana camara. The flowers are small and arranged in clusters.
Today's Flowers

Sweet Saturday : Keep It Coming!

According to Jona, I suppose to talk about about how to encourage my spouse’s good habits, characters or attitudes. It’s my very late entry for Sweet Saturday, it’s already Sunday night here!

I just share a little here; as I’m sleepy and still not in good mood to write more. Yesterday I heard unenjoyable news about my father’s condition that made me sad and worried a whole day.

Well, there are two good habits of my hubby that I love:
He always says “I love you” to me several times, every day.
He always hugs and kisses me before going to sleep and leaving home for work.

He has new good habits that I want him to carry on and keep:
He prefers coffee with less sugar now.
He still can’t stop smoking but he has decreased his cigarette consumption.

I don’t need to encourage him to do the first two habits; but I still remind him to keep his concistency in reducing sugar and cigarette.

Aug 19, 2011

Above the Clouds

A cloud is made of billows upon billows upon billows that look like clouds. As you come closer to a cloud you don't get something smooth, but irregularities at a smaller scale – Benoit Mandelbrot

Before we had airplanes and astronauts, we really thought that there was an actual place beyond the clouds, somewhere over the rainbow. There was an actual place, and we could go above the clouds and find it there – Barbara Walters
These clouds captured from a plane’s window. How small we are!
I've just known the sad news. This post will be dedicated to the memory of Klaus Peter (1960-2011). I believe that you're above the clouds now. Rest in peace.

Aug 16, 2011

Sibling Harmony, Sibling Rivalry

Meet Fira and Rafa, my brother’s children. They are a good example of sibling harmony. When I was at their home for several days, I’ve never seen them quarelling. They can be good friends each other. Perhaps it’s because Fira is five years older than his brother. There’s no competeness between them.

Sibling rivalry usually occurs between siblings that close-in-age. Competing often takes roles in their relationship. Instead of being friends, they more tend to compete and fight each other. Since it can give you severe headache and anxiety, it’s better to try avoiding sibling rivalry earlier. Based on an article that I read at; here are some ways that you can do to make your children be friends to one another:

Make them friends before birth. Get your older child introduced and awared with the new baby before birth.

Make the older sib feel important. Give her/him a little job as Mom’s assistant.

Share your time for them both. While feeding the baby, you could read a book to the older sib.

While you’re busy with the baby, ask dad and other caregivers to spend more times with the older.

If it’s probable, begin most days with caring your toddler first.

For older children, you should set limits and rules, build a team spirit in your family, reduce comparisons, encourage empathy, pay attention to both sides, and apply humorous way. Always remind them that sibling is forever and tell your children that each of them is your favorite and special.

Aug 14, 2011

Torenia (Torenia Fournieri)

Torenia, or wishbone flower, is an annual flower that blooms in shade and hot, humid weather. Torenia forms a compact bundle about a foot high with lots of branches. Leaves are oval or heart-shaped. The flowers look a bit like open-faced snapdragons with prominent markings on the petals. The most major color has been blue flowers, but newer varieties are pink, light blue, and white.

These Torenia flowers were captured inside Nusantara Flower Park Cipanas (West Java, Indonesia). They grow well there! Today's Flowers

Aug 13, 2011

Sweet Saturday : Stop It!

When a wife wants to say these words:”Stop it!” to her husband; possibly it’s about his annoying or bad habits that irritate her much.

My husband is a smoker. I really hate his smoking habit. You might ask why I got married with a smoker then. What I can say, love isn’t a logical thing, right? Until now, he still can’t stop this habit, but while he’s smoking, I don’t want nearing him.

My dream is to see him quit smoking. I have asked him several times. Everytime I ask, he’s seldom said something, and keeps smoking until now. I avoid forcing him, as I prefer to give him explanation and my arguments. But it hasn’t been successful yet. He’s ever answered once, “I want to stop, but it’s very hard”. Sigh.

The funny part is, no matter how angry you are because of his bad habits, you still love your husband…

Stunning Curly Hair Style for You

Most women always want to have beautiful look every day. Looking attractive is important as it can enhance every woman’s self confidence. One of women’s most interests is having healthy and stylish hair. To reach it, some women don’t mind to pay extra money to maintain their wonderful hair.

For styling their hair by themselves, lots of women have obtained benefits by using styling tools such as Hair Curlers and hair straighteners. With the help of advanced technology, a woman can change her natural hair into straight or curly hair style without any hassle anymore.

When it comes to curly hair, have you noticed that wavy and curly hair style tend to hit again? Nowadays, many women with straight hair would like to get different look by curling their hair. They start choosing for the right Curling Irons to create natural curly hair style that their want.

Styling your straight hair with small curls or big waves is always enjoyable, in only minutes, you’ll get an attractive new look! Curling irons allow you to reshape your hair in different ways. Since it’s a type of hair styling tool that you’ll often use it; to keep your hair healthy, you should only use Hot Tools curling iron which has high quality. The question is, where can you find the best curling irons?

Ladies, you should get your curling iron at the hair and styling tools experts such as Flat Iron Experts that has over eight years experience in professional beauty industry. They recommend top 3 best curling irons: Hot Tools Professional Spring Curling Iron, Babyliss Pro Tourmaline Ceramic Curling Iron, and Babyliss Pro Ceramic curling Iron. Choose one that most suits your specific needs and budget!

If you really crave to buy one of top 3 best curling irons at, you have to be hurriedly. For Canada and USA women, you can get free shipping if you spend more $50. There’s also a great offer: you’ll get three free items as $80 value if you shop over $100. Check it out NOW as this great offer will end at August 13th 2011! Have a lovely curly hair, ladies!

Aug 12, 2011

Sky Watch : After Crossing

After crossing Madura strait with Suramadu Bridge, we reached Bangkalan city on Madura Island, Indonesia. My first impression: a hot and dry land!

It’s my first time to visit this island; but we have no time to travel around the island. Soon we turned around and crossing the bridge back to Surabaya city in Java Island. Entering Surabaya again, we stopped by a while to see the bridge and Madura strait from the edge. Sky Watch Friday

Aug 11, 2011

Junior High School Reunion Souvenir

I don't want to eat them!

I supposed to attend my Junior High School Reunion that held at July 10th 2011 in Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). But I couldn’t come as my father had to be hospitalized at that time.

Fortunately, when I traveled to Surabaya two weeks ago, I can meet some old friends and had lunch together. A friend gave me these souvenirs: mug, pin, T-shirt and chocolates. Nice!

If you’re wondering what it means; let me explain a little here. My junior high school was SMPN 12 or Public Junior High School 12 Surabaya. Rolas means 12 in English; it’s not a word in Indonesian language, it’s local language.

Aug 9, 2011

What to Wear for Airplane Travel

Don’t let the hassle in preparing your travel makes you don’t consider a little bit about what you should wear onto the plane. Ensure that you’ve dressed properly to keep away from any issue. Do you plan to have a flight in a short time ahead? Here are some tips for you (data

Use comfy shoes that can simply slip on and off. Leave your knee high boots or high heels that have many straps. It’s recommended to wear ballet flats or sneakers instead. You may use flip-flops, but it may be chilly on the plain and you’ll get cold feet.

Wear lightweight pants. Instead of wearing jeans, it’s better for drawstring pants or dress pants that are soft, comfortable and won't wrinkle.

Make sure that you have comfortable underwear on.

Bring a coverup with you such as a comfy zip up sweater for a plane ride. While not using it, you can tie the sweater around your waist or tie it onto your luggage.

Women should avoid wearing long hair up in anything but a ponytail.

Avoid wearing heavy metal items like silver belt buckles, oversize earrings, loose change, watches, and heavy chain-link necklaces. It can trigger a metal detector alarm.

Ruby Tuesday

Aug 8, 2011

White Beauties

It's my very late entry for Today's Flowers. Thanks for identifying the flowers' name on my last week post. I'll remember their names : Torenia and Petunia. This time I share another flowers inside the green house (Nusantara Flower Park Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). Sorry, I also don't know their names and I don't have time to search it.

Aug 6, 2011

At the Boarding Room

Last Thursday, July28th 2011, we traveled to Surabaya (East Java, Indonesia). We spent almost one week in Surabaya, at my brother’s home. Waiting for our flight at the boarding room Soekarno Hatta Airport (Jakarta, Indonesia), we chatted and took some photos. My father was sleeping.

The flight was enjoyable. We reached Surabaya in only one hour ahead.

Aug 5, 2011

For Your Comfortable Sleep and Lovely Bedroom

Ladies, have you ever heard about beauty sleep? Lots of women believe that having sufficient amount of sleep is a must in obtaining fresh and healthy bodies. Adequate sleep can really make you appear attractive and fresh!

In fact, you don’t need only adequate amount of sleep every day; you also require a comfortable sleep that very important to keep you always fit, fresh and re-energized. After every comfortable sleep, you’ll feel relaxed, peaceful and powerful enough to do your activities in the new day. If you often lack of sleep, the tiredness and work inefficiency would attach to your daily life. It can lessen your quality of life!

Since getting comfortable sleep is very crucial, you should do things to ensure that you feel comfy enough on your bed. Using comfy sleepwear, choosing the right bed and quality bedding are things that you should pay more attention. Fortunately, you don’t need to search here and there anymore to find high quality bedding. At online boutique Layla Grayce, you’ll find different elegant bedding accessories including sheets, pillow, pillowcases, coverlets, and many other more.

Layla Grayce provides you with premium quality and lovely design bedding from famous brands, such as Matteo, Annette Tatum, Bella Notte, and Dwell Studio. If you crave to add vintage style to your bedroom, Matteo collection can be your option. With the help of Layla Grayce, getting comfortable sleep and beautiful bedroom is not hard anymore!

5 Ways to Enjoy Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy, though a beautiful experience, isn't always the most comfortable of nine months. And while rewarding at the end, when your beautiful new baby arrives, the journey along the way can be fraught with back pain, front pain, tiredness, sickness and a myriad of other issues. But don't let it get you down. In addition to experiencing something no man has ever had the joy to, pregnancy can also be a fun time, and here's how:

1. Don't stop shopping
If you're like a lot of women, you live for shopping. And while in normal times you may practice restraint and only buy the odd item here or there, consider this... when pregnant your size changes, it’s like gaining or losing a great deal of weight -- you need a new wardrobe. While maternity wear may not be your ideal shopping category, some of the clothing made today is truly stunning, and designer! Head online and use your growing size as an excuse to shop for a new wardrobe!

2. Pamper
Being pregnant and having the many ailments you do, is also an excuse to pamper. Most mums never put themselves first, but carrying a baby and feeling the tiredness and nausea are a great excuse. Make yourself feel better -- have a spa treatment, a massage or just get your nails done. You deserve it!

3. Eat 
Ok, being pregnant doesn't mean you should do your best to put on 100kgs of non-baby weight, but it does mean you have a little bit of leeway -- you're eating for two after all. When not pregnant, many women watch what they eat and stay away from the things that ultimately are their biggest pleasures. Use your pregnancy as an opportunity to get back in touch with your taste buds. You don't have to say no to that piece of chocolate or a slice of birthday cake at work anymore -- forget your figure and enjoy yourself!

4. Get in touch with your inner child
Jump on the Internet and buy some online
toys. Think about all the things you wanted as a child and scour through pages of amazing and awe inspiring toys until you find them for your child. This activity is not only fun, but it will take you back! Feel the nostalgia from images of toys you played with as a child and picture the fun you'll have with your baby on the way!

5. Milk it for all it’s worth! 
You shouldn't think it -- but yes, being pregnant is a great opportunity to milk it for all it’s worth! Not to the detriment of others, but just to gain a few small pleasures. Being pregnant means ALWAYS getting a seat on the bus or train, people generally treating you nicely or speaking kindly to you even if they don't know you, never having to lift anything and getting out of chores you might usually do. Why not let your partner know you're just too tired to cook that night, or your aching feet need a massage?

Sky Watch : the Suramadu Bridge

It’s my first time to see and cross the bridge. We (I, my husband, and my father) did it last Monday, while I was still in Surabaya (East Java Province, Indonesia).

The Suramadu Bridge also known as the Surabaya-Madura Bridge, is a bridge with three cable-stayed sections constructed between Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura in Indonesia. Opened on June 10, 2009, the 5.4-km bridge is the longest in Indonesia and the first bridge to cross the Madura Strait (source:Wikipedia).

It takes about fifteen minutes to pass through the bridge. All pictures were captured from a moving car (except the last one); as it isn’t allowed to stop by along the bridge.

Paintball Guns Workout

What do you do to get amusement? Have you noticed the innovative and creative ways that people do to entertain themselves? Some people prefer to play virtual games. The recent advanced technology in virtual games can make you feel real in the middle of the action.

Some other people prefer to actually involve as a real player in a game or workout. Playing basketball, football, soccer, volleyball is kind of common sports. But since people like trying a new, exciting, and full of action workout; there’s an increase in people who like playing paintball guns nowadays. Have you ever tried this game?

For your information, in a paintball game, players will be generally parted into two teams. This game is a type of hunting and survival one. Each player in each team would spread out in a playing area. Using a paintball gun like Azodin Blitz paintball guns; players would hunt the players of the different team by shooting them with the guns.

These guns will spew out paint balls. The player who’s been hit can be identified easily as the colorful splashes of paint would be noticeable on the person. As being hit, the player can’t play anymore. The winner team is the one that has more ‘alive’ members.

If you are really interested to try this game, there are things that you should consider first. Don’t forget to always consider safety is the first. To avoid any injury, you must wear a protective outfit.

The main equipment used in the game that you should have is, of course, the paintball gun or marker. There are varieties of paintball guns in the market; you should choose one that you can afford and meet your needs. If you don’t know the right place to get all needed equipments in lower prices, you’ll find that playing paintball guns is very costly.

The cost of the paintball gun depends on the firing system, model and brand. According to its firing system, your paintball marker may use electro-pneumatic, electro-mechanical, mechanical, and pump. If you have limited budget, you can search online stores that offer quality paintball guns in lower prices.

To avoid over money spending, don’t hesitate to do the online search to get best prices; it’s really worth! Saving money is always becoming your most concern, right? When it comes to having fun and workout, playing paintball guns can become your option. If you’re an active person, you may like this game!

Aug 2, 2011

Before Taking Off

When it comes to my last flight, I saw lots of red things; from the boarding room to the plane inside.

It’s Tuesday morning here, this afternoon I’ll go back home with my husband by train. My father decided to stay in my brother’s home in Surabaya (East Java Province, Indonesia) longer, as he should attend several more hajj training ahead. I’ll miss him.Ruby Tuesday

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