Aug 30, 2011

Longlife Profession

There are some people around us who have undergone their professions for many years.

Yesterday, when my husband wanted to have his hair cut, he preferred to choose an old barber who has ever cut his hair since he was a little boy. My husband said that the barber shop still looks the same; but now there’s a small store in the shop that also belongs to him.

Pak Dilla (Mr. Dilla), that’s how my husband calls him, was also his teacher in elementary school many years ago. Pak Dilla undergoes two professions for years; and after he didn’t teach anymore, he still helps people to cut their hair.

The barber profession has been run since 1969. Pak Dilla said that it’s done only for supporting his family’s life. But I can see that he really enjoys the job!

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