Aug 26, 2011

Sky Watch: Green Paddy Fields

I'm at my FIL's house now. It takes about ten hours to reach my husband's home town. There were traffic jams on some spots, but it isn't the severe one. I share here a few of beauties that I saw during the car ride.

The weather was so hot and bright. I saw more dry fields and rivers. It seemed that the rain hasn't yet been falling for months there.

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Smalltown RN August 26, 2011  

The fields look so lush and healthy...wonderful photographs!

Chubskulit Rose August 26, 2011  

Lovely shots of the rice field, reminds me of my childhood hehhe!

My skywatch please drop by if you have time. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous August 26, 2011  

Lovely contrast between the green and the blue of the sky.

DJ August 26, 2011  

Hi I'm arriving here from Skywatch. Rice fields remind me of my childhood as well. Great photos.

Jane August 26, 2011  

Great landscapes, hope the rice plots will get some much needed rainfall to grow there. Thanks for sharing:)

Kim, USA August 27, 2011  

These looks everything here is fresh. Looks like I am looking the Philippines.


OSeñorita August 27, 2011  

Beautiful scenic view!!!

intan August 27, 2011  

green is beautiful and very good as media therapy

thomas August 27, 2011  

Lovely paddy field,i love those terraced ones.

Tatjana Parkacheva August 28, 2011  

Very nice photos.


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