Aug 24, 2011

Traveling to Odessa, Ukraine

Ladies, have you ever known a wonderful place called Odessa? For you who prefer to visit culturally-rich places to world shopping places, why don’t you travel to Odessa Ukraine? Odessa is a town in Ukraine, a nation in Eastern Europe. Located in southern Ukraine, Odessa is a main seaport on the Black Sea shore. Once I saw pictures of some scenic spots in Odessa, this city is already becoming one of my dream destinations. The old town part of Odessa will amaze you!

If you have decided to really explore Odessa, you wouldn’t have problem with accommodation, since
hotels in Odessa are already available to offer best service to you. When it comes to choose a right hotel, it would be better for you to choose a hotel which not only give good service, but also has a good location.
Located on Derebasovskaya Street, the most historic center of Odessa, 4star Continental Hotel could be your best option. Every room of this hotel is provided with climate control system, TV, phone, internet access, mini bar, and safe. If you like historical thing, you can discover the beauty of the hotel’s structure itself since it’s a good sample of architecture in XIX century. Staying in Continental Hotel makes you easy to reach famous places around Odessa. If you crave to stay longer, you can rent Odessa apartments there.

Ladies, to know any special discount offer on hotel rooms and new apartments for rent, you must visit At this official website, you can make your online reservations from your home. Happy traveling to Odessa!

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