Aug 24, 2011

The Story behind the Wedding Makeup

Every bride wants to look beautiful in her wedding day, same with me. I felt happy in my wedding day as all friends; families and relatives praised me as a beautiful bride. They said I was ‘manglingi’. Manglingi is a local term that you say to the bride if you feel amazed with her look.

Only closest people knew that six months ahead I’ve got severe acnes on my two cheeks. It’s a kind of suppurated acnes. My face skin can’t bear the makeup. I must have some expensive facial treatments; but the result weren’t satisfied at all. I still can see acnes -in the rows- on my cheeks.

At that time, my husband joined a sport club. I sometimes accompanied him there. One of his friends offered me Chinese medicine skin-care cream to treat my acnes. It has no brand and the price was cheap; but I didn’t know why, I just wanted to try it.

The cream really worked. The acnes had gone and they left no trace on my cheeks. So happy with the amazing result, we tried to meet him whom offered me the medicine- to say thanks. It’s a pity that we didn’t have his phone number and people in the sport club said that he very seldom came to the club anymore.

It happened nine years ago; my face is just fine until now, I hope this 'secret' cream was really a safe product.

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