Aug 31, 2011

Smokeless Electronic Cigarettes Have Many Rewards When Comparing Regular Cigarette

We’ve all heard plenty about electronic cigarettes, otherwise known as the e cig, and the benefits they have for your health. So let’s ignore that aspect as read and concentrate on some other good stuff.

1: The electronic cigarette doesn’t give off any ash because it is not lit by fire and it does not burn. Any smoker will tell you that ash is a major problem in the home, in the car, everywhere you go. It looks bad. It smells. It gets on your clothes and into your skin. You turn up for a job interview having smoked that nervous cigarette and there is ash all over your nice suite. Result? No job. You don’t get that with electronic cigarettes. The e cig is clean and free of ash.

2: There’s no risk of fire with something you do not ignite, and which is neither hot nor burning. Remember those horrendous fire videos they used to show you at school? You know, the ones with the guy that went to sleep with a lit cigarette in his hands and ended up burning his whole street down? The electronic cigarettes carry no risk of this whatsoever. Your e cig is pretty much harmless in the accidental firebug stakes. Yes there is a battery to consider but the likelihood of a battery causing a house fire is less by millions of magnitudes than the chances of a lit cigarette doing the same thing.

3: Electronic cigarettes do not smell. They have flavour but no odour. You can smoke an e cig anywhere you like, right next to people who hate smoking, and unless they are looking straight at you they won’t even know you are doing it. There is no lingering smell clinging to skin, hair and fabrics. You no longer have to leave the room to smoke. You can turn up anywhere smelling as clean and fresh as you did when you left the house. You can kiss people in clubs without tasting like an ashtray or the inside of a volcano.

4: Electronic cigarettes are flavoured. You can pick any flavour you like. Fruity, minty, tobacco – whatever floats your boat, you can have. That means there’s more choice in teh e cig world than there ever was with tobacco. All the tobacco brands used to vie with each other to claim that their taste was smoother or lighter or more vanilla filled – but we all knew it was basically a choice of strong, mild or weak. The electronic version gives real choice in terms of look and taste.

5: The electronic cigarette is about style as well as nicotine. Real style. You can choose electronic cigarettes in all kinds of formats – mini; maxi; torpedo; even ones that look like pens. Choose the look, weight and feel that fits your lifestyle best. Your E cigarette is a statement not just of the intent not to smoke – but of the intent to enjoy life as you wish to enjoy it. If you are a nicotine addict and don’t want to come off the stuff, at least you can take it in style, right out in the open where everyone can see.

6: electronic cigarettes are way cheaper in the long run. Your e cig will cost you so much less than smoking tobacco that you will probably be able to see your way clear to a major expense at the end of the first year.

About the Author:
Britney Danila is associated with various health institutes as their freelance and staff writer. She has been linked with some of the best electronic cigarette companies and is been offering various ways to stop smoking and switch to electric cigarettes.

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