Aug 16, 2011

Sibling Harmony, Sibling Rivalry

Meet Fira and Rafa, my brother’s children. They are a good example of sibling harmony. When I was at their home for several days, I’ve never seen them quarelling. They can be good friends each other. Perhaps it’s because Fira is five years older than his brother. There’s no competeness between them.

Sibling rivalry usually occurs between siblings that close-in-age. Competing often takes roles in their relationship. Instead of being friends, they more tend to compete and fight each other. Since it can give you severe headache and anxiety, it’s better to try avoiding sibling rivalry earlier. Based on an article that I read at; here are some ways that you can do to make your children be friends to one another:

Make them friends before birth. Get your older child introduced and awared with the new baby before birth.

Make the older sib feel important. Give her/him a little job as Mom’s assistant.

Share your time for them both. While feeding the baby, you could read a book to the older sib.

While you’re busy with the baby, ask dad and other caregivers to spend more times with the older.

If it’s probable, begin most days with caring your toddler first.

For older children, you should set limits and rules, build a team spirit in your family, reduce comparisons, encourage empathy, pay attention to both sides, and apply humorous way. Always remind them that sibling is forever and tell your children that each of them is your favorite and special.

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