Aug 13, 2011

Sweet Saturday : Stop It!

When a wife wants to say these words:”Stop it!” to her husband; possibly it’s about his annoying or bad habits that irritate her much.

My husband is a smoker. I really hate his smoking habit. You might ask why I got married with a smoker then. What I can say, love isn’t a logical thing, right? Until now, he still can’t stop this habit, but while he’s smoking, I don’t want nearing him.

My dream is to see him quit smoking. I have asked him several times. Everytime I ask, he’s seldom said something, and keeps smoking until now. I avoid forcing him, as I prefer to give him explanation and my arguments. But it hasn’t been successful yet. He’s ever answered once, “I want to stop, but it’s very hard”. Sigh.

The funny part is, no matter how angry you are because of his bad habits, you still love your husband…

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