Aug 9, 2011

What to Wear for Airplane Travel

Don’t let the hassle in preparing your travel makes you don’t consider a little bit about what you should wear onto the plane. Ensure that you’ve dressed properly to keep away from any issue. Do you plan to have a flight in a short time ahead? Here are some tips for you (data

Use comfy shoes that can simply slip on and off. Leave your knee high boots or high heels that have many straps. It’s recommended to wear ballet flats or sneakers instead. You may use flip-flops, but it may be chilly on the plain and you’ll get cold feet.

Wear lightweight pants. Instead of wearing jeans, it’s better for drawstring pants or dress pants that are soft, comfortable and won't wrinkle.

Make sure that you have comfortable underwear on.

Bring a coverup with you such as a comfy zip up sweater for a plane ride. While not using it, you can tie the sweater around your waist or tie it onto your luggage.

Women should avoid wearing long hair up in anything but a ponytail.

Avoid wearing heavy metal items like silver belt buckles, oversize earrings, loose change, watches, and heavy chain-link necklaces. It can trigger a metal detector alarm.

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eden August 09, 2011  

Great tips. Thank you for sharing.

carol l mckenna August 09, 2011  

Great red photo ~ namaste, Carol ^_^ from (Share the Creative Journey) Happy Ruby Tuesday!

DeniseinVA August 10, 2011  

Good points for a more comfortable plane ride, thank you and thank you also for stopping by my blog. I shall bookmark this post for when I do any more traveling.

genie August 10, 2011  

Neat post....I agree with you totally. I grew up in the day when we DRESSED UP to fly....not anymore. Those days are gone for good. Loved the photos. Genie

imriz August 10, 2011  

voting on cover ups and comfy shoes. i agree!

cissreal August 10, 2011  

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