Aug 22, 2011

Purple Lantana

The common names are Trailing lantana, trailing shrubverbena, weeping lantana
This shrub plants have simple, opposite, and smaller leaves with a finer texture than Lantana camara. The flowers are small and arranged in clusters.
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DeniseinVA August 22, 2011  
This comment has been removed by the author.
DeniseinVA August 22, 2011  

The first time I saw Lantana I thought how beautiful! I still think so, and your photo is equally so. Please forgive the deleted comment, that was me.

Dhemz August 23, 2011  

very pretty! I have one in yellow color.

buret August 23, 2011  

so Wonderfull, ada di Indonesia ga y??

Carver August 23, 2011  

The lantana is lovely. I have orange and red lantana but I think I like this purple variety better than mine.

Caroline Lind August 23, 2011  

Nice pic with right focus!

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