Aug 22, 2011

Sweet Saturday : Keep It Coming!

According to Jona, I suppose to talk about about how to encourage my spouse’s good habits, characters or attitudes. It’s my very late entry for Sweet Saturday, it’s already Sunday night here!

I just share a little here; as I’m sleepy and still not in good mood to write more. Yesterday I heard unenjoyable news about my father’s condition that made me sad and worried a whole day.

Well, there are two good habits of my hubby that I love:
He always says “I love you” to me several times, every day.
He always hugs and kisses me before going to sleep and leaving home for work.

He has new good habits that I want him to carry on and keep:
He prefers coffee with less sugar now.
He still can’t stop smoking but he has decreased his cigarette consumption.

I don’t need to encourage him to do the first two habits; but I still remind him to keep his concistency in reducing sugar and cigarette.

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