Oct 24, 2022

Best Places to Raise a Family in Los Angeles County

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It may seem like an impossible task to find a suitable and safe neighborhood in Los Angeles that is also within your budget. Nonetheless, that is entirely untrue. Numerous communities in and around Los Angeles are ideal for raising a family, with some ranking among the best in the country in terms of amenities like quality of life, school performance, and security. If you're looking for a place to settle down with your family in Los Angeles, these are some of the best places to raise a family in Los Angeles County. 

Top 7 Best Places to Raise a Family in Los Angeles County

The search for middle-class family-friendly communities might be daunting, but we have some excellent options for you. Extensive studies have shown that the typical middle-class family can afford to buy a house in the $1 million range, with an annual salary of between $50,000 and $150,000. Women and Perspectives always pay close attention to single mothers, so we were also looking at the cost of living. Here are our top seven picks for the best places to raise a family in Los Angeles County. 

a family hanging out in the living room
If you're planning to settle down and have a family, choosing your next place to call home wisely is very important. 

1. Culver City

As the primary center of nightlife, this district is essentially its city. Some families might not thrive in the busy environment of a suburb like Culver City. However, many families choose to settle there because of the area's diversity and the convenience of its coffee shops, parks, restaurants, and bars. At the same time, you can find many of the state's finest public education facilities here. Rents average $1,888 per month, and there are roughly 40,000 people in the area.

2. Sherman Oaks

Sherman Oaks, located in California's San Fernando Valley, is a charming suburb with a unique character and charm. The fantastic playgrounds, play areas, schools, cozy cafes, and quaint shops are all available. Sherman Oaks is one of the best neighborhoods to raise a family in Los Angeles County because of the welcoming and kind people. An additional perk is the existence of regular farmer's markets. About 70,000 people live there, and the median rent is $2,095.

3. Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo is an ideal location if you value time spent in nature. Here, January lows average just 41 degrees Fahrenheit. Not only that, but the temperature rarely rises above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

Parents will be relieved to learn that the public schools in Mission Viejo, California, are among the best in the state. Mission Viejo also got an A+ from Niche, which is excellent! Portola High School, the best of the city's public schools, is one of more than 30 that receive an A grade or higher. Raising a family in Mission Viejo, California, is an attractive choice if you have the means. Why wouldn't it be? The area has a low crime rate, top-notch educational opportunities, and a pleasant climate. Mission Viejo also has many beautiful green spaces, a wide range of outdoor activities, and a diverse population. Everything you could ask for. However, if you decide to move to Mission Viejo, hire a reliable team to help you out with the move. With their help, you can start enjoying your new Viejo life in no time.

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Mission Veijo is perfect for nature lovers. 

4. Pasadena

Pasadena, known as the "City of Roses," is located 10 miles northeast of Downtown Los Angeles and is significantly cleaner and safer than the city's core. The city has plenty of historical appeal and is only a short drive from the wilderness in the nearby mountains. The Rose Bowl and the Tournament of Roses Parade have made Pasadena famous worldwide. It is home to prestigious educational and research facilities, cultural attractions, shopping centers, and a wide variety of fun things to do with kids. Pasadena is the best place in Los Angeles to find fun things to do. Across its 26 campuses, the highly regarded Pasadena Unified School District (PUSD) educates students. Several private and religious institutions of higher education are also available. The racial and cultural makeup of Pasadena is quite varied. The city is home to people of many different backgrounds.

Pasadena, CA, USA, one of the best places to raise a family in Los Angeles County
Pasadena is considered one of the best places to raise a family in Los Angeles County

5. Eagle Rock

The neighborhood of Eagle Rock is to the west of Pasadena. It is well-known for its relaxed and upbeat vibe, making it an ideal place to plant roots and begin a family. Numerous reasons contribute to its appeal to young families, including high-quality educational opportunities, a public library, and a weekly farmer's market. Eagle Rock is perfect for families looking for a small-town environment with all the conveniences of a larger community. The average rent is $2,200 per month, and the population is around 35,000. Experts at familyaffairmoving.com suggest that the best time for an apartment search in Eagle Rock is mid-September to December. 

6. Santa Monica

As the westernmost point of Los Angeles, this beach community is picture-perfect. Santa Monica is home to some of the best public and private schools in Los Angeles, making the area's school district sought after by families. The beach, shopping centers, and museums here are all top-notch. Most residents are young, successful professionals, and the atmosphere is optimistic and liberal. The average rent is $1,802, and close to 92,000 people live there.

7. Cheviot Hills

Cheviot Hills is a small neighborhood located south of Beverly Hills and inside Century City. As far as LA neighborhoods go, it's one of the best for raising a family. LA's elementary and secondary public schools are among the country's best. There is a local recreation center and a park for kids and pets to enjoy. In this sense, it resembles a small town where nearly everyone knows one another. Approximately 12,000 people live there, and the median rent is $1,865. We are sure you'd fit right in. It is truly one of the best places to raise a family in Los Angeles County. 







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Oct 7, 2022

How to Set Up a Productive Kids' Room

 Small and compact kids’ bedroom

When planning the layout of a space that children will use, it is essential to consider more than just how they will spend their time there playing and sleeping. Your child requires their very own study space. Ideally, one that encourages creative expression in addition to providing all that is necessary for academic achievement. A place for children to do their homework, a study area, and somewhere where your children become more independent is an essential component of the design for children's bedrooms. However, if there is insufficient space in the bedroom, this component can be moved to the corridor or anywhere else. A suitable desk and a chair for lengthy periods of sitting are important for any productive study environment. It is essential to begin by laying the framework in order to set up a productive kids’ room.

Create a separate workstation

Getting your children excited about returning to school may be accomplished in a straightforward and efficient manner. You can do it by putting together a workstation for each of them. When children have easy access to what they require for their schoolwork and extracurricular activities, they are more likely to get things done. In addition, it will provide young people with a space where they can study and concentrate without being distracted by other forms of electronic media.

The kids may use an extra bedroom in the house to set up a separate workplace for themselves. There are many imaginative things you can do to make your kid's desk more exciting and pleasant to use, but here are some office layout tips in case you need some inspiration.

Clean up and declutter

It can be scary to come home to an untidy room. It can disrupt your ability to focus on schoolwork or get a good night's rest. This is usually the case when you’re packing kids’ room for the move, so make sure you’re ready when the time comes. Getting rid of unnecessary goods and decluttering is an excellent place to begin.

With your kids' help, go through their outgrown clothes, outgrown toys, and outgrown school supplies. Using this method, people will find it easier to part with possessions they no longer need.

After you've cleared the clutter, it's time to be giving the place a good cleaning. Your child may feel more at ease and in charge of their surroundings when they return to school if they have been given the opportunity to clear and organize their space.

A cluttered desk means you need to set up a productive kids' room
Help your children clean and organize their space and set up a productive kids' room

Practical desk

Whether your designated study space is huge or small, you need to establish a routine and a dedicated study space. Having a designated home study space, such as a desk, table, or other work surfaces, can help your child and the family maintain routine and consistency throughout the day and week.

The perfect kids' workstation would have infinite configuration options. Ideally, you would be able to do this with a crank so that children can adjust the height to their own satisfaction. There should be at least 65 to 70 centimeters of space under the desk. Make sure your desk chair can move freely under your monitor when utilizing a computer desk. It would be best if you got a desk with a top that can be adjusted to different angles depending on what you'll be doing at it. Back problems can begin as early as infancy, which could help prevent them. 


Decorations that uplift and inspire

Decorations are essential for a productive kids' room. Pick something soothing and optimistic for your room's theme or decoration. Don't go overboard with wild colors or patterns for the bedroom. Avoid anything that looks too wild, such as animal prints, emblems of violence or destruction, or images of fighting superheroes or ninjas. These may pique the interests of young children, making it more challenging for them to rise early for school. Your child will be inspired and soothed by the things in their room.

Many children’s drawings on the wall
Having too many decorations can impact your kids’ attention, so make sure you don’t overdo it.

Create a storage system

To help your kids prepare for school, design a system for keeping and organizing their books, supplies, and toys. As a result, your kids will have an easier time getting ready for school in the mornings because they will have a set place for their belongings. In case you’re moving and don’t have enough space, Golans Moving and Storage suggest you make sure your kid has a specific spot in their room set aside for their school gear. This could be a shelf, a box, or a designated area. You should then help them go through their possessions and determine what they will need over the coming year. Last but not least, make sure everything has a home and can be quickly located.

Make it cozy

The perfect productive kids' room has comfy chairs and fun decor. Considering how much time they'll be spending there, it's only fair. It's important to find a chair that's not only comfortable but also offers adequate back support. For example, a dining room chair does not make for a good learning chair. Consider putting in an air freshener and painting the walls a cheery hue. Fragrances like lavender, jasmine, and lemon can help lift your spirits and get your work done. It is believed that cinnamon can help you think more clearly, while citrus can help you feel more energized. Placing a few little pictures of your child's classmates or teachers at their desks will help them adjust to their new environment and make school more fun.

Children's bedroom
For your child to be productive, they must first feel comfortable in their bedroom.

Put labels on everything to set up a productive kids’ room

Help your children maintain order by purchasing some labels and affixing them to everything from drawers to shelves. This method will help your children become more familiar with their surroundings, ultimately saving them time as they navigate the house. Labeling lunch boxes, coats, and other belongings that could easily be misplaced or forgotten at school is also a good idea. Sticky labels, iron-on labels, and self-inking stamps are all you need to have a productive kids' room.







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