Mar 18, 2022

Office Layout Tips for Improved Productivity


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When you own a business, it's imperative to have highly qualified employees, but it's also crucial to provide them with the appropriate environment to thrive. On the one hand, this means creating a good atmosphere in which they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and opinions and where they can feel appreciated; on the other hand, it means creating a workspace that helps them achieve their full potential. So, here are some office layout tips for improved productivity of your employees.

Old space vs. new space

Before going into any more details, you have to think about the current office layout where your business operates and whether that place is appropriate for your activity and the size of your company

Old space

If you are pleased with the current location and there is enough space for everything, you can do some renovation work or change things up a little bit.

New space

If you decide that the current location doesn’t fit your needs and you want to move, that is even better, because you will have the chance to create a new office layout from scratch

However, if you decide to move your entire business, be advised that this is not an easy task. Firstly, take time to visit as many locations as possible before deciding on one. Then, you should plan out the process in advance. Take into account that regardless of your field of activity, office equipment plays a vital role and is also expensive to replace. Therefore you should hire specialists to pack it properly and transport it safely to the new location. 

Office layout tips

Now that you have a location for your business, let’s dive into some ideas on how to turn it into a place where your employees can be more productive than ever.

High ceilings

If the building structure allows it and you obtain the necessary permits and authorizations, you should consider raising the ceilings of your offices. Research has shown that rooms with higher ceilings (approximately 3 meters) constitute an excellent environment for creation and thinking.

Good office lighting

Lighting is essential in a workspace. Studies have shown that the fluorescent lights frequently used in offices in the past can cause headaches and are tiring for the eyes. Therefore, once of the office layout tips for improved productivity is to allow as much natural light in the office as possible. And whatever you do, avoid dim lights because they might cause your employees to take naps rather than be productive.

An office with big windows, a desk, four chairs, and a computer
Big windows provide a lot of natural light to the office

Fresh air

Fresh air makes people think clearly and helps them concentrate. Therefore, it is essential to have many windows and air filters.

Office colors that inspire

Studies show that colors significantly impact our mood, and therefore, they can increase or decrease productivity at work. In the past, most office areas were painted white; however, nowadays, this is the one color that should be avoided because it is associated with reducing people's motivation and inspiration. Go with blue and green instead, but don’t exaggerate, because too much color can also make your employees lose focus.

An office with a blue wall, a desk, a bookcase and chairs, representing office layout tips for improved productivity
Research suggests that the color blue is closely linked to productivity

Reduce the noise

We all know that it’s harder to concentrate when there’s a lot of noise around, but it’s also hard not to have a noisy office. So here’s what you can do:

  • Avoid large open spaces with many cubicles. It's better to have smaller offices with just a few people working there. This will help them stay focused and give them the chance to bounce off ideas.

  • Create a quiet room where your employees can go and take a break from everything and recharge.

  • Provide headphones to your employees. This way, they can listen to the music they like and shut out the outside noise. Moreover, music can also boost people’s mood, thus making them more productive.

Use plants

Apart from improving the visual aspect of the office, plants also filter the air and provide oxygen, which is very good for the brain. Moreover, they reduce stress levels and noise and improve health.

Three women sitting at a table with laptops and papers with a green wall of plants behind them and a plant on the table
When you implement some office layout tips for improved productivity, don’t forget about the plants

Provide comfort

Spending an entire day at the office is tiring for everyone, but you can help your employees be more productive throughout the day by providing them comfortable chairs that don’t cause them back pains. 

Encourage them to move around a little

Nobody can stay focused and be productive for long periods. Therefore, it's necessary and healthy to encourage your employees to take short breaks throughout the day and move around a bit. To do this, you can create specific areas (e.g., game room, exercise room, etc.) in different parts of the building. You can also make them move by placing various office equipment they might need further from their desks.

Declutter the office

No matter how long your company has been operating in a particular space, it will always accumulate a lot of clutter. The problem is that crowded areas with too much stuff reduce concentration and productivity. To solve this problem, the advisors from Professional Movers Canada recommend using storage units. These spaces are great for all those items you've collected at the office but don't currently need.

Incorporate pieces of art and personal items

Numerous studies have shown that art increases productivity and creativity at the office. Therefore, why not display a few pieces of art throughout the office? Plus, it will also improve the general feel of the place. Apart from art, research shows that allowing employees to personalize their desks with personal items makes them feel more comfortable and reduces stress, leading to increased productivity.

Final thoughts

As you've seen, there are a lot of office layout tips for improved productivity of your employees, and this list is not exhaustive. Of course, everything depends on your budget, but even if your resources are limited, there are still a few things you can do to help your employees perform better. And don't forget that the work atmosphere you create is critical.

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