Apr 4, 2022

Factors Determining the Price of Custom Drapery in Mississauga

Summary: Are you searching for affordable custom drapery? Check out the top factors that determine its price, including quality and style, use of additional accessories, material, and the cost of installation. 


Do you want to add a stylish, modern look to your Mississauga home? Custom drapery is a simple way to do just that. 

High-quality and appropriate draperies accentuate any decor style while improving the appearance of your home. 

But choosing these window coverings is about more than simply matching their overall colour with your walls and furniture. It also includes selecting the appropriate material, producing the right style, and choosing the right provider. 

But how much does all this cost? Here we discuss the key factors that influence the price of custom drapery in Mississauga.  

Let’s get started.

What Factors Determine the Cost of Custom Drapery in Mississauga?

Although readymade draperies are available in store, there are multiple advantages to choosing custom draperies. They are created to perfectly fit your windows and are sturdier and more stylish. These benefits also make them the more expensive option. Here are a few factors to keep in mind if you wish to buy these draperies at fair pricing. 

Quality and Style of Your Draperies  

The price you pay will largely depend on the type of drapes you want. For example, if you desire artistic work or design, the cost will rise. It will also increase if you buy pleated drapes over plain ones. 

Do you want to buy standard draperies or those made from more eco-friendly materials? Want to buy coverings that work manually or Hunter Douglas motorized drapes? Pleated, environment-friendly, and motorized draperies are all more expensive options. 

Drapery Material 

The total cost of these window coverings is dependent on the material you choose and their purpose. Are you buying them just for show or do you want some benefit? When you know what you want them for, you may choose the appropriate material. For instance, regular draperies are usually prepared from light materials such as silk, polyester, and cotton, but custom drapes are generally made from velvet or other heavier, more luxurious materials. Your choice of materials will change the overall look of your space and affect the price. 

Extra Accessories Used 

Both drapes and curtains require hardware. Several mounting tools like rings, clips and rods are vital for hanging them. 

Make sure you choose the rod on the basis of the style, materials, and length of your drapery. For instance, if you have lightweight coverings made from cotton or plastic then lighter, less expensive materials are required. However, for draperies made from heavy materials such as velvet, high quality and expensive metallic rods are needed. 

Drapery Installation 

Custom-made draperies must be installed by professionals. You may have these draperies hung at your desired height either outside or inside the window casing based on the look you desire. Remember, the cost will increase if the installation is complicated. For instance, installing custom drapes on oversized or oddly-shaped windows will be more than for standard ones. 

The price of custom drapery in Mississauga is high but worth it. It brings with it a style and sophistication that no standard curtain or drapes can match. It also fits your windows precisely, provides optimum control over privacy and light, and lasts longer than readymade drapery. If you want to know more about these coverings, contact a leading window treatment company near you. 

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