May 31, 2011

Kids should Love School!

Learning to love school means learning to love LEARNING. Some kids are easy to encourage; some other kids may need a little extra push to love school. It’s an important task for parents to encourage their kids to love learning and have a learning enthusiasm.

Make your kid excited about the daily opportunity of learning new and interesting stuff. The worst you can do is strengthening her/his thought that school and learning are obligations.

Don’t focus only on your kid’s marks. Constantly good academic performance is the outcome of a healthy concern in learning. If your child loves learning new things, good grades will follow.

For Ruby Tuesday, I share a photo of my niece and nephew, Fira and Rafa. They always love going to school!

May 30, 2011

For Your Wonderful Summer Vacation

Summer is coming to you in the short time! For many people, summer means vacations! The weather is nice, your kids aren’t going to school and the job slows down for a few months. Yep, summer is the perfect time to have a family vacation. How about you; what are your vacation ideas for this summer?

Don’t make your family disappointed; you should prepare your summer vacation planning well. When choosing the vacation ideas for your family, ask whole family members to know what your family is searching for in a vacation. The options are so wide; from going out of the country, relaxing on a beach, visiting and going camping at a national park, playing at a water park, and many other more fun activities. Choose vacation destination that can fulfill your most family vacation wants.

Always consider your budget in planning your summer vacation; wherever the destination is. Don’t over spending; although you want to please your family. You should make early ticket airline, car rental and hotel reservation to get best deals.

If it’s required, you can use Trip Planning tool to help you in arranging a vacation planning. It will give you helpful information and guidance that relates with your vacation destination. So, prepare your summer vacation from now and have a wonderful summer!

Banana Flower

The banana flower is a large, dark purple-red blossom that grows up from the end of a bunch of bananas. Its sizable bracts, or leaves, enclose delicate, sweetly scented male flowers. The female flowers, which do not require fertilization to become fruit, grow farther up the stem from the male flowers.

We, Indonesian people, used to call it banana heart. It’s edible; but you must cook it first. Have you ever tried it?

May 28, 2011

Sweet Saturday: Enjoying Live Music at a Cafe

In one Saturday night, we had dinner at a café that we’ve never visited before. I ordered fried rice and my hubby ordered oxtail soup. While we’re eating our dinner, a band’s crews came and started to perform.

The band played popular jazzy songs and the singer’s voice is nice to listen. We enjoyed their performance and watched the show until finished. They played several lovely songs from Sting, love it! Sorry for sharing lack of quality photos here; but you still can see our chubby cheeks, hehehe.

May 27, 2011

Getting the Right Domain Name for Your Business

Every business owner should have a related business website that describes their products and services. Your business website will give you a great benefit only if it’s using a good domain name.

Nowadays, many people have already used internet to search for their needs and information. A good domain name must contain a keyword that refers to the most possible keyword that a customer will type in any search engine to look at the substance of your business website. So, you must choose the right domain name for your business website. It is very important for your successful online marketing strategy!

You can start looking for the keyword rich domain name at reliable domain registrars such as Lots of domain names are recorded there. According to different qualities, domain names are also offered at different prices. Domain names with high qualities will be more expensive to buy. To get discount prices, don’t forget to use godaddy coupon when registering your chosen domain name. For example, when buying .COM domains, you can use VCU3 coupon code to attain 35% discount rate. MIN2499 is a coupon code to get 20% discount rate when registering .CO domains.

Not only a keyword rich one, your domain name should also be definite and short, unique, easy to spell, professional and appealing, and most relevant with your business. It seems hard to find; but for your successful business in the future, you should try finding and registering the domain name that meets all important required factors.

After registering your domain name, the next step is obtaining the right web hosting. There are already available many web hosting services that offer various services and prices. You can apply godaddy hosting and take benefits of their promo codes to get best deals. For obtaining 20% discount price of website hosting service, you can use FAN20 promo code.

To make your customers interested to visit and browse thoroughly your business website; ensure that your website is very user friendly and it has simple and attractive design that suits your business.

Sky Watch: Dusk Times

The sun just down

The moon just seen far away

but the red hue still left in the sky

tried to hold on before the darkness takes over the day

May 26, 2011

Travelling in Convenience with Cheap Car Rental Service

What have you already planned for your coming summer vacation? When it comes to prepare your summer vacation, you should consider many things. Your destination will determine things that you’ll put into your preparation check list.

Don’t be late to make any required arrangement. Make early tickets and hotel reservation will allow you to get best offers. Although you face a limited budget, you still can have a wonderful vacation as long as you keep saving money while you’re travelling!

Pack proper clothes that suit the weather conditions of your destination. Don’t leave home without bringing your ID card; perhaps you’ll need it later. Since the trip is a once in a year moment that you want to enjoy with your whole family; you crave for having a convenient and enjoyable vacation. If you plan to visit Los Angeles this summer; you must decide from where to stay to how to choose the right Car rental Los Angeles.

Traveling can be stressful if to reach your destination, you must take different public transportations several times or pay very high cost for using a taxi from the nearest airport. For your family’s convenience, you can rent a car; but it could become your big financial expenses during your vacation. What’s the solution? Don’t worry; you can enjoy your car rental experience if you’re taking benefits of Discount car rental rates!

Using car rental service will give you freedom and convenience. To get the right car rental service that you can afford, you can use internet to search it. If you’re looking for a car rental service in Phoenix that offers lower rates; simply type Phoenix car rental key word in any search engine. Based on the search result, you can compare all rates and services options. Select the cheapest car rental agency with services that can meet your traveling needs. You don’t have to pay more for travelling in convenience!

For Your Comfort

Ladies, if you’re interested to visit a lovely beach this summer; don’t forget to bring your comfortable flip flops Sandals! Leave your inappropriate shoes and dress at home; especially those high-heeled shoes and thick clothes. Take some Shorts and T-shirts with you; as you’ll often wear them while you’re walking on the beach. Let your feet relax and feel the fresh air and wind, beach sand and sea water.

So, what have you already prepared for your coming summer beach vacation? Similar with you, beaches are also becoming other’s popular destination during summer holidays. You and your family can do lots of fun things at the beach such as swimming, surfing, doing other water sports, holding a beach party and picnic, playing with sand, fishing, looking for seashells, taking pictures, and other more.

Don’t be late to make any needed arrangement. Early tickets and hotel booking will give you a chance to still get best deals. It would be better to keep saving money while you’re travelling!

Use backpacks to carry your beach stuffs. Every family member should have their own backpack to carry their personal things inside. Ensure to put mosquito repellant, sun block, sun glasses, sun screen, water bottle, snacks, and swimming suit into the backpack. When it comes to swim suits and surf shorts, choose the comfortable, airy and light colored ones.

As mentioned before, flip flops are the proper footwear on the beach. Wearing the right flip flops, you’ll keep feel comfy while walking along the beach; although you must walk far enough. Flip flops are an unwrap type of outside footwear. They are made from a slight rubber sole with two strips forming a Y shape from the sides of the foot to the space between the big toe and its side toe. To get maximum comfort, always bring the high quality flip flops with you!

May 24, 2011

The New Routine for Baby: Massage care

The new technique of baby massage is getting a lot of attention for one basic reason- It works. Parenting is a contact sport, and it involves staying in touch with baby’s needs. The best way to do this turns out to be a new/ old system of physical contact, providing reassurance and some useful massage to help baby relax and get comfortable.

It turns out that the basic idea of holding baby and patting and stroking is the best way to deal with a lot of problems ranging from constipation to temper issues. Babies aren’t hypochondriacs. They’re a reporting system on their own issues, and few parents need to be told they don’t need encouragement to tell you what’s wrong, or at least try.

In practice, if you’re a baby, yelling your head off when you’ve got a problem is the best working option. This may not always be appreciated, but it’s the best and sometimes only shot at getting attention when you need it.

Situation management with massage

The new idea of massage is designed to deal with a lot of different situations, including:

· Digestion
· Stress
· Pre-term baby conditions
· Sleep
· Finding problems like sore spots and possible medical issues

A single massage, it’s been discovered, can deal with multiple issues. That’s not entirely surprising, because babies can be complicated characters. If you’re a constipated baby with an injury caused by a bump and understandably stressing out, a massage turns out to be just the thing.

For parents, the massage is also a sort of news headlines report. Real issues that cause high stress reactions can also be discovered by a massage. Sore spots which may indicate injuries or other issues are pretty easy to spot. Swellings and other signs of possible trouble can be found and checked instantly, and regular massage means that the information is current.

Most parents of young babies will recognize the values of infant massage on this basis. Baby can’t draw diagrams, but a massage can. If needing a spare pair of eyes with young kids is an essential, a pair of hands can do a pretty good job of supplying just that.

The therapy approach

Massage is also a good sort of continuity in physical contact which is a very positive element in both parental bonding as well as practical “baby maintenance”. The therapy approach cuts both ways, for parents and babies. Parents get the benefits of a happy baby, which can be like winning the lottery for sleep-deprived mothers and fathers. With this comes some parental reassurance, proving that things are OK, which deals with the underlying worries of parents at the coalface.

Adding to the therapy, babies are now sure they’re in the loop of care and comfort, which means that they can stop worrying about their own problems. That means that yelling one’s head off can be put on hold until it’s important, not an accumulated series of issues. Everyone gets some peace of mind and sleep.

Again, not a bad result for a massage, is it? Check out baby massage techniques and you’ll be surprised what’s possible.

I also linked this post to Ruby Tuesday. The baby is Azman, my youngest nephew.

Buying Honda Car in Boston, MA

Who doesn’t familiar with Honda as a brand? Since 1959, Honda has been becoming one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. When USA in an economic downturn in June 2008, Honda still stated a 1% increasing of the sales while the other competitors experienced big losses.

Honda can maintain their increasing sales last year. Their top-two popular cars, Honda Civic and Accord, are included the best-selling cars around the world. Many people assume Honda as affordable but quality transportation; since typically Honda’s products are small to mid-size and very fuel-efficient.

With the increasing fuel prices nowadays, you prefer to have a ride with good gas mileage. Honda cars could become your best option. Let’s say that you are interested to buy a Honda Fit. It’s a good choice, as Honda Fit is well known as cost-effective subcompacts in today’s vehicle market.

If you’re a resident of Boston, MA, you can use internet to find the right Honda dealership Boston nearby. According to the searching results, you can evaluate and compare the price ranges and services. It will help you to choose the right Honda dealer that offers best services and prices.

If you want to buy a Honda car, it’s important to get it at Boston car sales that specialize in only Honda products. You’ll deal with representatives who have expertise and broad knowledge on every Honda type. They will help and guide you to make the right buying decision! If you don’t have enough money for cash buying, you can apply a car loan. Select a financial plan that you can afford!

Make sure to choose one Honda Boston MA that provides you with complete services. It would be convenient if you can also fulfill all your Honda car’s maintenance and service needs at the same place. Don’t miss out the regular maintenances; as it will give your car’s better total performance!

May 23, 2011

A Tough Call- The Pros and Cons of Breast Enhancement

So much has been written about breast enhancement. Some people call it sheer vanity, airhead fashion, and other demeaning, too-simple things. Others claim that this procedure is the answer to the self-image issues of every girl on Earth. Not much of an analysis, is it? The facts about breast augmentation are far more complex. It’s important to understand, either as a parent or a person considering the procedure, that the issues need some deep thought.

The issues

Let’s start by clarifying exactly what’s involved in breast enhancement:

-It’s a significant surgical procedure, not a game, and some people really need to think carefully about enhancements. Cosmetic surgeons are real surgeons. They’re doctors, and they’re responsible for the procedure. If they advise against it, for whatever reason, think about the reason.

-It’s expensive, particularly if you want a quality job done. The occasional headlines you see about bizarre breast enhancements are a good description of how not to get the enhancements done.

-It’s a major alteration to the personal image. This isn’t like getting a new hairstyle. The personal image changes can come as a shock, and can actually be a problem for people unprepared for them.

These are three good reasons not to rush in to a breast enhancement and get professional advice before seriously considering a procedure.

Possible downsides

The possible negatives must be understood. The best surgeons will tell you:

-Some enhancements look fantastic, some look, well, “out of place”. It’s not a great look.

-Mistakes can be extremely expensive to correct. That’s why you need to deal only with reputable cosmetic doctors not the “cosmetic panel beaters” in the headlines.

-Some women have enhancements removed for various reasons. Although comparatively rare, there may be medical issues associated with some enhancements. Talk to your doctor about possible issues for a good objective opinion of your own case.

The positive side of breast enhancements

Please understand that the above information is absolutely basic to considering breast enhancements.The good news is a lot more upbeat:

-Breast enhancements can do a lot for self image. Many younger women are extremely self-conscious of this issue, and enhancements do deal with these issues.

-Breast enlargement can involve quite minor enhancements, done in consultation with the surgeon. This is a form of “image enhancement”.

-It’s not only young women who use breast enhancement for self image purposes. Many older women also have breast enhancements done to deal with image issues.

Demythologizing the media image of breast enhancement

The fact is that no woman ever considers breast enhancements as a trivial issue. This is about as personally meaningful as any form of cosmetic surgery can be for any woman, and it’s no joke. It’s bordering on either obscenity or stupidity to even suggest that women are either so ignorant or so insensitive to obtain cosmetic surgery on a “hobby” basis.

Ladies, they’re your breasts. Talk to the experts, not the ignoramuses, and make an informed decision.

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Best Scanner Software

What do you often do with your scanner? Perhaps most of you use scanners for only limited purposes such as photo scanning and copying document text. Actually, with the help of an appropriate scanner software, you can achieve further benefits from your scanner.

If you already have a TWAIN scanner, you must apply scanner software to get the best functions of your TWAIN scanner. For you who haven’t heard about TWAIN; let me mention a little about it. TWAIN is a broadly-applied program that allows you scanning an image with a scanner; straightly into the related application where you would like to modify the image. The TWAIN driver functions among an application and the scanner hardware.

At May 11th, 2011, the great scanner software, Scanitto Pro has been launched. Scanitto Pro is developed to simplify scanning process. Every scanner owner will love this light, user-friendly and useful software! It’s very easy to use. With Scanitto Pro, you can setup scanning settings of your scanner, create a folder to save the scanned images, and then print the images straightly.

Scanning images, documents and photos will be very easy to do. You can save all scanned results in any format that suits with your needs. For example, if you scan a large document text, you can save it in form of PDF pages.

Your printer will also be smarter. Scanitto Pro provides direct-printing function to your printer. Both printer and scanner can become copy machines. You’ve just known only a few of its many beneficial features. To find out more advantages that you’ll get, install Scanitto Pro right away!

May 21, 2011

Purple Flowers

I don’t know the name of these lovely small flowers. Hope you can help me identifying it. I saw these flowers in a big planter near the green house’s entrance (Nusantara Flower Park Cipanas, West Java, Indonesia). I love the color! Today's Flowers

Best Tea Store for Tea Lovers

Ladies, how often do you drink teas? Lots of studies have proved that daily tea consumption is connected with some benefits for health. So, why don’t you start this healthy habit?

Nowadays, you can find organic products without any hassle; but have you ever tried organic beverages such as organic tea? This kind of tea is derived from tea plants that grown without any chemical usage. It has enriched flavor and higher antioxidants that are valuable for your health. To obtain the real and high quality organic tea, you must get it at a right store.

If you’re in quest of finest quality tea, it’s much recommended for you to shop online at Tea lovers will love this great tea supplier! This tea store provides you with various brands and types of tea bags and loose leaf teas. You can also browse the store to add your tea accessories, as they offer tea sets, teapots and mugs, tea kettles, tea gifts, and other more.

Have you been familiar with white tea? It’s the rarest kind of tea; but the good news is; you can find it at With minimalist processing, white tea has delicate, soft taste and light coloration; but very rich in antioxidant. You should try this type of loose leaf tea!

Finding the Best Car Dealer and Service Centre in Des Moines, Iowa

Most car owners want their cars having best look and performance. Recently, some people assume their rides are not only as transportation means, but also a representation of their status, success, and life style. Some people also use their rides to show their prides.

If you really love your car, of course, you want to give the best maintenance for the car. It can confuse you if you still don’t know the best car service centre that you can trust. Actually, you can use internet to search the right service centre nearby that suit your car’s brand and type. It’s so simple, if you a resident of Des Moines, Iowa, just use keyword like car service Des Moines in any search engine.

Based on the search results, the next step that you should do is evaluating and comparing the price ranges and services. It will help you to classify the most reasonably priced car service centre in your area. Then you could discover the most appropriate car service to fulfill all your ride maintenance and service needs.

Prevention is always the best. To avoid spending the expensive car service cost, you should do regular maintenance, such as regular oil changes. It’s very important for you car’s long life performance. Make sure that you visit the right oil change Des Moines! Regular oil changes provide many advantages for your car; from less contaminating engine, longer engine life, lesser vehicle emissions, improved gas mileage, until enhanced engine performance. That’s why you can’t skip this kind of maintenance!

Let’s say that you want to give your loved one a car as a birthday gift; but you face a low budget problem. Don’t worry; getting affordable car loan at reliable car loans Des Moines could become your solution. Choose one financial plan that you can afford. Whatever kind of service that you need for your car’s sake, it’s important to get it at the right place; as it will ensure you in achieving the top performance of your important car.

May 20, 2011

Getting More Functions of IObit Advanced SystemCare PRO 4

Who doesn’t want to have a computer that can function at its best capability? With the help of appropriate software, you can meet these needs. Have you known that IObit has launched Iobit ASC V4, the new version of IObit ASC V3?

For you who haven’t heard yet about this software, let me inform you a little about it here. Advanced SystemCare 4 is all-in-one PC maintenance tool that created by IObit. It’s well known as an all-in-one software as this software is fully designed to advance your computer’s operation, repair problems and get rid of malwares.

You can download the free version of this fourth version. If being compared with the previous version, the latest version offers you with added utilities and it’s more user friendly. You should try this free computer clean up to boost your slow computer!

If you download IObit ASC V4 free version, you’ll get lots of advantages. This software is functioned as free computer clean up. It executes different jobs for your computer’s top performance, such as cleaning your disk of needless files, guarding your privacy by removing trace of your surfing activities, defragging hard disk, scanning system for security cracks and other more useful utilities. To get further functions, you can buy and install the Pro version!

Sky Watch: A Warm Sunset Moment

I captured this sunset moment two weeks ago, at a fishing place. The weather was so bright; there are no clouds that covered the sun. It’s a warm sunset!

“When I admire the wonder of a sunset or the beauty of the moon, my soul expands in worship of the Creator” ~Mahatma Gandhi

To Reach Academic Success

Most students wish to have successful academic achievements. Getting high grade in each study field is becoming their most priority. As a student, you will be given various academic written assignments such as essay papers that you must finish and submit. To achieve good grades, you must be able to write all academic tasks in excellent quality.

Writing an excellent written assignment isn’t a simple job. It needs adequate writing skill, related knowledge, critical thinking, sufficient times and efforts. These tasks can give you more difficulties if you must write several academic assignments in only a short time. If you feel overwhelmed and need other’s help; it’s the right time for you to consider applying a professional custom writing service. A reliable writing service company will support you to write high quality custom research paper, essays, term papers and other written assignment.

Before placing your research paper order; make sure that you have chosen the right place to buy research paper. The trustworthy company will provide services and facilities that aim to meet your requirements and satisfaction; such as quality control management system, rational fees, professional writers and finest customer service. If you’re really in quest of an academic success, getting writing help from expert writers could become your best solution.

May 19, 2011

A Souvenir from Museum

This cute face with its long nose belongs to Bekantan monkey. On our last visit to Zoology Museum that located inside Bogor Botanical Gardens (Bogor, West Java, Indonesia); my husband bought me this souvenir. I hung it in the living room; under the stairs. Do you like it?

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