May 24, 2011

The New Routine for Baby: Massage care

The new technique of baby massage is getting a lot of attention for one basic reason- It works. Parenting is a contact sport, and it involves staying in touch with baby’s needs. The best way to do this turns out to be a new/ old system of physical contact, providing reassurance and some useful massage to help baby relax and get comfortable.

It turns out that the basic idea of holding baby and patting and stroking is the best way to deal with a lot of problems ranging from constipation to temper issues. Babies aren’t hypochondriacs. They’re a reporting system on their own issues, and few parents need to be told they don’t need encouragement to tell you what’s wrong, or at least try.

In practice, if you’re a baby, yelling your head off when you’ve got a problem is the best working option. This may not always be appreciated, but it’s the best and sometimes only shot at getting attention when you need it.

Situation management with massage

The new idea of massage is designed to deal with a lot of different situations, including:

· Digestion
· Stress
· Pre-term baby conditions
· Sleep
· Finding problems like sore spots and possible medical issues

A single massage, it’s been discovered, can deal with multiple issues. That’s not entirely surprising, because babies can be complicated characters. If you’re a constipated baby with an injury caused by a bump and understandably stressing out, a massage turns out to be just the thing.

For parents, the massage is also a sort of news headlines report. Real issues that cause high stress reactions can also be discovered by a massage. Sore spots which may indicate injuries or other issues are pretty easy to spot. Swellings and other signs of possible trouble can be found and checked instantly, and regular massage means that the information is current.

Most parents of young babies will recognize the values of infant massage on this basis. Baby can’t draw diagrams, but a massage can. If needing a spare pair of eyes with young kids is an essential, a pair of hands can do a pretty good job of supplying just that.

The therapy approach

Massage is also a good sort of continuity in physical contact which is a very positive element in both parental bonding as well as practical “baby maintenance”. The therapy approach cuts both ways, for parents and babies. Parents get the benefits of a happy baby, which can be like winning the lottery for sleep-deprived mothers and fathers. With this comes some parental reassurance, proving that things are OK, which deals with the underlying worries of parents at the coalface.

Adding to the therapy, babies are now sure they’re in the loop of care and comfort, which means that they can stop worrying about their own problems. That means that yelling one’s head off can be put on hold until it’s important, not an accumulated series of issues. Everyone gets some peace of mind and sleep.

Again, not a bad result for a massage, is it? Check out baby massage techniques and you’ll be surprised what’s possible.

I also linked this post to Ruby Tuesday. The baby is Azman, my youngest nephew.

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