May 3, 2011

A Small Wayang Golek (Wooden Puppet)

The real traditional wooden puppets that are used in a golek puppet show are bigger and detailed. The one that I captured here are simple and small, it’s for kid’s toy.

It’s one of very famous characters in Sundanese (West Java Province, Indonesia)wooden puppets; called Cepot. Cepot is very popular as the character is very funny and talkative. I also love this character, he always makes me laugh.
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Maria @ LSS May 03, 2011  

Nice doll.

Moms...Check Nyo

Vicky Laurentina May 03, 2011  

I believe that Cepot doesn't make you laugh. But the dalang does. :D

Anonymous May 03, 2011  

Looks like a collectible for me :)

ONLINE TODAYS May 03, 2011  

I like wayang very much.
please kindly vi$it n ki$$ back my blog fren .. ;)

Mel_Cole May 03, 2011  

Cute puppet. Please visit my Ruby Tuesday here.

Dhemz May 04, 2011  

that is too cute.

Chubskulit Rose May 04, 2011  

Did you make it?!

My Ruby Tuesday post, hope you can come and visit.

♛★△nd△pʊи B☨s△★♛ May 06, 2011  

★★★★★SICEPOT...CEPOT :)★★★★★

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