May 23, 2011

Best Scanner Software

What do you often do with your scanner? Perhaps most of you use scanners for only limited purposes such as photo scanning and copying document text. Actually, with the help of an appropriate scanner software, you can achieve further benefits from your scanner.

If you already have a TWAIN scanner, you must apply scanner software to get the best functions of your TWAIN scanner. For you who haven’t heard about TWAIN; let me mention a little about it. TWAIN is a broadly-applied program that allows you scanning an image with a scanner; straightly into the related application where you would like to modify the image. The TWAIN driver functions among an application and the scanner hardware.

At May 11th, 2011, the great scanner software, Scanitto Pro has been launched. Scanitto Pro is developed to simplify scanning process. Every scanner owner will love this light, user-friendly and useful software! It’s very easy to use. With Scanitto Pro, you can setup scanning settings of your scanner, create a folder to save the scanned images, and then print the images straightly.

Scanning images, documents and photos will be very easy to do. You can save all scanned results in any format that suits with your needs. For example, if you scan a large document text, you can save it in form of PDF pages.

Your printer will also be smarter. Scanitto Pro provides direct-printing function to your printer. Both printer and scanner can become copy machines. You’ve just known only a few of its many beneficial features. To find out more advantages that you’ll get, install Scanitto Pro right away!

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Agenda ibu rumah tangga May 24, 2011  

wow..very sophisticated, thanks for the info

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