May 23, 2011

A Tough Call- The Pros and Cons of Breast Enhancement

So much has been written about breast enhancement. Some people call it sheer vanity, airhead fashion, and other demeaning, too-simple things. Others claim that this procedure is the answer to the self-image issues of every girl on Earth. Not much of an analysis, is it? The facts about breast augmentation are far more complex. It’s important to understand, either as a parent or a person considering the procedure, that the issues need some deep thought.

The issues

Let’s start by clarifying exactly what’s involved in breast enhancement:

-It’s a significant surgical procedure, not a game, and some people really need to think carefully about enhancements. Cosmetic surgeons are real surgeons. They’re doctors, and they’re responsible for the procedure. If they advise against it, for whatever reason, think about the reason.

-It’s expensive, particularly if you want a quality job done. The occasional headlines you see about bizarre breast enhancements are a good description of how not to get the enhancements done.

-It’s a major alteration to the personal image. This isn’t like getting a new hairstyle. The personal image changes can come as a shock, and can actually be a problem for people unprepared for them.

These are three good reasons not to rush in to a breast enhancement and get professional advice before seriously considering a procedure.

Possible downsides

The possible negatives must be understood. The best surgeons will tell you:

-Some enhancements look fantastic, some look, well, “out of place”. It’s not a great look.

-Mistakes can be extremely expensive to correct. That’s why you need to deal only with reputable cosmetic doctors not the “cosmetic panel beaters” in the headlines.

-Some women have enhancements removed for various reasons. Although comparatively rare, there may be medical issues associated with some enhancements. Talk to your doctor about possible issues for a good objective opinion of your own case.

The positive side of breast enhancements

Please understand that the above information is absolutely basic to considering breast enhancements.The good news is a lot more upbeat:

-Breast enhancements can do a lot for self image. Many younger women are extremely self-conscious of this issue, and enhancements do deal with these issues.

-Breast enlargement can involve quite minor enhancements, done in consultation with the surgeon. This is a form of “image enhancement”.

-It’s not only young women who use breast enhancement for self image purposes. Many older women also have breast enhancements done to deal with image issues.

Demythologizing the media image of breast enhancement

The fact is that no woman ever considers breast enhancements as a trivial issue. This is about as personally meaningful as any form of cosmetic surgery can be for any woman, and it’s no joke. It’s bordering on either obscenity or stupidity to even suggest that women are either so ignorant or so insensitive to obtain cosmetic surgery on a “hobby” basis.

Ladies, they’re your breasts. Talk to the experts, not the ignoramuses, and make an informed decision.

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Yen May 24, 2011  

I have nothing against women who did enhancement in their breast, if it will make them look good and they can afford it. I will not argue.
As for me, I am content with what I have right now. I am grateful for this gift from God. Because I am fearfully and wonderfully made by GOd.

Miawruu May 24, 2011  

nowadays, woman are crazy 9and deseprate) to enchaments their breast. even with danger ways @.@

Damiao May 24, 2011  

Great article Lina, congratulations.

Agenda ibu rumah tangga May 24, 2011  

I think in some cases, it's okay to do a plastic surgery. A nice article! How are you?

Rhealyng Inguito October 24, 2011  
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Unknown April 02, 2013  

Great article. Personally, I also underwent a breast enlargement procedure by Dr. Jerome Edelstein and Thank God that I haven't faced with bad situations. Everything went really well and I'm satisfied of my results. I love my new breasts... their size.

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