May 31, 2011

Kids should Love School!

Learning to love school means learning to love LEARNING. Some kids are easy to encourage; some other kids may need a little extra push to love school. It’s an important task for parents to encourage their kids to love learning and have a learning enthusiasm.

Make your kid excited about the daily opportunity of learning new and interesting stuff. The worst you can do is strengthening her/his thought that school and learning are obligations.

Don’t focus only on your kid’s marks. Constantly good academic performance is the outcome of a healthy concern in learning. If your child loves learning new things, good grades will follow.

For Ruby Tuesday, I share a photo of my niece and nephew, Fira and Rafa. They always love going to school!

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Yen May 31, 2011  

My niece and nephew is getting ready for coming school. :-)

Kim, USA May 31, 2011  

They are so cute! My nieces and nephew are also excited to go back to school this next Monday. And yes kids should love school and teacher should be a monster to them lol!!

Red Tuesday

Advan Angkasa May 31, 2011  

love learning and have the enthusiasm to learn, kids must have

Dhemz June 01, 2011  

they're so cute! so true, some kids are!

Cheryl June 01, 2011  

I love learning new things. I always loved school. I like your photo. I like the red brick walkway.

eden June 01, 2011  

I am glad my kids love school. Nice photo. Love it .

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Kat April 30, 2014  
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Unknown February 09, 2015  

Cool kids=))

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Unknown October 17, 2015  

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Anonymous December 07, 2015  

So sweet children, your niece and nephew are cool)) My niece this year has become 1 year pupil) She loves everything besides reading) I agree that marks are not so important as encouragement.
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Unknown December 08, 2015  

Ofcourse children shoul love school!It's a greate time for them,so many interesting things happened in school everyday.By the way if you care about you child schooling, this website can help to get education on the next level.

Unknown January 22, 2016  

Children always love to get to know something new, so learning definitely has to be interesting for them. I totally agree that all parents should make their kids interested in studying process. In addition, might help make pupils excited about academic life.

Research Paper Help February 12, 2016  

Thanks for this article! It really usually happens that kids don`t like school, they feel bored or ignored at classes. There can be numerous reasons why they don`t like going to school. Anyway, parents should do their best to make their children like school.

Michael Jones April 19, 2016  

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